In this Sunday morning segment, two of our scholars clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid assessments and insane metaphor are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment beneath). Furthermore, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/unrestrainedly lifted up one week from now. We’ll attempt to highlight as a large number of our perusers’ decisions as we can. This week, we’ve got another straight on for you. Could the Rolex Datejust 116234 and the Grand Seiko SBGA211 “Snowflake”, if it’s not too much trouble, enter the ring…

Hey, hello! I’m on something of a roll. Old Benny Boy may have had my number when it went to our A. Lange & Söhne conflict half a month back, yet in our three latest tussles I’ve left with the crown jewels. Strangely, those challenges saw us switch sides. Rolex won in the principal week, and Grand Seiko returned bursting into the edge with two successes on the bounce.

That’s right, last week’s “Trench Warfare” conflict saw the Rolex Sea-Dweller get destroyed on account of the new Grand Seiko SLGA001. A few perusers assumed that the Rolex was unmistakably better (with the “icon” name being tossed around generously), however 60% of you oppose this idea. Will that Japan-accommodating pattern proceed? Would you be able to envision a Rolex in the part of the longshot? I don’t know… This week ought to be interesting.

For this portion of SMS, we have perhaps the most work of art and suffering Rolexes for your thought. The ruler of dress watches, the Rolex Datejust, is here on the whole its steely wonder. Its competitor? A watch that (I trust) has similarly as intense an after among the Fratelli. On the off chance that I were a wagering man, I’d back myself this week, yet this one ought to be close. Maybe the nearest yet. Maybe our absolute first tie… Let’s find out.

Rob Nudds

I love the Christmas season. I generally have. My number one thing? Day off. As an unnaturally old-headed youngster, I was wont to consider my future regularly. I would fantasize about being a grown-up and doing the most unremarkable things, typically unobtrusively, productively, and keeping in mind that especially alone. Subsequently, I think I was somewhat of an odd kid (and most likely comparably odd a grown-up) yet this propensity made me distinctly mindful of what I would miss about being a youngster while I was one. I was, at an extremely youthful age, exceptionally keen to having the option to do the things I saw different youngsters managing without reprimand, while their grown-up partners (guardians, I accept they are called) watched on in jealousy.

Perhaps the thing I dreaded passing up the most was playing in the day off. I have railed against what is and isn’t satisfactory grown-up conduct in the past by plunging into floats completely dressed (regularly in a fiercely unseemly three-piece) and making snow heavenly messengers in the street (subsequent to checking there was no traffic — I said I was odd, not frantic). Yet, I generally felt I was putting on an act. That there was a hint of theater to everything and that it seemed to be deceitful, constrained, and a piece sad.

The truly miserable thing is that when you are a grown-up, recollections of things that once gave you delight remain while those things themselves presently don’t guarantee a similar rush. Time is a brutal courtesan, after all…

And thus, for a long time, snow made me pitiful. It caused me to feel empty and yearning. I was forlorn and intelligent when it fell. I had failed to remember not my adoration for it but instead how to cherish it. It was an exceptionally troubling condition of affairs.

And then I found Grand Seiko. And afterward I experienced the Snowflake dial. Out of nowhere it returned flooding. Euphoria. Opportunity. Good faith. However, above all, the memory of those things appeared to take on an actual presence. It resembled the contrast between the prospect of food and the impression of a full tummy. It was fulfilling. What’s more, it was adequately adult.

At last, I was not odd.

The Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211 is, be that as it may, an odd monster. It is a completely present day exemplary, with its focused energy titanium case, painfully excellent Zaratsu cleaned surfaces, striking blue seconds hand, and the hypnotizing clear of the Spring Drive type inside. But that dial, that peculiar, alluring, cunning dial resembles something from hundreds of years passed. It is immediately cutting edge and antiquated. It is both testing and comforting. Basically, it is the crackpot of the business. Also, I couldn’t love it more for that reason.

The case distance across is 41mm. Its thickness is 12.5mm. That implies that, for a Grand Seiko, it wears very near the wrist. It isn’t uncommon to discover smaller and taller models utilizing the greetings beat types. Those, maybe more omnipresent models, do the wearability of the SBGA211 an injury. It sits discreetly and comfortably on most wrists and, gratitude to its lightweight case material, never tires you out.

In my assessment, the arm band makes it amazingly adaptable. It has the general vital presence to fill in as a games watch (that always moving blue hand truly helps) and the effortlessness and tastefulness (because of the dial and the case completing) to work with formal wear. The dial even fits a cowhide tie in the event that you do so want. At around €6,000 this is, as far as I might be concerned, the best thing you can purchase for that numerous Euros.

