In this Sunday morning segment, two of our scholars clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid feelings and insane metaphor are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment underneath). What’s more, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/profusely magnified one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as a considerable lot of our perusers’ decisions as we can. You requested it. We (at last) conveyed. Maybe the most advertised punch-up since the Rumble in the Jungle. This week the two RJs clash. Their bosses? The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

In our endeavors to bring something new to the gathering each week, we can’t help yet raise a ruckus the way. To a few, the comparisons of ongoing weeks have had neither rhyme nor reason. Albeit not generally self-evident, each blending has been connected by something, be it feel, expected use, usefulness (relative or objective), or status. This week’s team, nonetheless, should require little explanation.

The Royal Oak and the Nautilus share a similar planner. They additionally possess similar distant layers of watchmaking significance. Do you love one and disdain the other? Or then again do you love/scorn them both the equivalent? In any case, sling us a vote (regardless of whether you need to flip a coin). This one’s going to be close. Each and every vote will check. I’ve prodded potential ties before. I don’t see it winding up 50/50 this week, however I sincerely have no clue about what direction the community is going to vote.

The season so far…

Knowing my karma, you’ll be against me when it checks. As chafing as I’m sure it has been for my casualties, I’m on a roll. In the wake of staggering out of the entryway to an unremarkable 4-6 record, a wonderful seven-game series of wins has seen my W-L proportion leap to 11-6. Last week’s win was one of the seriously astonishing, as the Grand Seiko “Skyflake” figured out how to handle the Rolex Sky-Dweller, sending it smashing practical. I needed to call upon my specialized stores (and the most amazing aspect of 20 passages) to make the fundamental division, however the Fratelli reimbursed the exertion. Much obliged! Furthermore, presently I request your assistance once more…

Rob Nudds

The Patek Philippe Nautilus left me cold for quite a long time. To say I was a late proselyte is somewhat of an odd take on the cold, hard truth. In our absolute first Sunday Morning Showdown (which appears to be an age back now), Mike and I dueled over exactly the same watch. I amused how my assessment had moved one “rainy day in Leicester”. It has kept on moving further towards the positive ever since…

What hasn’t been said about Gerald Genta? The man is generally viewed as the best watch designer ever (I planned to say living memory, however, who has come close since the absolute first clock ticked its first tock?). The insane thing here, however, is that the Genta territory means nothing. The two watches included for the current week slipped from the pen of the virtuoso with a twofold G.

But let’s simply help ourselves to remember something here. The Nautilus came after the Royal Oak. Presently, let me be candid with you. I realize this reality could without much of a stretch be spun the two different ways. Of course, you could say that the Royal Oak is the “original” steel sports watch, and all that came after is only a pale impersonation. Yet, I don’t purchase that. What’s more, I don’t figure Genta would contend that either.

The Royal Oak was a masterstroke. It was a snapshot of brightness that altered the course of extravagance watchmaking the second the ink dried. Reproducing that wizardry couldn’t have ever been conceivable. Yet, refining it? That’s precisely how I trust Genta managed the Nautilus.

I’m sure a considerable lot of us have been honored for certain very smart thoughts presently. Regardless of whether a thought ends up being a decent one, do you not frequently locate that later down the line, several years’ knowing the past in your back pocket, that you could name a couple of things you could change? As far as I might be concerned, envisioning that Genta didn’t take a gander at the Royal Oak and marvel, “What’s next?” with each waking idea appears unlikely.

For a widely acclaimed architect, being characterized by a solitary work is something unnerving. Staying pertinent, staying dynamic, outstanding impact is what these splendid personalities live for, no? Thus, in my brain, the Nautilus is the victorious verification that Genta was not a one, or two, or three stunt horse. But instead, he followed what resembled a vocation wrapping discharge with a peak at no other time reached.

Remember: Genta had one day to plan the Royal Oak (or even less on the off chance that you accept the narratives). He appropriately obliged. He at that point had a long time to consider how to consummate a kind of watch he’d made with a lightning electrical discharge. As I would see it, he did it.

The e Nautilus is the best steel sports observe at any point made. It has the Royal Oak to thank for that reality, yet it doesn’t change the sweet truth. Genta wouldn’t surrender and it paid off. As far as he might be concerned, his inheritance, and the whole watch community. What do you say to that, Argy-Bargy?


You either love it or you scorn it. A couple of individuals will come to cherish it over the long haul when there is no unexplainable adoration. Before I will go into the confrontation mode, let me share with you how my affection for the Royal Oak began. During the 1990s, when my advantage in watches arrived at a specific level, I was presented to the Royal Oak. It was all consuming, instant adoration. What an astounding piece of designing. Just later on, I found out about the contrasts between the 36mm and 39mm models. And afterward, obviously, I met the Royal Oak Offshore.

