In our Sunday Morning Showdown, two of our authors clash in an epic standoff for the ages. Solid suppositions and crazy overstatement are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments area underneath). Also, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/profusely lifted up one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as a considerable lot of our perusers’ decisions as we can. In today’s standoff, our authors get wet n’ wild with powerful expert jumpers. With a particularly mass of metal, you could even mistake them for plunging ringers. The Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M takes on the Grand Seiko SBGH257.

I don’t think about you, yet last week’s Showdown was an impact. The scholars wave their wands of mind, however it’s the comments from our Fratello Lounge individuals that make Sunday a particularly epic finish to the week — or the beginning of the week relying upon your inclination. The soul of Ian Fleming was looking after as Jorg and Ben went heart to heart with the Rolex Explorer and Grand Seiko SBGH279. Droves of perusers came with regards to what is the quintessential games Rolex, and the most up to date watch for James Bond.

Fire in the comments

Yet, there were a few comments going from detached forceful murmurings, to unadulterated alarmed that we set it in opposition to “just another Seiko.” Camp Grand Seiko didn’t accept that without a fight. Citizens battled courageously to present the defense for the monster from the East, with which the word “Grand” has a colossal effect. Eventually, the Explorer pipped the GS to the culmination by a couple of percent at 62%.

This week, we head from mountain tops to sea channels, and it’s truly a whopper. The tale of how these two profound jumpers appear from their whacky ideas is the stuff of legends. Worked to withstand 600 meters beneath the surface, the cumbersome fends off incredible pressing factors, and unfamiliar ocean beasts, of the profound. In any case, it’s the tale of the noteworthy and how it copies that profundity to 1,200 meters that thickens the plot.

Despite the quick detriment of a lesser profundity rating, the conventional round state of the Grand Seiko may have a reasonable battle about the marmite “love-it-or-disdain it” Ploprof. Omega ceased the steel Seamaster Ploprof 1200M ( is the solitary choice now) a little more than a year prior. Be that as it may, on the other hand, the Grand Seiko SBHG257 was a restricted version of 500 pieces back in 2017.

Who positions the most noteworthy? You decide!

Jorg — Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

With my successes in the last two Sunday Morning Showdowns, I’m stroking my hands to check whether I can make it three-in-line, Ben. This would be the first run through in the arrangement that one author makes it a cap stunt or turkey relying upon which sports reference advances to you. Knowing you as an ale gulping Brit, it’s likely the football one.

Last week was a make way to triumph for the Rolex Explorer. Not all that astounding, yet I would have wanted to see somewhat to and fro. Eventually, the Rolex Explorer is a watch that justifies itself, paying little mind to the tricky Mt. Everest Hilary/Tenzing culmination spun by the Rolex Marketing division. Regardless, our perusers appear to cherish the Explorer for its exemplary plan and honest presence.

Something that can’t be said of the watch I am attempting to win the triple with this week: the Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M. Any Ploprof, however the present day, hefty metal form in full hardened steel presented in 2009. The measurements alone are sufficient to break the monocles of high society watch people. 55mm×48mm is colossal by any measure and a mass of 279 grams exceeds the new Canopus gold Speedmaster by 44 grams.

There’s no chance to get around it, the Ploprof is a genuine piece of steel. Add the deviated shape and splendid orange pin, and my high pitch is resembling a genuine test. I can see you honing your claws for this one, Ben, however the Ploprof is what it is really going after reasons.

The roots of the PloProf

I’m sure the greater part of our perusers know about the starting points of the PloProf. That’s why I just need to address it momentarily. In the last part of the 1960s, Omega was one of the main brands in the innovative work of remote ocean watches and immersion jumping. With mechanical plunging becoming progressively applicable, jumpers required a watch they could rely upon to help with their work. The consequences of Omega’s mission were the Seamaster 1000 that we presently know as “The Grand”, and the Seamaster 600 that got known as the “PloProf.”

SIDE NOTE: You may see the exchanging spelling of PLOPROF. Omega spelled the first “PloProf” and the re-release “Ploprof”. Befuddling, I know, however we’ll attempt to keep up the authority names for both versions. 

The PloProf authoritatively saw discharge in 1971 and appeared to be completely unique than some other watch, jumping or something else, out there.  The PloProf highlighted a monobloc case with a locking jolt to get the setting and winding crown. Building up the construction to keep helium from invading the space between the dial and gem was a definitive objective. Rolex and Doxa thought of a valve to deliver helium from their watches. Omega picked the monobloc development that is to a lesser degree a fix and to a greater extent a prevention. This plan limits the seals where helium can enter in any case. Individual Fratello, Gerard, used to possess a unique PloProf and did an extraordinary review clarifying the procedure behind the watch.

