In this Sunday morning segment, two of our journalists clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid conclusions and crazy overstatement are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment beneath). What’s more, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/profusely magnified one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as a large number of our perusers’ decisions as we can. This week, we’ve got something exceptional for you. It’s at last occurring — RJ and Rob clash on a troublesome Speedy. The Omega Speedmaster X-33.

Last week’s Rolex Air-King fight among RJ and Jorg was a genuine whopper. Ordinarily, I have a very smart thought of what direction a vote will swing. Yet, the thing is, the point at which it went to the Air-King, I wasn’t good one or the other way and nor did I feel certain about saying it would be close as I have done before. This time around I did not understand. Thus the outcome — 56% in the “rate” section — couldn’t have been definitely not an amazement. This week we take on a model I’m pretty darn sure will part the community. That has something to do with the way that we’re handling an Omega for the absolute first time on SMS. The gloves are off. Let’s go…


The Omega Speedmaster X-33 was presented in 1998 and introduced as the “Mars” watch by Omega . You could get it with a red or dark lash, or with the titanium arm band. The wristband was like the steel Speedmaster arm band of that time yet in titanium. Entertaining. I actually have the first press unit. It came with expertly printed photographs of the watch. Something strange to envision, these days.

The Speedmaster X-33 was created with the assistance of pilots and space travelers. It was really my space explorer saint General Tom P. Stafford that had some impact on this watch. It has capacities that should be possible by any G-Shock nowadays (and likely in those days also), yet there’s more to it than simply the usefulness of the movement.

It expected to breeze through a ton of assessments to be valuable for space explorers. Something it can’t do is be utilized for Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) (like a spacewalk). The computerized development can’t manage the warmth (and cold), the showcase would simply quit working. That’s why the mechanical injury Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is as yet the solitary watch equipped for EVA. The X-33, however, is utilized locally available the space creates (first Space Shuttles, and now the ISS, of course).

Astronauts consistently utilize the mission clock, the tally down clock, the cautions, and the distinctive timezone capacities. The alert on this thing is so noisy, I a few attendants look unnerved when mine went off in a plane to Moscow once. The initial two ages of the Speedmaster X-33 are very comparable, the second era had some tasteful changes (brushed bezel and pushers, distinctive crown) and the development got a little update (not in functionality).

The 3rd age — today’s rendition — is known as the X-33 Skywalker. It has an alternate showcase, and new usefulness (Phased Elapsed Time) for use by space travelers. We clarified the contrasts between the ages and clarify the utilization of the Mission Elapsed Time and Phased Elapsed Time in this article on Fratello .

It is not difficult to geek away on this watch, and when we facilitated our Speedy Tuesday Event in Biel last December, I really had a meaningful conversation with space traveler Jean-François Clervoy (ESA) who was one of the engineers of the new capacities in the X-33 Skywalker. Essentially all Space Shuttle/ISS space travelers I’ve met a year ago were totally enamored with the X-33. They utilized it in space, and they treasure these watches like crazy.

RJ’s X-33

I am the glad proprietor of the X-33 that once had a place with Dutch space explorer Wubbo Ockels (Space Shuttle mission STS-61-A space traveler in 1985), who got it during the presentation occasion of the Speedmaster X-33 of every 1998 at the ESA/ESTEC workplaces here in The Netherlands. In addition to the fact that I own the X-33 that had a place with one of my youth saints, however I additionally wear and use it (not in space, admittedly).


Well, all things considered, well. It needed to happen in the end, didn’t it? I was uncertain when we began this segment a couple of months prior when we’d dare take on an Omega — and a Speedmaster, no less! I was even more uncertain of which colleague would be the spunky numbskull willing to express scorn for one of our ticking kinfolk. Turns out I’m very much familiar with this specific blockhead, as I dress him each morning.

RJ: Kudos to you Rob, for willing to get the glove for conflicting with the powerful Speedmaster X-33. Bert, Gerard, Michael, Jorg, and I own one (or more)  of these X-33 models. How can it feel to be alone? 

Rob: I like it. I favor my own company. Why wouldn’t I? I’m the most intriguing individual I know and I clearly have the best insight regarding watches…

But for what reason did I feel prepared to take a place of antagonism on an Omega Speedmaster when I realize without a doubt it is dearest by so many of my great (less fascinating ) companions? Essentially on the grounds that, as far as I might be concerned, the Omega Speedmaster X-33 is probably as much a Speedmaster as my teacup. As I would see it, this model — fittingly given its relationship with Mars — is worlds separated from what we know and love in the Speedmaster universe.

As consistently, I like to introduce my rant with a couple of kind words. I feel uncontextualized scorn comes off time after time as shallow and unconsidered. So here goes: I’ve seen a lot of these in the tissue. The vast majority of the X-33s I’ve experienced went over my seat for administration while I was working for Omega. They are tricksy little mongrels to get right. They have a complicated case gathering with heaps of pieces and screws, and a basic enactment succession you must follow to maintain a strategic distance from banjaxing the development. In any case, other than their flaws, I should say they look truly extraordinary on certain wrists. Not mine, however positively on a few. Jorg, my kindred Fratello colleague, claims one and, believe it or not, it looks incredible on him.

