In this new Sunday morning segment, two of our scholars clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid suppositions and insane exaggeration are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments area beneath). What’s more, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/unreservedly magnified one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as large numbers of our perusers’ decisions as we can. This week it’s the turn of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Let fight commence.

Rob Nudds

I was a sluggish proselyte to the Patek Philippe Nautilus. For quite a long time, I simply didn’t get it. The disturbance encompassing this unusual irregularity in the brand’s index? Why? On the off chance that I needed a steel sports watch, I’d go to a brand known for steel sports watches, correct? Give me a Sub, a Seamaster, or, all the more as of late, a Pelagos. At the point when I thought Patek, I thought Calatrava. I didn’t adore that model either, however at any rate it sounded good to me. On a blustery day in Leicester, that all changed.

I’d been visiting the area to visit Rob Stewart of Stewart’s watches on Allandale street. Burglarize’s store stocks a combination of new and pre-adored pieces, by and large from more modest faction brands, yet he has a wide client base with a much more extensive field of interest, and they regularly exchange their old works of art for something new and outside of what might be expected. That implied you were similarly prone to discover a vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre in plain view just like a container new Mondaine. What it likewise implied was that his customers’ wrists were no aliens to some intense candy indeed.

Given that one normally gets individuals when standing together, it’s uncommon for the primary thing you notice about somebody – in any event, for watch maniacs like us – to be their wristwatch. Be that as it may, I’d been plunking down when this specific refined man entered the store. Permitting Rob to do what needs to be done without interference, I’d busied myself filtering a disposed of pamphlet when the splendid store lights got the profound marine blue of the Patek Philippe Nautilus and, in this manner, my consideration. That was the second that made a huge difference (with the exception of, unfortunately, my bank balance). From that point forward, I’ve been an eager appreciator of the reach. I include my top picks inside the assortment, however I’ll battle without holding back to protect the gathering altogether. So bring your best. You’re going to require it.

Mike Stockton

My goodness, that was an interminable exchange about visiting Rod Stewart. In all honesty, I enjoyed him better doing “Da ya think I’m sexy.” But genuinely, with regards to the Nautilus, it’s less disliking it consistently, it’s more about really loathing what it’s become.

I can review going to the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale with my Dad and we flew into Mayor’s while my Mom was off looking for something and he looked at an impeccable Patek Philippe Nautilus. Nonetheless, this was before individuals “had to have” Jumbo (they had one of those (or more) prepared available to be purchased during that time too) and he took a gander at the typical model, which was and is an entirely wearable 37.5mm (ahem, practically equivalent to each 36mm Rolex model that each man wore up until that company began super-measuring things).

I felt that was a truly alluring model, however this was in the ’90s and it was at that point near or more than $10K so it was an off limits. Afterward, when my Dad purchased a comparative time IWC Ingenieur, he began to converse with me about Genta and I came to value the various plans from the time. Anyway, up until now, you’re imagining that we’re on a similar side, correct? All things considered, you’re probably as off-base as matching prepared beans with your eggs.

Rob: I like prepared beans and eggs.

Mike: You’re debilitated, however I trust you in any event go with some dark pudding to get back on the correct side of things.

Rob: I’m European.

Mike: Typical. A Nautilus darling rationalizing their odd inclinations. I discover the Patek Philippe Nautilus to be the perfect example for this fixation of storing and driving costs up on certain supposed “hard to find” hardened steel sports watches. Need to converse with me about costly vintage Patek Nautilus pieces? I generally approve of that…something old that’s not, at this point underway has an extraordinariness that can be estimated generally. However, the way that the Nautilus drives a crowd of different watches like the Royal Oak and any number or Rolex steel pieces in the “I’ve got it and can sell it for double” classification simply nauseates me. Regardless of whether it’s the vile influencers who gloat about them on Instagram in an hourly leased Lambo while wearing some over-marked “pick a designer” tracksuit, it really makes me need to go purchase comic books.

