Today on #TBT we’ll discuss a remarkable chronograph in the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo. As you’ll come to see, the watch is more than the amount of its parts. That is a prominent assertion since this EP is genuinely a watch made of parts; consider it the actual aftereffect of the familiar aphorism, “when life you gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Except for this situation, the lemonade was made because of extra lemons discovered somewhere else. Confounded? Peruse on…

Here on Fratello, we’ve invested energy talking about Excelsior Park . We’ve covered a watch marked with the name, however we’ve invested more energy seeing watches created by the brand for other people, specifically Gallet. To recap, Excelsior Park was a memorable watchmaker that created its own developments. They did retail their own watches yet additionally fabricated pieces for Girard-Perregaux, Zenith, and, indeed, Gallet. In 1983, the memorable company ran into genuine monetary issues as the quartz emergency grabbed hold and they were before long bankrupt. A German concern, Flume, bought the name with an end goal to once again introduce the brand.

The Excelsior Park Monte Carlo you see here notwithstanding a dark dialed variation is the fleeting consequence of that adventure. Unfortunately, this item didn’t demonstrate extremely fruitful and we’ve not seen anything new from the EP name since.

Aside from the actual brand, the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo is genuinely a wild invention of components from past watches. In case you’re an understudy of the vintage game, you could possibly perceive the case and bezel. Maybe a dark dialed Monte Carlo would make things more self-evident, yet you are taking a gander at a similar case and an elaborately comparable pivoting bezel (the Zenith was painted versus the trim on the EP) from the renowned Italian military chronograph that was given in the 1960’s. It’s intriguing in light of the fact that most placed the EP’s age in the mid-late 1980’s, however depend on it, the case is basically the equivalent. It’s completely done in tempered steel and comes in at a solid 43mm in width with a length of 52mm. 13.5mm is the thickness from the screw on the off chance that back to the highest point of the flush fitting, scarcely rising acrylic crystal.

As you can see, the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo looks extraordinary on the wrist and conveys some genuine presence. It looks great on an assortment of ties and I’ve seen it a few times on everything from lattice to a Breitling-marked shellfish arm band (here’s one available to be purchased – and more on Breitling later).

Interestingly, the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo indicates itself as to some degree a jumping chronograph notwithstanding 50m of water obstruction. We’ve referenced the hard core case back, however the minutes bezel proceeds down the jumping way with its uni-directional usefulness and 60 ticks. The crown further concretes its motivation as it screws into the case. In spite of its exemplary chronograph looks, there’s no uncertainty that it’s somewhat screwy with its undersea expectations. The lone other watch inside my assortment that I can appropriately compare it to is the uncontrollably unusual Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph that we a few years back – and remember the Bulova name as I will specify them again later. That Sea Hunter, incidentally, was additionally delivered during this peculiar period.

Looking at the dial, the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo utilizes an oar bolt tipped focal chronograph hand and primary hour/minutes hands that are likewise cribbed plan shrewd from the old Cairelli. The actual dial has a matte white foundation with beautiful tritium lume Arabic numerals at the hours and a dark section ring demonstrating the minutes. The three sub registers are done in a gleaming white and contain the essential notched surfacing that we’re so used to seeing on chronographs to help make coherent difference. It’s a damn attractive, intelligible, and intentional chronograph and positions as one of the better Pentecostal endeavors that I’ve come across (I’m taking a gander at you Universal Geneve). However, at that point the eye stops at around the 4:30 imprint and spies a boxed date window. One’s fringe vision at that point sees that the least sub register is ticking away with the seconds. What the heck is inside this watch?

The Valjoux 7740 (photograph kindness of

We’re happy you asked in light of the fact that the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo is controlled by a development that is once in a while seen. Indeed, we would now be able to say that on Fratello Watches, we’ve evaluated a watch with the to some degree uncommon, and unquestionably “weirdo”, Valjoux 7740. The development is a type 11/12-based manual wind unit and it is unique. Here, rather than a little rotor, we are blessed to receive one more sub register at 6:00. As referenced, it contains a date wheel (non quickset lamentably), a 12-hour register, running seconds at 6:00 and 30-minute register. It’s an intriguing little piece of horological history that had recently been utilized by Breitling in a portion of its Navitimer models (the 7806) and Bullhead during the 1970’s. Heuer utilized a variation also. Jeff Stein composed a pleasant on the advancement of the model here.

So, how did such a development end up in the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo? Breitling, in spite of its present achievement, went down a similar way as Excelsior Park and was basically bankrupt in 1979. Subsequently, there was a liquidation of developments and different components. The previous Breitling it appears, possessed the 7740’s found inside the Monte Carlos. We accept this on the grounds that the scaffolds on all the Monte Carlos have been machined to delete Breitling name. Beside the insane history, the 7740 is really a pleasant development to work – and in my book, significantly more fulfilling than any type 11-based automatic.

Trying to bits together extra data on the Excelsior Park Monte Carlo is troublesome, best case scenario. There are anecdotes about absolute creation runs of 50 or 100 for each dial tone, however I battle to discover those reports definitive. Bulova – indeed, I referenced the name would return – additionally advertised a Marine Star utilizing a similar case with either a dark or white dial utilizing a Valjoux 7731 (some 7740’s are referred to exist also), yet I have been not able to see if they and the EP’s were amassed in similar workshops. LouS composed a comparing the Bulova and EP to the renowned Zenith.

Looking for an Excelsior Park Monte Carlo can be troublesome, however they appear to spring up in waves. At present, there are a number available to be purchased right now on chrono24. For reasons unknown, most Monte Carlos will in general be in pleasant condition. I do see some with imprints and scratches inferable from their bigger size, however there’s little motivation to agree to a fair model. Valuing is something interesting on these chronographs as they range from generally $3,000 to above $5,000. I don’t know whether many sell at that upper level, yet the size, peculiarity, and blended family at any rate highlight a watch that should accumulate revenue in the future.

The Excelsior Park Monte Carlo is an uncommon neo-vintage chronograph that should check a great deal of boxes for authorities. It’s huge, steel, contains a manual breeze development, and flaunts a neat dial with heaps of tritium lume. It’s likewise generally moderate on the off chance that one can be found on the lower end of the scale and ought to give respectable space to increase over the long haul. Most awesome aspect all, however, the Monte Carlo was made utilizing some huge pieces from brands past to make an extraordinary looking eventual outcome. Until sometime later…