We all have watches that address uncommon minutes in our lives. My Mido “Rainbow” Diver 5907 will everlastingly be bound to three significant occasions. Most significantly, it happened to be on my wrist the night our girl was born. Here is the full story on the present #TBT.

I remember when I first showed an image of the Mido 5907 to my interestingly. Being a bright individual, I realized she would adore the dial in a flash. We both concurred that we need to add it to our vintage assortment if the chance at any point came along.

Mido 5907 reemerged in Vienna

And the chance came the previous summer in one of the world’s most established sale houses,  . I was shocked to see it reemerge in Vienna, which isn’t so much as a one hour drive away from our home. One bright day, we made the outing over the boundary to review the watch. I don’t recollect accurately, however the beginning cost was absurdly low. Around €2,000 or even less. I plunked down in a comfy seat in a room loaded with parcels to be unloaded. No other watch intrigued me. At the point when they brought the watch over, I was stunned.

First meeting

There is no descriptor adequate to depict the excellence of the dial. I encourage you to skirt sixty years in reverse and consider all the large jumpers presented in those days. Pieces like the Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, Longines Nautilus, or the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms come to mind first. In any case, even the unconventional Breitling ref. 1004 doesn’t come distantly near the Mido 5907 as far as innovativeness. I saw a couple of refs. 5907 watches springing up, however not a solitary one was as perfect, rich, and striking as this piece.

Bugging missing second hand

Usually, the bi-directional bezel and the dial on Mido 5907 represent the watch condition from a long ways off. The dark paint for the dabs, lists, and numbers on the bezels is regularly gone. The dial configuration is sensitive and any blemishes are immediately obvious. I was unable to accept the state of this piece. Decide for yourself — it is practically perfect. At the point when I turned the watch around I could see many minuscule scratches noticeable from standard dealing with. Readily, that recommended the watch had never been cleaned. Adding weight to that speculation was the very much safeguarded jumper figure image and the engraving, “Guaranteed 300m/1000ft”, is obviously visible.

There is just a single secret unsolved until now. The watch in its discovered condition had no focal second hand. At the point when, where, and, first, why it was absent, I don’t have the foggiest idea. It is significantly really puzzling, given the state of the watch. With or without the hand, we chose to offer in the auction.

Auction sovereign time

As several encounters when I lost a great deal due to specialized issues with online sales, this time we chose to go there face to face. Yet, the day the sale was set, I had a significant gathering. You would prefer not to miss a gathering when somebody needs to purchase your company, isn’t that so? I was enticed to drop the gathering, yet my significant other elected to go face to face to Vienna. She should message me all through the sale for continuous updates and to talk about how far we needed to go.

Twenty minutes before I anticipated that the lot should be unloaded, I just got a book from my significant other saying: WE GOT IT! She returned home all smiles. “I took the oar and I sat in the primary column so every one of them realized that I ‘d come to win. I never investigated my shoulder. There were a few people having a go at, remembering one for the telephone, however I was persevering. We can proceed to pick it up next week,” my significant other spouted. She had never been to a watch sell off that or since. #badasswife

Mido 5907 prices

To our pleasure, the bartering passed by very under-the-radar and we handled the piece for half of the value that vendors presently sell it for. A fine quality Mido 5907 piece sells north of €10,000 (without any problem). Better believe it, that is the evidently stunning cost of this Mido watch. At the point when you look at that as a couple of fantastic more can get you an Omega Speedmaster Ed White with the incredible 321 types, it appears to be a stratospheric to pay. I dare say it’s quite possibly the most important Mido observes presently, going before another of my number one Mido watches, the MultiCenterChrono, by miles as far as pricing.


If you’re truly thinking about buying this reference, I do urge you to take a gander at on the Mido 5907. The venture creator Norm is a lovely person, who quietly responded to every one of my inquiries. I urge you to reach him in the event that you have any inquiries identified with the buy. Norm says that the, “Ocean Star reference 5907 was essential for the Ocean Star Series. The “profound jump clock”, as it was brought in Mido showcasing materials, was created with various shading dials, in feet and meters variants, date and no-date, and in enough combinations of strain ring tone and lume plots that a large number of the leftover reference 5907s are apparently interesting in their configuration.”

Mido 5907 MK2

According to the data I found on Norm’s site, my watch can be perceived as the Mk2 model. Norm composes that the Mk1 is effectively conspicuous gratitude to date absent and chronic number situated between the hauls. As indicated by different sources ref. 5907 was presented somewhat later, in 1961 — not in 1959. My model is by all accounts a Mk2 type. Mk2 was delivered 1962–1965 and both chronic numbers and reference numbers are stepped looking into it back.

I need to say that I like the dark dialed form considerably more than the white ones. I likewise favor silver hands rather than brilliant ones, as silver fits the general case feel better, to my eye, at least.