Rob: We’re not all like that. I don’t even own a tracksuit…

Mike: And then there are the gatherers wearing them with their popped-neckline polo shirts, “bespoke” collab loafers, and vintage mixed drinks. Lastly, you have the scum bucket vendors who love to express that they have a “great deal” for you just in light of the fact that they have one in stock. Pass! Presently, you’re going to say, that’s not the watch’s fault.

Rob: You read my mind…

Mike: But it is! Since a brand really delivers these things and keeping in mind that an entrepreneur, for example, myself may say that this kind of interest is something to be thankful for, nothing keeps going forever. Recollect the Panerai flood? (also, that’s no slight on Panerai…good that they made their watches accessible). Be that as it may, this bogus extraordinariness is poo and it draws out the most exceedingly terrible in individuals. Furthermore, don’t even kick me off on that Aquanuat…that’s an entire other conversation. In the event that you’re searching for a well off man’s life of recreation dressy games watch, go snatch one of those new Bulgari Octo Finissimo models all things considered. I’d give them my cash absolutely out of standard. Coincidentally, “have I revealed to you of late that I love you?”

Rob: I still can’t jump aboard with it being the watch’s issue. As far as I might be concerned, it seems like you’re saying that the moment a specific model becomes a superficial point of interest and, unavoidably, possessed by a few, will we say “less-than-charming” people that it stops to be a decent watch. Also, I get that the relationship with these “less-than-charming” clients puts you off buying and wearing the Nautilus yourself, yet I would have felt that would make you tragic, not mad. 

I live in a little air pocket inside my head a great deal of the time. I like watches since I like watches, not on the grounds that anybody advised me to, or in light of the fact that I like what it says about me to others (a remarkable inverse, really —  I regularly feel somewhat timid about wearing a watch worth a few thousand euros when I’m down the Working Men’s Club supping hand crafted lager at £2.35 a 16 ounces). Thus I don’t want a Nautilus in light of something besides the reality it is something alluring. I think it is wonderful. I would presumably drive a Lambo as well if you’ve at any point made one kick around, however not on the grounds that others would think I’m cool/rich/fruitful/stimulated by fluorescent tones and horrible ground leeway. Yet, essentially in light of the fact that, similar to the Nautilus, it does what it’s expected to do super well. Also, I like stuff that way. Does that make me an awful individual, Mike? Does it?

Mike:  Rob, it doesn’t make you an awful individual and perhaps I’m a terrible individual. Stand by, no, I’m a decent individual and, by the way…I’ve been to the Working Men’s Club in B’ham and the guys were all drinking Bud! I was the person drinking Old Speckled Hen off the barrel, yet I digress…

Yeah, as far as I might be concerned, there are simply such countless incredible watches on the planet that I’d just rather not right now partner myself with the latest thing of overindulgence and publicity that I believe will undoubtedly break. What’s more, as referenced, I see the Patek Philippe Nautilus as a, if not “the”, perfect example of such action. Then again, you expressed that you’d cheerfully drive a Lambo in the event that one were inactively lounging near and I guess I’d rock a Nautilus if the breeze were removed from its sails. It is an attractive watch that’s very much made (and here’s a mystery – I like it better than the Royal Oak on the grounds that the arm band isn’t an incredible hair remover) and accommodates my wrist. I actually think we’re one great monetary snap (or a bounce back in financing costs) away from seeing things standardize again and afterward maybe I’d rock one of these.

Until this occurs, I’m not saying “Tonight’s the Night” except if I discover one at retail or at a discount.  If nothing else, you can in any event concur that my consideration of “Rod the Mod” melody titles is at any rate worth something.  And one final thing… I’m no Patek hater either, yet my watch would be the Calatrava 5196P.  I’d rock that with flip flounders and shorts the entire day, consistently and twice on Sundays.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

    Patek Philippe Nautilus