A second unmistakable element of the 1971 model is the enormous red plastic catch you need to push to turn the bezel. This security framework was grown with the goal that the bezel doesn’t turn incidentally when jumpers are working at extraordinary profundities, conceivably prompting lethal mishaps. The coordination of this security framework and the locking jolt to get the crown, lead to this unusual case shape. Regardless of its unusual shape, Omega made a watch to withstand the pressing factors of the profound. Large numbers of the first PloProfs were really utilized by proficient jumpers, so the odds of purchasing a unique PloProf with a mind boggling story are very likely.

An surprisingly better re-issue

Alas, the peculiarity of the model implied Omega halted creation of the first PloProf in 1979. Be that as it may, the history and striking appearance made the PloProf a fan-top pick among Omega and jumping aficionados. To such an extent that in 2009, Omega delivered another adaptation of the Ploprof for €8,200. The Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M was not just the arrival of an unbelievable watch, it ended up being stunningly better than the first. The new Ploprof saw an expansion in water obstruction from the first 600 meters to 1,200 meters. In addition to other things due to the expansion of a helium escape valve.

Ben: Let me simply hop in here. Omega went to all that inconvenience in having a monobloc case with the least seals, yet the re-version dropped it for a helium valve? It might add to the more profound profundity rating, yet calling attention to this to our readers.

Never mind that, the nature of the crown incitation is light-years better than the vintage models, similar to the security lock for the crown. Clearly, it’s uncalled for to compare with a 30-year delay, yet it’s a confirmation that Omega followed the first plan as well as enhanced it. The red plastic catch was traded for an orange steel button, colossally improving the center components. Simultaneously, Omega tried to relate the new tone to the next orange components like the moment hand and lume pip triangle.

Modernizing an old concept

The refreshed style of the numerals on the bezel makes it simpler to peruse and gives it a cutting edge presence. Regularly, the strong Omega numerals can be too in-your-face on models like the Planet Ocean. Be that as it may, with the rejigged dial and bezel of the Ploprof, it truly works. Omega additionally concentrated on the development with in-house created Caliber 8500.

A detail I particularly love is the moving of the date from the 3 o’clock position on the old watch to the 4:30 position. I don’t essentially like a date on a jumping observe yet the manner in which Omega addressed it, is awesome. It is subtle and doesn’t upset the practical force of the design.

One last element to examine is the extraordinary hardened steel network arm band. It is splendidly designed and executed, ensuring that wearing the Ploprof is an outright satisfaction and perseverance test. The wristband ensures that the watch is consistently in equilibrium on your wrist and on top of that it looks astonishing. In general the enhancements are noteworthy as Robert-Jan called attention to in his inside and out comparison of both the first and new Ploprof. Also, indeed, this could be a day by day wearer in the event that you can deal with the size and the weight.

A individual favorite

Honestly, Ben, there is definitely not anything I don’t care for about the hardened steel Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M. It is in reality second on my rundown of future buys after the recently presented Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. I have expounded on my adoration for the watch in a past release of our now-old 52Mondayz series.

Ben: RIP 52Mondayz. Truly, 2020 felt like 366Mondayz. 

As you know, I am a major fanatic of utilitarian builds that lead to notorious plans. Simply think about the smoothed out McLaren F1 supercar. Extraordinary plans don’t generally imply that things should be diverse for it. Regularly, it prompts abnormal outcomes that miss a specific reason. Be that as it may, the oddness of the Ploprof fills the best need of all: practicality.

And ultimately, the watch interfaces me to the narrative of my dad. On 15 March 1971, my father joined the German gas and oil boring company that he worked for until his retirement. Precisely the same year the first Ploprof was delivered. It’s a happenstance, however all things considered a pleasant detail. During the time spent composing my piece, I sat down to talk with him about his expert profession in the industry.

What began with a straightforward inquiry, wound up being an incredible talk about this piece of his life he was enthusiastic about. Incidentally, the universe of expert jumping was significantly nearer than I had at any point figured it out. It’s another motivation behind why I might want to one day own the steel Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M.

So Ben, what makes you so enthusiastic about the Grand Seiko SBGH257?

Ben — Grand Seiko SBGH257

Jorg, where do I at any point start. You’ve just gone into outrageous degrees of detail over what must be depicted as a wrist iron block that tells the time. I’m more than mindful that the big enchilada of Fratello (R Jizzle Bizzle himself), will peruse my assertion on his real Ploprof (the one in the pictures) and likely dock my compensation for that. However, it’s great to spread the word about it that the original  PloProf to me is likened to utilizing a destroying ball to break a nut.

Talking about going over the edge for a difficult that is settled with a basic valve. I do value that Omega likes to resuscitate these old plans for restricted releases, similar to the Bullhead and Museum pieces. Yet, the reality the Ploprof simply continues to go is curious to me. The subsequent plan simply appears to be illogical in making a by and large wearable plunge look after encompassing and awkward.

