In this Sunday morning segment, two of our authors clash in an epic standoff for the ages. Solid assessments and crazy hyperbole are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment underneath). What’s more, remember to let us realize which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/profusely lifted up one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as a considerable lot of our perusers’ decisions as we can. This week, we’ve got another straight on for you. It’s getting profound this week. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 is going toward the Grand Seiko SLGA001.

If we were running a competition for misleading titles, this one may win it. No, dear perusers, we are not jumping carelessly into the sloppy channels of World War I, yet rather the underwater assortment of titanic abysses. Be that as it may, before we plunge into the briny profound, let’s go through last week’s results.

Ben and I exchanged blows over the best blender between the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 and the Grand Seiko SBGH281. To some degree shockingly, given the life span and ubiquity of the OP, the Grand Seiko left with a comfortable 61/39 win. Maybe we shouldn’t be stunned. The Fratelli understands what it enjoys and loves what it knows.

Mr. Hodges has wore his 12oz gloves again and is prepared to slug his way to another success. Furthermore, this week, he’s revealing the Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 in the expectations it can sink my Grand Seiko SLGA001. Enjoy!

Ben Hodges

You can’t say the Sea-Dweller has been a backbone in Rolex’s set of experiences. A fluctuating profundity rating best embodies the good and bad times of the SD. In 2008, the Deepsea Sea-Dweller took us to the pit and filled the void between cycles. Reference 126660, or DSSD for short, arrived in a bigger 44mm case, which permitted the watch to arrive at profundities of 3,900m. The size and haul of the case was a problem for a few, Jorg included . The issue being, the drag width was excessively tight at 21mm to help the four additional millimeters over the standard 40mm Submariner. Fortunately, Rolex offset the proportion with a 22mm haul width in 2017.

Following the Deepsea, the standard Sea-Dweller returned in 2014 with a 40mm case and helium release valve. The Sea-Dweller 4000, or SD4K, was thicker than a Submariner to arrive at profundities of 1,220m (I don’t figure Rob’s Grand Seiko SLGA001 could handle those sorts of depths).

To venture out of the shadow of the Sub, the Sea-Dweller 4000 additionally had a completely graduated hour long bezel rather than only moment markers for the initial 15. In particular, for the perfectionists in any event, the SD4K had no amplifying cyclops on the sapphire glass to help with survey the date.

Many devotees were energetic about the Sea-Dweller 4000. It had the ideal measurement, great looks, and honored the past while staying a cutting edge device watch. Oh, Reference 116600 was fleeting. Just three years after the fact, in 2017, Rolex unveiled the new 43mm Sea-Dweller, Reference 126600. The SD4K was no more. A decent suggestion to all our enthusiastic perusers that we are the minority with regards to in general watch buys. Most of the purchasing public isn’t keen on looking after customs. Rolex takes into account significant business sectors and burns through no time in halting the creation of thrashing models.

But was the most recent Sea-Dweller a commendable replacement to the SD4K? The new Sea-Dweller coordinates the profundity rating of 1,220m of the Sea-Dweller 4000. However, we currently have a considerable 43mm case. Furthermore, this is for a valid justification. I expect one of the complaints of the SD4K was the lopsided width-to-tallness of the case. Growing the width by 3mm adjusted the proportion of the case extents. I accept the additional surface of the bigger bezel likewise made it simpler to hold when wearing gloves important for profound water diving.

Ok, I’ll quit overlooking the elephant in the room. The most noticeable update to Reference 126600 was the expansion of the date amplification. This was a first for the Sea-Dweller range. At that point, the response was very negative. Indeed, even I was amazed Rolex stuck a cyclops on the glass. The Sea-Dweller not having it was a distinctive element that gave the alternative for the individuals who needed the date and a level precious stone. Over the long run, the common hatred has calmed down to a low warmth and isn’t as questionable. I could surely live with the cyclops, if just for one explanation: The Sea-Dweller 43mm has the most fulfilling bezel activity I have ever felt.

… the single line of red content on the model name “Ocean Dweller”.

120-clicks pass by with a particularly flawless congruity of strain, surface, and reverberation. In the event that it emitted a smell of vanilla, all the faculties would be actuated for this Cerachrom bezel. Another stand-apart for the Sea-Dweller is the single line of red content on the model name “Ocean Dweller”. This was normal for noteworthy models extending back to 1967. Rolex seldom celebrates commemorations more extraordinary still effectively publicizes its looks as 50-year commemorative pieces; making the most recent Sea-Dweller special among the ebb and flow proficient Rolex collection.

