In this Sunday morning segment, two of our journalists clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid assessments and insane metaphor are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments area beneath). Also, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/unreservedly lifted up one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as large numbers of our perusers’ decisions as we can. After last week’s troublesome debutant, the Tudor P01, we a few questionable models from Omega and Rolex. This week, the Yacht-Master gazes intently at the Aqua Terra in one of the loveliest (or should that be “lubbliest”?) confrontations in memory.

Wow, that was close. The polarizing Tudor Black Bay P01 appropriately spellbound. It appeared as though it could go whichever way for a period, yet Mikey Mike made a few bucks with a 52/48 win. Under 40 votes isolated the camps. This week, I have an inclination it won’t be so close…

Omega Aqua Terra versus Rolex Yacht-Master

I surmise the piece of information is in the name. The assortment highlights watches intended for water and land. However, maybe on the grounds that the “Aqua” got front and center attention, the models by and large look very like early Seamasters, and the word Seamaster generally shows up on the dial, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why individuals may be enticed to consider these watches more nautical than anything else.

The ‘s jib is cut a little more clean. While this may not appear the most practical of watches, it meets the measures of yacht clubbing rather well. Gold is likewise profoundly impervious to consumption. That ought to never be disregarded while slamming an extravagance marine watch… But what do our competitors, Ben and Jorg, make of these two? Let’s hand over to Messrs Weppelink and Hodges to discover in which inlet they intend to drop anchor…

Ben Hodges — Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Jorg is driving two-to-one on the Omega versus Rolex confrontations. The Sub was simply an over the top goliath for my monster executioner Seamaster 300M to fell. Yet, that has not hosed my soul. All things considered, it’s prodded me on to continue to stay the course of the Omega Seamaster assortment against the admired plunging Rolex.

The observes today are expected for the waves as opposed to the sea profundities. The Yacht-Master was that turning point where things are changing and always failing to return. Delivered in the mid ’90s, the Yacht-Master was an extravagance sports watch that had no genuine managing reason for its reality. Starting here onwards, the device part of the Rolex proficient arrangement had lost a touch of significance. In its place was the possibility that a Rolex was just a translation of the brilliant period of mechanical device watches.

The Yacht-Master positively was an optimistic watch for sprouting mariners. While known for hanging freely on the boat-tanned wrists at the yacht club bar, many considered it to be a prize that demonstrated the achievement of accomplishing the declaration. A difficult test that not just surveys your adroitness at outfitting the breezes and ocean however route, trouble calls and the capacity to deal with a man over the edge circumstance. I’m just at the level of a , so for me, the Rolex Yacht-Master evades me. However, I am very upbeat guarding the similarly surface-staying Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.

The Aqua Terra exists in the ether among land and ocean, easily mixing into office life while thinking back of the time plunging off the rear of the sailboat for a cooling plunge. Once in a while would I say this, yet I consider the Eddie Redmayne presenting on a cruising boat typifies the soul of the Aqua Terra. The 41mm two-tone Sedna and steel ups the radiance without forfeiting the easygoing nature as well. The even scores of the dial imitate the teak decking on an extravagance vessel. Maybe the nautical topic over-broadened itself with the non-useful sewing on the elastic tie and coordinating strong Gold lash end tabs. However, it plays into the dream that I’m simply too glad to even consider purchasing into.

Another thing I appreciate about the Aqua Terra is the way recognizably “Omega” it is without the common qualities. There is no helium discharge valve at 10 o’clock. Nor is there a topsy-turvy chronograph case with crown watches. However, the unobtrusive lyre hauls, conelike crown and noticeable shark-tooth records actually inspire unadulterated Omega-ness (not a word, but rather ought to be).

Jorg Weppelink — Rolex Yacht-Master 40

Ah, the Yacht-Master! A watch that I presumably would have reviled when I previously had the opportunity to encounter the delight of cruising. I strikingly recollect the teachers at the cruising camp in my senior year of secondary school in 1995. They fanatically urged us to revile those larger than average and conspicuous engine yachts passing us. I would not be astonished in the event that we verbally reviled a captain with his original brilliant Yacht-Master (ref. 16628) to the lower part of the ocean some place during that week. Gracious, the incongruity, since today I would joyfully wear a ref. 16628.