Mike Stockton

Jeez, Bobsled Bobby, I was contemplating whether you were truly going to discuss watches. You gave us a fairly Dickensian bluster there and I thought I must serve you a bowl of porridge to help you endure the day! Eventually, however, you came around and entertained us with your adoration for the Grand Seiko Snowflake. I think you and I clashed before on this model and I was the cynic in the entire contention. I can value its completing, incredible development, and even its price.  However, I still can’t imagine seeing that dial all day every day. No, Oliver Twist, that ordinary goodness has a place with the torchbearer called the Rolex Datejust.

Since 1945, the Datejust has been the go-to decision as an ordinary upscale watch that can genuinely do everything. It works including shorts to a tuxedo and can even accompany its wearer on a jump if need be. For example, renowned sea life researcher Sylvia Earle regularly shakes a gold model during her visits to the profound. In addition, it’s accessible in an entrancing number of case sizes, dial tones, materials, and selection of arm bands. In the event that finding a Datejust that works for you is an issue, it’s likely you that is the problem.

Now, I will concede that my advantage in the Datejust has fluctuated throughout the long term. In secondary school, I pined over an all-steel model with a dim dark dial, yet that was way unattainable. I at that point fell into the Explorer stage and made one my first Rolex. In any case, around that time, my family talented my long lost granddad a Datejust with a machine-turned steel bezel for his 80th birthday celebration. Man, I adored that watch and was sufficiently fortunate to get it on my 40th birthday celebration. It’s on a Jubilee — as a Datejust ought to be — and has an astounding sapphire blue dial.

Rob: That sounds pretty scrumptious. Be that as it may, is it as flexible as the finished of white of a SBGA211?

Mike: Rob, I own and wear a Datejust — it’s so brilliantly comfortable that I regularly wear it for seven days straight. What’s more, I’ve even set some things in motion by purchasing a more current steel model for my wife.

Rob: Fancy putting your cash where my hand is so I can get one too?

Mike: Buy one yourself, you Snowflake-cherishing lavish. I’m sure you’ll have the option to discover something you like. The sheer measure of decision inside the Datejust range is one of the family’s solid focuses. In any case, inside that, I think it’s imperative to indicate a few things. At the point when I talk Datejust for a man, here’s some direction. Much the same as the appropriate transmission for a Porsche 911 is a manual — don’t even beginning with me about how somebody can move a programmed, it’s three pedals or walk — the legitimate size for a Datejust is 36mm. Enough said. Full Stop. Punkt! The 36mm has wonderful extents and fits everything except 1% of us gentlemen. What’s more, in light of the fact that we’re courteous fellows, we don’t need to wear a particularly gigantic watch. Leave those days for the Submariner or GMT-Master II.

Moving on, there are two worthy material decisions for a Datejust and those are steel and steel with gold. Be that as it may, you say, “Mike, you love gold!” Damn right I do, however I’d go Day-Date for the full feast bargain. What’s more, I for one favor a fluted bezel (albeit those are not accessible in steel).

RN: I’m in concurrence on all focuses with you here. This is incredible Datejust exhortation (most likely meriting its own segment), yet none of this is persuading me it’s a preferred watch over the Snowflake…

Mike: Cool your planes, snowball-head. I haven’t overlooked the SBGA211. I’m simply outfitting to reveal to you why the “DJ” is better.

Uh, the arm band. Here you could go Oyster, yet you’d better settle on Jubilee. Why would that be? Since while Grand Seiko makes an incredibly lovely watch head, they regularly mishandle the ball on the objective line with regards to the wristband. The Jubilee is basically the most comfortable wristband on earth. Mic drop…

Yes, the Snowflake contains a far hotter development when compared to Rolex type 3235, however the Swiss engine isn’t anything to excuse. With 70 hours of force save and unbelievable sturdiness, it’s about as fight free as a quartz watch. Also, let’s not fail to remember that on the off chance that you do have an issue, it’s simple to discover a Rolex retailer.

Look, I love Grand Seiko and I’m a prominent pundit of Rolex because of its cryptic creation rehearses and a move to case plans looking like cyclopean brick work. In this battle however, I need to recognize a job well done. The current reference 126234 that appeared in 2019 is a thin cased looker and a fine replacement to the model 116234 imagined here. Indeed, at €7,950, the Datejust is about 30% more costly than the GS, however there’s actually no other sub €10K dress watch that holds its worth very like this.

Rolex Datejust 116234 Vs Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211

    Rolex Datejust 116234 Vs Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211