At some point — I think it was 2000 — I got an Audemars Piguet index and it had this tribute inside from one of their customers. This customer purchased a used Royal Oak 15202 “Jumbo” in crappy condition and had it completely reestablished by Audemars Piguet. I believe that was a kick-ass move by Audemars Piguet to incorporate a tribute of somebody — Bruno Rubinksi — who got one used — better than all the diplomat and paid influencer rubbish we see nowadays. At any rate, that’s an alternate subject for another time.

Bruno Rubinksi

My street to the 15202

I was dazzled by this tribute in one of the brand’s inventories. It absolutely “influenced” me to pursue my fantasy to possess such a piece one day. At that point, the Royal Oak 15202 was a lot less expensive than today yet at the same time hopeless for an understudy. That changed in 2008 when I was working for a venture bank in The Hague. I  at last had some additional cash to spend. I chose to dive in and buy the 15300. As a matter of fact, not a 15202 with type 2121 but rather still a great Royal Oak model.

Then, in 2009, I had the chance to exchange the 15300 to a 15202, with some money from my side. Altogether, I think I paid €7,500 Euro for the 15202ST. The 15202 was — and is — as I would like to think, the Royal Oak to have. It is generally consistent with the first reference 5402 Royal Oak that was planned by Genta in 1972. It has a similar case measurements. Keeping it on my wrist is a similar flimsy arm band. Also, let’s not fail to remember, it has an inconceivably decent looking self-winding development. Later on, in 2010 or 2011, I added the Royal Oak Chronograph 26300. I just did it no doubt. That watch wasn’t for me, so I sold it two years after the fact. I kept hold of the 15202.

Why I didn’t purchase a Nautilus

The above clarification isn’t the full story. It does not have a significant component — the Nautilus 5711/1A. At that point, in 2009, the Nautilus had about a similar retail cost as a Royal Oak. However, it didn’t devalue so a lot, so where a used 15202 could be gotten for €7,500, another (or used) Nautilus was roughly 13.000 Euro.

As I share with you above, I worked for a speculation bank and the rewards were not to be sniffed at. Eventually, I had the Royal Oak 15300 and needed to choose whether I’d exchange it up for a Royal Oak 15202 or go for a Nautilus. The Nautilus was that other watch that I truly respected. So I connected with Gerard, who claimed one around then. He offered it to me to wear it for a week or thereabouts, to settle on the choice somewhat simpler. Also, simple it was!

Not for me

Even however the vibes of the Nautilus are interesting to me, it had a very surprising feel on the wrist. Where the Royal Oak has an appropriately incorporated arm band, the Nautilus doesn’t. The arm band is pleasantly associated (for the eyes) to the case, yet in the event that you snatch the Nautilus by its head, the wristband will simply hang down. The cooperative energy between the case head and wristband is only optical, not specialized. Likewise, the Nautilus 5711/1A isn’t a monobloc case like the initial 3700/1A was. The 5711/1A has a bezel, mid-case, and case back. The 15202 has a monobloc case, all that requirements to go in and out through the crystal.

Oh, and the Nautilus 5711/1A has a seconds hand. I don’t need one on this watch. The 15202 won gives over for me. Other than the really coordinated wristband, monobloc case, and splendid self-twisting development (without any seconds hand), the plan is somewhat more “raw” and consistent with Gérald Genta’s first design.

The others

Rob, I need to concede that I don’t actually like the other Royal Oak models. It is the 5402, 14802, 15002, or 15202 for me. I regard and like a portion of the other Royal Oaks, including some Offshores, however the “Jumbo” or “Extra-Thin” — as some promoting virtuoso renamed them — is the one for me. All things considered, the equivalent applies to most of Nautilus (or is it “Nautili” in plural?) models. I either like the 3700/1A, the 5711/1A (yet not as much as the Royal Oak 15202), and the rest is decent, however not for me.

If you cause me to pick among Nautilus and Royal Oak by and large, I will in any case adhere to Genta’s first. Just dependent on close to home inclinations, I don’t care that it was actually his first extravagance sports watch. Or on the other hand, better said, the plan is more critical to me than its account being the first. Allow me additionally to advise you, Rob, that last year I sold my Royal Oak 15202, following 10 years of possession. There’s an excess of Royal Oak & Nautilus going on the planet at this moment, I never wore mine — besides during SIHH (presently Watches & Wonders) — any longer. The way that AP’s CEO isn’t the most charming individual to be near — despite the fact that I respect him for his prosperity with the brand — additionally didn’t help to cause me to choose to keep it.

In the end, I imagine that the Royal Oak is a more flexible watch. The 15202 as well as the overall DNA. Take a gander at the assortment of models the brand makes, its idea watches, the Offshore models. AP doesn’t need the Code-11:59 stuff, no one purchases that in any case (or have you seen one in the tissue as of late?). For Patek, the Nautilus is only one of their models. Yet, whose side will the Fratelli (not Fratellus) be on this week! Vote presently to help settle the well established argument.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Vs. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

    Patek Philippe Nautilus Vs. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak