In the a long time since #SpeedyTuesday previously graced the web, we have covered numerous Speedmaster watches and stories. Perhaps the most punctual story we did in 2012, on the Alaska III watch we found , prompted the main Speedy Tuesday watch delivered related to Omega in 2017.

But, among my #1 stories that you imparted to us, is the Speedmaster that was found in a cabinet , having a place with a granddad who worked for the NSA. Another epic one is the story from Nick , who dealt with the film “The Spy Who Loved Me” in 1976 and utilized the cash procured to buy another Speedmaster a year later, as his Moonwatch — that he got as a birthday present from his dad in 1971 — was taken a couple of years prior. It is a story we shared back in 2015 however stayed with me each one of those years. We likewise shared a reader’s story once, about a Speedmaster Moonwatch model with a date . I actually get a decent amount of messages about that one.

Your Speedmaster Story

I understand that not every person has chipped away at James Bond motion pictures, or had a granddad who worked for a mysterious organization. We additionally had tales about Speedmasters given as a wedding blessing , a fairly logical story on the utilization of a Speedmaster Skywalker , or probably the soonest story, about Niels who got a Speedmaster LCD Quartz from his father . Or on the other hand what might be said about this one from 2013 as of now, how Shane adjusted his Speedmaster to a “Paramedic” variant? They are altogether vital and appreciated.

Why share?

We cover a ton of Speedmasters, including the ones that just got delivered. Commonly, these articles are audits. In each survey, we embrace we attempt to be fair-minded, however with regards to the Speedmaster we locate that troublesome. Be that as it may, what I love most, is tuning in to or perusing your accounts. I frequently get those individual stories in my letter drop, now and again even three sentences, that are worth sharing.

When we did our Speedy Tuesday GTGs a year ago, you disclosed to me your accounts. About how you love the Speedmaster, or a particular one in your assortment, when and where you got it. Or then again that you got it from somebody you care about. Or then again that you gave one away to somebody you care about. Those accounts are incredible to impart to other people. It is the thing that I love best about watches. The motivation behind why you purchased your Speedmaster, why you love it so much, or why you chose to gather them.

Here’s a story from Mike about his adoration for the Speedmaster and here are the narratives from other Fratello editors on their Speedmaster(s).

What do we need from you?

I might want to share your Speedmaster story here on Fratello. Regardless of whether you simply have one watch or a whole assortment, isn’t significant. It is about the story you need to impart to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert essayist. More often than not, entries read pleasantly, however on the off chance that they need a last clean we have an overseeing editorial manager who will cheerfully deal with that. What does matter, however,  is that your story is accompanied by some high-goal pictures of your Speedmaster watch. We are glad to share your Instagram account in the story also, of course.

Please send your Speedmaster story (and pictures) to and we’ll hit you up and share your story!

And if you’re searching for some motivation, look at the video that Gerard and I did a year ago, on our very own portion Speedmasters. Let’s spread the Speedy love!