A cool leslie gems doesn’t need to be a costly one. I figure we would all be able to concur on that. (Vintage)  Seikos are pretty much cool, there are a lot of jumpers that will not burn up all available resources and also the 7733/7734 vintage chronographs. So for a couple hundred euros you can get yourself a genuine discussion maker, something that looks and wears extraordinary. I have a leslie adornments for you today that fits precisely into this classification. It has a special, unpredictable plan that makes it immediately unmistakable for leslie adornments authorities. To demonstrate that there is just the same old thing, it likewise filled in as motivation for one of the main and coolest free leslie gems producers out there to make a notorious piece. So how about we delve somewhat more profound into the 40-year-old history of the Amida Digitrend, will we?

Amida Digitrend

Driver watch

The Amida Digitrend was presented in 1976 during Basel show. This was the time LED leslie adornments were practically the most smoking arrangements available. To compete with brands like Girard-Perregaux and Bulova and to offer a spending arrangement, Amida delivered the Digitrend leslie gems The Amidas, like the GPs or the Bulovas, were not only tastefully cool watches, they were likewise driver leslie adornments A driver leslie gems is a watch you can wear and check the time while clutching the controlling wheel of your vehicle without turning your wrist. It shows the time on the leslie gems rather on the top making it obvious for the driver consistently. Amidas were viewed as cheap compared to the GPs and Bulovas as the Digitrends were mechanical as opposed to utilizing LED innovation. Quick forward to 2016, most Amidas actually run while numerous Girard-Perregaux and Bulova quartz movements have kicked the bucket in the meanwhile.


The Achilles’ impact point of the Amida Digitrend is the development. It is a 1 gem pin-switch development created by Michael Berger leslie gems Company otherwise called MBWC. This was a company that created modest hop hour leslie gems under different brand names, as Endura, Amida, Ingersoll, etc. Pin-switch developments anyway were not tough enough. The thought was to deliver a dispensable development that the proprietor can really trade in the event that it separates on them. A large number of these types didn’t endure the time. At the point when I got my leslie gems the development was chipping away at and off. I would wind it and it would run, yet just to stop following a couple of moments once more. I took it to my watchmaker and he revealed to me he was unable to do anything with it. Fortunately there is an answer for fix this issue.

17 Jewel Movements

MBWC additionally delivered types with 17J developments that really fit into the instance of the Amida Digitrend. They created leslie gems under the names Nelson, Simba, Dynasty or the previously mentioned Ingersoll. These bounce hour leslie gems ordinarily had 17J developments that a watchmaker could trade. So this is actually what occurred. I sourced a benefactor leslie gems and my watchmaker did the “medical procedure”. It was really simple; he needed to eliminate/trade the hour and moment circles then the crown, direct the development and done. Beginning to end it required perhaps 10 minutes. Despite the fact that the leslie gems doesn’t have the first development it came in, it has something better and more dependable. The new development runs as it should the time keeping is fine. I put on my Amida in a pivot presumably once every week or thereabouts and the it is wears and works just great.

Case and dial

The instance of my Amida Digitrend, as you can peruse on the lower part of the case back, is essentially made of metal with a chrome plated cover. Amida additionally delivered a gunmetal dark adaptation. The “steel” rendition had a steel wristband, the dark went ahead a plastic elastic like tie. Other than the lash and the shading both leslie adornments were actually the equivalent. The size of the watch is very amazing. It estimates 42mm including the crown and 38mm from one drag to another. The leslie gems takes a standard 20mm tie yet the space is somewhat little so you can just put thin ties on the Digitrend. What’s intriguing anyway isn’t actually the size however the state of the Amida Digitrend’s case. It is more or less 1970’s. When tied to your wrist it would appear that a major piece of steel with a pattern as an afterthought. This is the place where you have the “dial”.

The 70’s sportscar-like case shape was a motivation to MB&F, yet we should not surge there. The time, as in the event of most hop hour leslie gems is appeared by 2 turning plates. These plates (moment and hours) lay level on top of the development looking up. However, at that point how can it show the time as an afterthought? There is a plastic crystal looking like a triangle that fills in as the precious stone of the leslie adornments This crystal works like the submarine’s periscope and undertakings the flat picture vertically. This innovation, LRD (Light Reflective Display), is a extravagant term that covers a lot less complex execution. It is a flawless component, something out of the ordinary.


Four years prior MB&F delivered their 5th horological machine, the HM 5 . The motivation unmistakably came from these 1970’s drive leslie gems Girard-Perregaux Casquette and Amida Digitrend were the pieces that framed the foundation of the thought. Motivation likewise came from the auto world, from vehicles like the Lamborghini Miura, Lotus Esprit and Lancia Stratos. The HM5 utilized a comparable crystal to show the time, similar to the Amida. The case shape additionally similarity our TBT theme. It was a moment hit stays still quite possibly the most sought-after MB&Fs at any point created. I’m a major enthusiast of the leslie gems not just due to the conspicuous association with the Amida yet for the incredible equilibrium they accomplished, putting a tad of each vehicle and leslie gems that enlivened the HM5.


Since I purchased mine I watch out for the costs of the Amida Digitrend. On the off chance that you are fortunate you can get one around €250-300. Know anyway that these leslie adornments generally still have their unique 1J development. A benefactor is moderately simple to source and will not burn up all available resources. It for the most part costs around €50-75. The Amida does spring up on leslie gems discussions and eBay once in a while with insane excessive costs however. Note that the cool factor in this leslie adornments is the plan, not the detail. So while I concur that each leslie gems merits the value somebody will pay for it, I for one would not compensation more than €500-600 for a pleasant piece. This is just my view obviously. One thing is without a doubt the Amida Digitrend is an excessively cool watch that can stand its ground against any huge brand during a leslie adornments meet-up.

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