Decompression scale

In the first guidance manual, the Mido 5907 is alluded to as a profound plunge clock. That portrayal relates to the arrangement of brilliant concentric circles that guides the wearer in ascertaining the time stretches expected to decompress for a given profundity and length of the make a plunge minutes. Each circle relates to a jumping profundity, which is shown on the dark foundation at 12 o’clock. There are models that show feet, however I am glad to have landed one in meters. The length of decompression is given by the dark moment hand what slices across the circle relating to the plunging depth.

For model, on the off chance that you need to plunge down to 25 meters underneath the surface, there is no decompression required in the event that you stay submerged under 30 minutes. Suppose you were jumping for 50 minutes in 25 meters profundity, you ought to decompress for 20 minutes. Simple reading.

Special case

It’s no promotion, there are other genuine purposes for the fat sticker price beside those all around referenced. The Mido jumper has a delightful 38mm distance across, adjusting its extents well with present day watches. Coincidentally, have you heard that Mido is delivering a re-version of this precise model? We’re hoping to get a model for an involved survey soon enough, so stay tuned.

The monocoque case that kills water spillage at the rear of the watch is consistently a decent reward. In the event that you check the photos I took during the help, you can perceive how unequivocally fabricated the case is. As indicated by Norm Harris, “the watch is a protected Bernard Taubert front-stacking plan, with the development put for the situation before the crown and winding stem is inserted.”

Special tooling

Some sources may deceive you that an exceptional case opener OceanStart T6 is expected to eliminate and fit the precious stone. A gifted watchmaker can utilize present day instruments to complete the undertaking, so don’t feel restricted by that. However, I admit, in the event that you figure out how to get the opener, it makes for a perfect add-on to your Mido 5907. There are relatively few of them, yet every now and then they reemerge. Watch out on eBay, I got dig for around €100, pressed in a unique sleeve and with all the rings. Psyche that the one measured 30.90mm is the one you need to change precious stone on Mido 5907. There is one .


Speaking about the gem, in the event that you need to be certain you have the correct one, above all else, there ought to be a Mido logo in the center. Like on unique Omega “crystals”. When getting one, be cautious. There are a great deal of them. You need one with a pressure ring. There are standard moment tracks rings, yet you can discover gems with radium plots on the pressure ring. In the event that something goes wrong, I purchased two extra precious stones, one with radium dabs from , and the other I got as a gift from my Instagram watch companion . To make things a bit more complicated, think about the accompanying. I bought two precious stones with indistinguishable unique Mido bundling, checking, and estimating, however one doesn’t have the logo. So I guess some of them with similar boundaries were utilized on other Mido models than the 5907.

Hunting during the time hand

Much more testing than getting a substitution precious stone was finding a focal second hand. All things considered, there are none! Not one single second hand has reemerged over the most recent 365 days! The Mido 5907 Mk2 is controlled by Mido 1137 OC, which is an AS 1717 based development. With and help, we found that all Mido 11xx developments share a similar shaft for the second hand, so I could search additionally past non-existing 5907 wrecks. The recycled’s tail in 5907 is very exceptional and can function as direction on the most proficient method to look for it. I admit I pulled the trigger multiple times. Multiple times the hands were a similar style, however they were excessively short. The last one is longer, yet I think it’s as yet not long enough to arrive at the external moment track. On the off chance that you discover one, kindly, let me know!

Wrist time

Mido 5907 is one of my number one wristwatches. It marks all the cases. In the event that you look through my Instagram feed, you will see it gets more wrist time than a great deal of different watches. It’s vintage, however it doesn’t feel old by any means. I composed a full article about the first Bonklip-style arm band recently. It wears light and comfortable. The erratic yet-immortal dial configuration makes it an ideal summer vintage sports watch, yet I don’t stop for a second to wear it on conventional events. The brilliant decompression time circles are fantastic, the printing is in amazing quality. I never get exhausted contemplating different subtleties, for example, unique, however entirely coordinating hands style, date window, or awe-inspiring holed lugs.

Last however not least…

I disclosed to you this watch is dearest to me as a result of a bigger number of reasons than the irregular manner by which my significant other gained it. Or then again the way that I wore it at my wedding. Today, when I compose this article, it’s by and large a year since we went with my significant other to Vienna to get it. It was a beautiful summer excursion and we had loads of fun that day. I actually had it on my wrist later at night. I actually had it, when my significant other “mentioned” that her water broke not long before 12 PM. As it was five weeks sooner than it should occur, we hopped in the vehicle and hurried to the medical clinic. Quick version, our child young lady is one year today and it was her abrupt appearance that saved me the topic of what watch to wear upon that exceptional night.

I consistently discovered Patek promoting too respectable and somewhat unfortunate. Be that as it may, here I am. All things considered, the day I picked Mido 5907, I truly possessed it. Because of this unforeseen new development inside the following 24 hours after the fact, everything changed. Presently I “merely take care of it for the future”. Since this Mido 5907 “Rainbow”, will assuredly have a place with my girl one day.