Ben: I have been there on the two sides; either in the free for all of Hobie feline hustling between passing sporting yachts —just as cruising the pompous yachts themselves. In the two circumstances, I need everything and anything to escape my way. 

I need to say I like that you have placed the two watches into setting Ben. Rolex doesn’t need to sell the Yacht-Master to me dependent on its capability of being an extravagance watch for yachting life. Neither does Omega with its Aqua Terra. I think you said it effectively that both of the watches appear to experience the ill effects of an absence of definition with regards to their expected purpose.

Ben: True, yet in my view, the Yacht-Master endures move in such manner, since what you get from the Submariner is so much more. 

Well, indeed, the Yacht-Master is more straightforward in its ostentatious character with just the bidirectional bezel usefulness to back it up — and it surely gets a great deal of flack from perfectionists. Indeed, kill me since I like the Yacht-Master. Why? Since from the second I got vis-à-vis with the hardened steel Yacht-Master (ref. 16622), I enjoyed that it set out to be unique in relation to other hyper-centered Rolex sport models.

Why the Yacht-Master?

Viewing the steel Yacht-Master very close in 2005, I was interested, however not straightforwardly persuaded. Rolex’s utilization of a combination of steel and platinum or “Rolesium” as Rolex put it, made an in general dark tasteful that appeared to be somewhat exhausting. However, the Yacht-Master changed the second I put it on my wrist. Its case is entirely comfortable with its 40mm measurement and smooth profile with stamped bends, and somewhat plunging lugs.

Next to that, Rolex showed the sorcery of the Yacht-Master was in the subtleties keeping it from becoming exhausting. To begin with, there is the combination of sandblasting the bezel and cleaning the numerals against the grainy character of the dial. They balance consummately with the cleaned upper pieces of the drags and cleaned focus joins for the clam wristband. What was lewdness for perfectionists, ended up being ideal for the Yacht-Master. Add the stunning differentiating red seconds hand and red Yacht-Master name on the dial and the watch ended up being definitely not boring.

Enjoying shrimp cocktails

Fast forward to Baselworld 2015 where Rolex presented the Everose gold Yacht-Master on the dark Oysterflex arm band (ref. 116655). By and by, it was that particular combination of materials, shadings, and completions that characterizes the Yacht-Master that made it a hit. The combination of a rose gold case with a dark Cerachrom bezel, a dark Oysterflex wristband, and a dark dial and made something that quickly made me need to become a yacht proprietor and take some mixed drink shrimp from the smorgasbord at the neighborhood yacht club. It is effectively one of my number one Rolexes in the current collection.

Which carries us to the bi-shading adaptation of the current Yacht-Master (ref. 126621) that was first presented in 2016 — around then with ref. 116621 as the Yacht-Master with the refreshed Caliber 3225 was presented in 2019. With regards to the gold and steel combo, there is no brand that pulls it off better compared to “Das Haus” as Robert-Jan names in his survey of this bi-shading Rolex Yacht-Master. The combination of rose gold and steel or “Rolesor” with the chocolate-shaded dial, is as much an explanation as the Yacht-Master itself. Both are an assertion of conventional complexity and downplayed style. I’m joking, obviously. The bi-shading Yacht-Master is striking, it shouts extravagance, and it doesn’t conceal it, and for what reason ought to it?

So, with the Yacht-Master, you understand what you get. It’s an extravagance sports watch from Rolex that is more about style than it is about substance. Also, there isn’t anything amiss with that. However, reveal to me more about the Aqua Terra, Ben. Since, supposing that there is one thing I may never comprehend, is the thing that Eddie Redmayne has to do with being on a boat brandishing the Aqua Terra. It simply appears to be unimaginable, unclear to some degree. Anybody can be on a yacht, even Eddie Redmayne. What makes Redmayne the correct man for the work? In spite of being unbelievably skilled entertainer, it would seem that a demonstration that he can’t pull off. Or on the other hand is it perhaps that addresses the vague character of the Aqua Terra?

Ben: You got me on the ropes now, Jorg. Or on the other hand am I simply doing the rope-a-simpleton? All things considered, it is obscenity to make reference to ropes with regards to cruising. Formally, there is just one rope on a cruising vessel and that is attached to the ship’s ringer. Any remaining ropes; sheet, line, jib, halyard etc. has a name to coordinate the capacity. Something else, could you envision the disarray? “Pull the rope!” “Which one?”