There must be a motivation behind why the steel form was let go in the creation line. 279 grams! This is the greater part a pack of sugar on the wrist. I don’t care on the off chance that you have the strength of Arnie in his prime, you’re going to feel that toward the finish of a taxing day. I’ve come round to numerous watches in my time, for example, the X-33 and G-Shock Mudmaster, however the Ploprof is a scaffold excessively far. A similar should be said of my initial impressions of Grand Seiko. At the point when Grand Seiko was twofold stepped with the GS logo consigned to the lower part of the dial, I had little interest. Particularly when I was consistently advised the best way to value Grand Seiko is to visit the production in Japan — a serious hindrance of entry.

Exposure to Grand Seiko

When the marking of the Grand Seiko dials shunned the mothership Seiko name, all changed. It started to feature GS as a genuine competitor to the Swiss stalwarts. In the event that last year is anything to pass by, it appears to be the Fratello crowd is fixated as well. Indeed, even the unrelenting delivery timetable of new watches remained spellbinding. Be that as it may, shipping back to four years prior in 2017, the redesign of the Japanese houses was as yet in its change period.

Yet, Grand Seiko was strong and bold to report a goliath plunge watch at a super-top notch cost to shake the enclosures. The elements of the Ploprof previously made them tremble. Yet, in turns of shear polar effect, the Grand Seiko SBGH257 may even match the Ploprof. Its 46.9mm×17mm case tallness. No contracting violets here.

Yet, to balance the circumference, the SBGH257 had the astute plan to utilize the lightweight yet still solid “high-intensity” grade 5 titanium. The alluring visual effect of the GS is hence not reduced with superfluous haul. Indeed, even the commonly dull dim titanium base metal is given some sheen with broad utilization of cleaning procedures (that might possibly begin with a “Z”). As a rule, I discover Japanese plans that are set to interest clients in the west frequently show up as subsidiaries of western designs.

However, Grand Seiko guarantees its watches remain particularly Japanese with a look that bids across societies. The hobnail example of the dial may attract comparisons to the Royal Oak’s tapisserie dial, yet the impact is entirely unexpected. The style makes the figment that the decorated components reverse in specific lights at that point switch back. It’s certain to keep you engaged during a long gathering call.

The crown is down

The way I feel this matchup has been formulated is about the old goat taking on the youthful buck. However, there is a feeling of legacy with the Grand Seiko.

Jorg: I get what you are saying. It’s like Jordan Vs. Lebron. Both are mind blowing players with stunning vocations. There is just a single genuine symbol though.

Check out the crown position at 4 o’clock. That might be an advantageous decision to dodge discomfort with the crown on the wrist, however it’s likewise a conspicuous return to the , like the Silver Wave. The arrangement fixes the general bundle, making it significantly more wearable than the Ploprof. I’ve seen proprietors of the Ploprof switch wearing it on the left wrist and right wrist. Neither of which gives attractive wearing comfort. You should wear it around the neck Flavor Flav style.

Big for purpose

In the Grand Seiko, you have the focal point of expert details in a more ergonomic plan. Similarly as with a week ago’s GS, I am a major enthusiast of the precise features and mirror-cleaned contacts. It brings a whiff of extravagance without looking too reckless and as yet keeping an instrument watch tasteful. The development is additionally a similar 9S85 Hi-Beat as the SBGH279 we sent into fight in a week ago’s Showdown.

This time, the thickness of the development is no counterpart for the general case tallness. In this way, it’s to a lesser extent a detriment. Be that as it may, I am as yet anticipating the improved 9SA5, with 80 hours of force save compared to 55 here, to take the rules of the Hi-Beat. Up to that point, the SBGH257 actually gives its everything as a very genius jumper. Which comes at the amount of €12,300.

Coming back to my previous contribution, Grand Seiko is certain enough in the resiliences of the materials and the creases in the design, that a Helium Escape Valve isn’t required. The watch is still spec’d to deal with immersion jumping without helium invasion as a worry. More than so than the re-release Ploprof that timidly joined a programmed valve on the underside of the orange pin (you can see this on the photos above). The Grand Seiko likewise comes with strange expansion choices in the fasten for wearing over jump suits while keeping a tight fit to the wrist.

Final bout

Ben: You’re most likely going to make some extreme memories persuading me on the Ploprof, Jorg. What’s more, I am eager to hear what our perusers think about this. I have an inclination the worshiping fans will be rare compared to the Rolex Explorer last week.

Jorg: I completely comprehend the Ploprof is a Marmite watch. What’s more, I am extremely mindful it probably won’t present to me the much-wanted high pitch in this arrangement. Yet, I have a nice sentiment there many perusers out there that appreciate the Ploprof for what it is. Be that as it may, enough of us talking. It’s an ideal opportunity to let out perusers have the last say wherein of these two watches they like. Tell us your top pick of the two watches by casting a ballot and posting your comments below!

Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Vs. Great Seiko SBGH257

    Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Vs. Great Seiko SBGH257