Rob Nudds

Alrighty at that point. That was energetic. I nearly shed a tear. Presently, look, I know we’ve called somewhat of a ceasefire in this section as of late, with the two authors liking to zero in on the positive qualities in their picked champions while leaving the other guy’s horse alone (generally), however I can’t oppose this week…

I’m going to bounce directly on that elephant in the room and ride him right to Ruinsville. The Rolex 126600 is almost my #1 Rolex. It is, in my opinion, almost the best Sea-Dweller ever. Also, that’s saying something. It has some solid 40mm competition from the bank-balance-bazookas that turned out in and around the renowned “double-red” time, however this infant is a peach.

What we have here is fundamentally a beefed up Sub that is actually better on account of the impact the expanded case distance across has on the drag profile. Be that as it may, the thing is, I don’t love the Sub. I like it, no doubt (I’m not absolutely mental), however I do locate the advanced adaptation leaves me completely cold. What’s more, attempt as I may, I can’t get amped up for that cyclops on the Sea-Dweller. There’s simply no requirement for it, for goodness’ purpose. This watch is 43mm wide. You can peruse the god damn date from across the room. Furthermore, you sure as hellfire don’t need to understand what day it is while you’re channel stepping. On the off chance that you’re estimating your time submerged in days rather than minutes you’re most likely in a great deal of trouble…

Ben: Tell that to who required 15 minutes to dive to 332.35 meters and 13 hours 50 minutes to rise back to the surface. 

Rob: Sure, sure. That’s quite a while. However, there are as yet 24 hours in a day so he could undoubtedly have made it down and up in one calendar day. What’s more, regardless of whether he didn’t, how’s it relevant to his mission?

And while you may feel that I’m getting essentially het-up about just one element of a watch’s — in any case excellent — plan, that’s the whole purpose of being into watches in any case. The subtleties. The subtleties are everything. Also, when you’re discussing works of art and likely works of art, they are worth significantly more than their weight in gold.

Which brings me perfectly to the force hold marker hand on my legend of the week, the Grand Seiko SLGA001. What’s that I hear you say? You haven’t seen the hand previously? You can’t see it on Grand Seiko’s officer shots? Don’t stress. It’s unquestionably there. Here, investigate on the off chance that you don’t accept me

Yes, I realize it is regularly darkened constantly hand in Grand Seiko’s official pictures. I like to consider it Grand Seiko’s endeavor at staying the most exceedingly awful left well enough alone in the business. By intentionally concealing quite possibly the most show-halting employments of shading you’re liable to discover in a games watch, the brand has indeed — most presumably incidentally — added to its legend.

I’ve been watching The Last Dance — obvious in the event that you know me. I’ve concluded that Grand Seiko is the Dennis Rodman of the watch business. An uncompromising erratic, it does things altogether its as own would prefer. Here and there, its crackpot conduct confounds or entertains us, however it so clearly doesn’t care/acknowledge it sidesteps strange at lightspeed and winds up being viewed as a magnificently singular leader we as a whole need to listen too.

And simply like Rodman, the Grand Seiko SLGA001 is a victor. It probably won’t have corralled five NBA titles however unquestionably won my heart. Furthermore, I have a subtle inclination it’s going to win this residue up too.

So how can it stack facing the Rolex? It is a really monstrous 46.9mm×16mm but then, presumably because of Grand Seiko’s uncanny comprehension of ergonomics, sits quite pleasantly on medium-sized wrists. Obviously for a watch of these extents, its profundity rating is an extraordinary 600 meters.

Keeping this thing running above or underneath the waves is the 9RA5 Spring Drive type. You should realize that there are three things I care about in this world: American Sports, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive type, and examining whether Björn Borg resigned too early or further electrifies his legend by leaving when he did. Consequently, as the second most significant thing in my own universe, I clearly think this development is superior to the Rolex’s emphatically chronologically misguided effort.

Last time I went facing Ben in the Beater Battle a week ago, I extolled the presentation of Grand Seiko’s customary programmed types. I feel the equivalent about the Spring Drive watches to the force of 100. There is no development I would prefer to have in my collection. You can keep your blued screws, our gold chatons, your hand engraved rotors, or jewel end stones. Give me the best combination tech our industry has at any point seen. What’s more, in the event that you don’t mind enveloping it with a delightful bundle, fronted by an appealing profound purple dial that would be extraordinary. Goodness, you previously did? All things considered, I’ll take two. My pal Ben’s going to require one soon anyway…

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Vs Grand Seiko SLGA001

    Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Vs Grand Seiko SLGA001