Jorg: To dodge any huge calamities let’s get together on an engine yacht okay?

Ben: I digress…what I actually don’t comprehend is the thing that the Yacht-Master brings to the table. All past game Rolexes had a capacity or highlight or some type of expert application. I can see that with the Yacht-Master II, yet the main trip is only an extravagance void.

Jorg: It’s interesting how this keeps springing up on the whole the conversations about the Yacht-Master as though that is important to like a watch? What’s more, just honestly, any Rolex has principally become an excursion of extravagance. Furthermore, as you brought it up, most of Rolex proprietors that utilization this contention barely utilize their watch for its expected purposes in any case. In the event that finding that utilitarian intention is totally fundamental for you, my yacht is beyond reach for you Ben.

Ben: With the Aqua Terra, what you have is the tradition of the dressy vintage Seamaster plan from the last part of the ’40s. Before the Seamaster 300 came into the fight in 1957 and made the assortment plunge focussed. However still, the Aqua Terra has plunging potential, 50 meters more than the Yacht-Master I may add, at 150 meters. From the development angle, Aqua Terra was the primary Omega to house an enemy of attractive development that is ensured to at any rate 15,000 gauss. That is an extensive accomplishment for Omega. The Globemaster may have there first with the Master Chronometer Co-Axial type and blessing by METAS in 2015. However, the benchmark of against attraction was at that point set two years earlier by the Aqua Terra with Caliber 8508. That particular reference was .

Ben: Now, the Aqua Terra we have today has circumnavigated round trip and is additionally fitted with the METAS ensured Caliber 8900 with Master Chronometer status since 2017. Different enhancements alongside the new type were moving of the date window to 6 o’clock and flipping the notches evenly. All unpretentious plan changes that took consideration back to the easygoing wristwatch. I additionally truly like the selection of shades of the Aqua Terra. There less an attention on striking essential tones as you see on the Planet Ocean. What’s more, a greater amount of serenity in delicate blues and delicate greys.

Ben: The Aqua Terra is a watch for cruising oceans feeling great, which are for the most part the reasons why I think Omega caught it with Eddie Redmayne on a yacht. Furthermore, no, it isn’t anything to do with Redmayne personally. He is a decent entertainer, incredible really. Be that as it may, with regards to the TV commercial it’s the serenity content with which he radiates on a delightful yacht without another spirit in sight.

Jorg: I could repel your story with the tale of how the plan of the Yacht-Master had been around since the 1960s as a refreshed variant of the Submariner. Or on the other hand how the Caliber 3235 development is an extraordinary advance up from the recently utilized Caliber 3135. What’s more, how it’s one of the simplest programmed developments to support, yet additionally perhaps the most strong that can withstand day by day wear consummately. In any case, some way or another I feel the decision between both of these two watches is dominatingly founded on the distinction in character instead of its specialized details.

Jorg: We could continue for quite a long time about subtleties however perhaps it’s best to summarize this standoff by drawing a comparison between Eddie Redmayne and Pierce Brosnan. The distinction in character between the watches is the contrast between Eddie Redmayne in the Omega commercials and Pierce Brosnan in the Thomas Crown Affair — yes I realize he wore a Reverso in the film however we’re talking yachting here.

Jorg: You most likely recollect the scene where Brosnan as his character Thomas Crown pushes his sailboat to the edge. Eventually, he purposely allows it to upset since he can. Where the Aqua Terra and Redmayne bring smoothness and a practically quiet quietness, the Yacht-Master represents the fervor and fun that Thomas Crown has when he pushes his sailboat to the edge and goes a long ways past that edge. It’s an over the top explanation that not every person may appreciate, but rather one I especially like as a result of it.

Jorg: But let our perusers choose which of the two stories they believe is really compelling. Is it the ostentatious active character of the Yacht-Master or the more recognized character of the Aqua Terra. Tell us by deciding in favor of your top choice of the two watches!

Rolex Yacht-Master Vs. Omega Aqua Terra

    Rolex Yacht-Master Vs. Omega Aqua Terra