Today, we’ll investigate the Girard-Perregaux Gyrodate 9080, an uncommon watch with a special complication.

Within the Fratello group, we each have our little peculiarities and flighty interests with regards to watches. I’m intrigued by Japanese games watches, vintage Swiss chronographs, and jumpers. Tomas , then again, is an authority of crackpot watches with out of control highlights and complications. Simply require a couple of moments to see his articles and you’ll understand. In any case, today, for just a concise second, I’m assuming control over the mantle of frenzy with my record of the Girard-Perregaux Gyrodate 9080.

A customary watch with a straightforward twist

We don’t gab of vintage Girard-Perregaux here on Fratello and that’s somewhat of a disgrace. The long-standing brand made some staggering watches during the ’50s and ’60s and was really inventive. As an update, it was GP that really appeared the world’s first high recurrence development in 1966 that ran at an amazing 36,000 vph. We had an extraordinary history article on this back in 2013 and I surveyed my Dad’s “ HF; a few years prior. Shockingly, today’s mid-’60s Gyrodate 9080 does not have the HF development (later models had it), yet it’s still a truly cool piece.

Quite essentially, the GP Gyrodate 9080 has a novel bezel that works with an inward section ring as a schedule. It’s in reality exceptionally basic. The client turns the bidirectional bezel and adjusts the “1” with the day of the week that it falls upon after 12:00. The remainder of the month at that point plays out nicely.  See above for a model. The first of this August was on a Saturday, so the 1 sits over the primary “S”. Presently, pick any date in the month and you’ll know the day of the week. It’s not extravagant, however it really works. I considered everything and there are heaps of events where somebody inquires as to whether I’m accessible on such and such date. The principal thing I ask is the day of the week. The Gyrodate makes that sort of inquiry simple to answer.

Pulled-off with style

But let’s be straightforward, there are heaps of complicated watches that come off as precisely that — complicated. The Gyrodate 9080 figures out how to mix common sense into a watch that could undoubtedly pass as a games piece. Truth be told, the first occasion when I discovered it on eBay, I thought it was some sort of  GMT-Master clone! The bezel is spotless, has solid text styles and dabs suggestive of a Rolex to the point that the supplement provider was likely the equivalent. And afterward investigate the inside day ring. the exchanging white and silver foundations blend impeccably with the dark and red letters.

As for the remainder of the dial on the Gyrodate 9080, brandishing assumptions vacate the premises with an absence of lume. Be that as it may, it’s alright in light of the fact that the plan actually looks fabulous. Chrome plated applied markers with a dark inward stripe at 6/9/12 are repeated in the hour and moment hands. The date window doesn’t annihilate the equilibrium and there’s next to no composition. The composing that does exist comprises of the genuine looking G-P name and the “Gyrodate” name that pulls pranks on the eyes with forward and in reverse italics. Truly, there’s simply no squandered space here. A dark dial and gold dial in moved gold case were additionally offered close by this matte white version.

A immortal case

Whenever I scrutinize the web for more seasoned G-P models, I’m frequently met with some very “of the era” case shapes. They regularly look dated and not such that I like. Fortunately, this Gyrodate shuns past patterns and sticks with a perfect and ageless plan. You wouldn’t mistake it for an Oyster case, yet it’s not so far away. With sufficient drags, matte completing on the top side, and sharp chamfers, it plays similarly also today as it probably done 55 or so years ago.

Size-wise, the Gyrodate measures at a humble 35mm in breadth, 41mm long, 10mm in stature, and has a 19mm carry width. It’s not a tremendous watch by any stretch, but rather it wears well because of its splendid dial and commanding bezel. For comparison’s purpose, if you’re on the lookout for something like a 34mm Rolex Date (yet extravagant something somewhat more uncommon), this is very much like. It just does not have the stature because of a level acrylic crystal.

Other details

There are some extra perfect subtleties on the Gyrodate. My model contains some beautiful cumbersome knurling on its bezel. The edges are very much characterized and it seems like a quality piece. The strain on the bezel is likewise pleasantly weighted with very much characterized snaps to help dodge the unplanned knock. I’ve seen HF Chronometer variants with all the more a coin-edged bezel, however I don’t know when this change happened. You’ll additionally note the marked “GP” crown, which is a decent detail. At long last, flipping it over uncovers a snap case back with brushed completing in its middle. The watch was water-safe, however the solitary information expressed on the back is “Stainless Steel”. Of extraordinary note is the obvious crown tube.

The Gyrodate has a Gyromatic

I referenced that this Gyrodate comes up short on the HF development. All things considered, this watch utilizes the GP type 41 Gyromatic with 17 gems. It actually beats at a decent 21,600vph and has a force save of 40 hours. A speedy excursion to reveals to us that the development is really founded on the A.Schild 1687/1688 manual. That’s not a major shock in light of the fact that the HF was the equivalent, so look at this as a forerunner. What’s fascinating to note when taking a gander at Ranfft is that this development was evidently evolved as a team with Doxa, Eberhard, Favre-Leuba, and Zodiac. The date is non-brisk set, however it’s a watch that starts up when I shake or wind the watch.

Finding the Gyrodate

I discovered this Gyrodate 9080 on several years back for $600 and it was promoted as a non-sprinter. All things considered, that’s precisely how it showed up! I took the plunge since I realized that these Schild developments are effectively fixed. It required some investment to send it, yet the watch went to James Marien in Belgium and he did something amazing. It worked out that it truly simply required a decent overhauling and that’s it. As should be obvious, it’s truly in fabulous condition and I’ve appreciated wearing it for the couple of weeks since its return.

At any given time, there are two or three these on eBay. They’re ordinarily recorded at $1,500 or more. And keeping in mind that I’d unquestionably pay a premium for a HF, I figure the size should hold costs under control. Then again, getting a special watch with such incredible plan like this appears to be a relative deal at the costs I mentioned.

Before discovering this G-P Gyrodate 9080 on eBay, I’d genuinely never seen one of these watches. I’m happy I discovered it and I’m happy, for once, it didn’t cost a lot. Also, with that, I presently pass the odd watch light back to Tomas. Cheerful hunting!