RJ: Jorg has been a dear companion of dig for almost 20 years, yet it took me just 5 minutes to persuade him to purchase that X-33. Why can’t I persuade you? Did you realize that the greater part of the original X-33 models have refreshed developments? They were introduced during administration or fix. I envision they are not, at this point little bastards.

Rob: I think I understand. That’s much more dreadful. See, the firsts may have been hard to deal with on the seat, yet in any event they didn’t want to apologize for it. Your update story helps me to remember a discussion we had when the 2500A and 2500B were viably suspended and we confronted the possibility of having to obligatorily refresh most As and some Bs with Cs. I was dead against it. It obliterates the provenance of the watch! I couldn’t accept we were in such a circumstance a couple of years after the movement’s discharge. In the event that I had a first-gen X-33 I could never, ever let Omega change the development. Regardless of whether it were more singed than a seared egg.

But other than all that garbage, I just don’t like to wear it. On my abnormal wrist (slight and level) the Omega Speedmaster X-33 seems as though a space transport that crash-arrived into a tool shop. A few group may like that. I don’t.

RJ: Eat more schnitzels.

RN: Even however I live in Deutschland I truly don’t get the schnitzel thing. Yet, perhaps that’s the issue. Perhaps I will accept your recommendation and mass out properly. Despite the fact that I should say, there’s not an immense sum you can do about your wrist size. I once overhauled Daniel Craig’s watch and “accidentally” gave it a shot when I was resurfacing the wristband and it fitted me like a glove. Presently, I know you’ve never seen me close to James Bond, yet I can guarantee you, he is a few schnitzels greater than me…

But that’s simply the start. What I like even less is the reality this thing is viewed as a Speedmaster. I’m not against experimentation inside a model family, but rather I truly accept that models bearing a similar family name ought to at any rate highlight the attributes that characterized that family as unmistakable from the remainder of the list. I had a similar issue with Breitling’s refreshed “Navitimer”, which I wish, wish, wish the brand had named the “Neotimer” or something to that effect. As far as I might be concerned, notwithstanding it being an appealing watch in itself, it quickly turned into a “Nevertimer”.

Nothing could influence me from that feeling. Also, I question that anything, I’m sad to report, will influence me on this one as well. However, please, RJ, my sweet, on the off chance that you could legitimize the X-33’s presence in the Speedmaster family I’d be most grateful.

RJ: The X-33 has its own part in the Speedmaster family. You presumably realize that all that Omega accomplished for NASA, was under a mysterious code called “Alaska”. The Alaska IV was this advanced LCD watch that they proposed to NASA yet was rarely utilized, you can discover a few models from the 1980s however. On the off chance that you’re lucky…

Stafford (Apollo 10 and Apollo-Soyuz) and various pilots built up the X-33. In spite of that, it never got a “Alaska” project code. Some way or another Omega halted that. However, the truth of the matter is, that it was created constantly for space explorers and pilots and you can discover numerous pictures on NASA’s picture exhibition that show space travelers and cosmonauts on board of the Space Shuttle and ISS that wear and utilize one. There’s even this video on YouTube where a space traveler fixes his X-33 ( ).

So you see Rob, the Speedmaster X-33 isn’t such a great amount about the actual watch, it is about space travelers, space and those sorts of things. I’m the first to recognize the watch isn’t pretty. Eventually, I had 3 simultaneously (watches, I mean) and that was altogether too much, so I offered one to Mike and the other one to an individual Dutch Speedmaster gatherer. Obviously, I kept the one that had a place with Wubbo Ockels. That one won’t ever leave the assortment, without a doubt. I wore it frequently on a velcro tie or the first titanium arm band, yet a year ago somebody from Omega discovered me this unique red kevlar tie that some of them went ahead. It looks wonderful, I think. 

One of the best things, maybe, about the X-33 is that they are practically disliked. So you can get a used model generally modest, even with boxes and papers. The current rendition is as yet a costly watch, yet it is very amazing. On the off chance that you need to have something particular, attempt to discover one of the primary groups that had a defective etching for the situation back. They say “Certified by ESA” rather than “Qualified by ESA”. Neither ESA or NASA confirms looks for use in space, they just qualify them. Be that as it may, an error fallen through the net. Around 100 watches went onto the market. In the event that you need to have something unique, attempt to discover a Speedmaster X-33 that says “Certified”. 

Rob: I ‘m a sorry adherent. In any case, even I would be enticed to join the X-33 owner’s club. As far as I might be concerned, you can’t beat an incorrect etching or dial print. In any case, maybe it delineates my apathy towards this model that it would take such an extraordinariness for me to think about getting one. With that, let’s surrender this to the Speedy unwavering and discover where they land on this irregular space timer.