Today we have a common model affirming how troublesome the acquisition of Rolex Submariner 5513 may be. Or then again how rapidly it can become a bad dream for a novice collector.

Don’t read this article  on  Rolex Submariner 5512 versus 5513 that  Robert-Jan kept in touch with some time back. It actually carries me to tears. Particularly the introduction. RJ relates how he paid €1,800 for the main GMT-Master 1675 he purchased in 2003. Or then again the other one he purchased 10 years after the fact for €4,500. We are in 2020 today and Corona is by all accounts blurring gradually. What one months from now will bring is as yet unsure, yet costs of Rolex GMT 1675 appear bouncing comfortably above 10k imprint. The vintage watch market obviously thinks often next to no about the inconveniences looked by society.

Submariner 5513

And with regards to Submariner costs, it is a lot of a similar story. I’m personally mindful of the real valuing, as I have been after one for quite a while. Obviously, I committed the error you and every other person did — I stupidly spent my early stages being a kid as opposed to taking advantage of the lucky break to become a significant level watch authority when the leisure activity was impressively more affordable.

But these are various occasions. I won’t surge. I won’t be careless. It doesn’t trouble me all that amount that I need to await my chance. I’m hanging tight for my “lucky” find. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that over the long haul, horse shelter finds become less and more outlandish, I’m a firm devotee to the tale (of proprietorship and obtaining) being pretty much as significant as the actual watch. Thus tolerance is the request for the day.

(Y)our decisions today

With the majority of the occasions and tradeshows being shut and with restricted freedoms to travel, gatherers regularly take a gander at online postings as well as Instagram takes care of. My top suggestion is to remain cool and quiet. Don’t act indiscreetly except if you are a “pro” that realizes how to spot secondary selling adjustments or component trades from a mile away.

Understanding 5513 differences

I am not here to give you a manual on the most proficient method to land an ideal piece for no cash. I simply need to share the way I decided to land a 5513 and what I have gained from it up until now. After reasonable exploration to have the option to comprehend the fundamental contrasts between models, for example, , or , I arrived at the resolution I wouldn’t fret a lot and I will not be fastidious if any respectable posting pops-up.


The 5512 was presented in 1959 and was underway till 1980. The 5513 was presented a couple of years after the fact than 5512, in 1962 and was underway till 1989. Both 5513 and 5512 are no-date models, in spite of ref. Submariner 1680 .

As there were less ref. 5512 Submariner models made, ref. 5513 ought to be somewhat less expensive. 5513 watches with matte dials and “Feet first” printing show up regularly. In any case, I am just searching for models up until 1982, which is alluded to as the year isolating the last evident vintage and clench hand current Submariner 5513.

Slow-Buy rule

After you’ve done your exploration and have settled on the model you need, it’s best to put the word out. Address sellers, address individual gatherers, address companions, ask on discussions. I consider this training the “Slow-Buy” technique. Basically, it implies you ought to never settle on a choice alone. Regardless of how appealing the contribution appears, it is consistently worth investing energy to make sure.

Of course, on the off chance that we’re discussing a €300 jumpers’ watch, feel free to pull the trigger in the event that you like the appearance of it. However, in case you’re going to spend a major piece of cash on Rolex Submariner, I could never dare settle on a judgment decision without first mining the abundance of involvement around me.

For the record, it’s ideal to examine on gatherings and gather conclusions there, yet I generally look for an assessment of an authority or a seller that, preferably, I know face to face. Having an organization of believed guides is important. Their own insight and information bank developed over long stretches of movement is extremely valuable. Building connections is significant. Sellers that aren’t searching for speedy benefit don’t mind investigating the waitlist of watches you put before them.

Unexpected offer

This purchasing procedure brought one 5513 Submariner directly into my hands. As a rule, I just get pictures. This time I got the chance to put in a couple of days with the watch. A companion of mine who manages present day Rolex watches recollected that I was after a vintage Submariner. As of late he had the chance to exchange a 5513, so he carried it to me. Just dependent on close to home trust, he gave me a watch you are looking for.

As he bargains current just, he said he can’t say a lot regarding the watch. He didn’t uncover the amount he paid for it, he just advised me to propose my cost. Obviously, I thought that it was an ideal theme for the present #TBT in any event. What amount would you offer for this 5513 Submariner? You’ll get the chance to figure in the survey below…

First impression

The watch has the chronic number beginning, which proposes we’re managing a 1970s Submariner 5513. Albeit the case has been cleaned, the task was finished very well. The drags are still very thick, with sharp edges. Following two days I could tell without a doubt that the cleaned case irritated me and that I would like to hang tight for a more beaten yet unpolished timepiece.

UV test

A UV test uncovered that lume plots were absolutely dead (true to form), however the hands appeared to be very exuberant. Their pale tone is fundamentally the same as — practically indistinguishable — to the lume plots, however the hands had presumably been supplanted eventually. A similar new sparkle comes additionally off the “pearl” or “pip”, which causes to notice the bezel. A companion and gatherer cautioned me, that I should observe the “long 5″ on the bezel.

If we study the subtleties of the 5512/5513 bezels, we locate that the “long 5″ bezel introduced on this watch is from the previous 1960s models. A speedy google search reveals that the actual bezel may be esteemed $2,500-2,700, yet the main concern is basic — it doesn’t have a place with that watch. It’s neither a unique nor occasionally right replacement.

Dial cracks

When thinking about my 1675 GMT Master, I truly like the thickness and force of a completely level, matte dial. On the off chance that you take a gander at this 5513 dial, its surface is significantly more organized. At the point when I analyzed the dial I found the lume plots were excessively level. Under the amplifying glass, you can even see light lines of what appears as leftovers of the first lume. Investigate an exhibition now and see what astounds the large scale shots uncovered. Breaks, generally around the edge, periodically continuing further towards the middle, are another letdown.

The movement

The last stop for me was a speedy visit to my watchmaker to examine the 1520 development. As you would have just speculated, provenance isn’t the solid suit of this watch. There is no set of experiences of the watch by any stretch of the imagination. Subsequently, we don’t have the foggiest idea when it was last overhauled. The development appears to be perfect, the screw heads are decent, so it appears to be this development has been dealt with well.


This story portrays the every day battle of an authority and that it is so critical to take legitimate consideration investigating any watch you are going to spend a great deal of cash on. Purchasing current Rolex is a lot simpler, as vintage Rolex is a minefield loaded with examiners and, I call them, “mechanics” that like to assemble snappy flip dragsters. Eventually, I sent the photos I took to perhaps the best master in the field, . Eric’s reaction was prompt and very obvious, “The watch is a canine’s morning meal and not something I would contact.”

So, here are questions: Are you “all-unique sort” or would you say you are comfortable with a touch of adjusting? Just dependent on pictures without perusing the realities clarified in the article, what cost would you pay for this Rolex Submariner 5513?

How much would you pay for this Rolex 5513?

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