When I take a gander at the vintage time-just Omega watches that I own, I see an example. The greater part of them are from the ’50s. They have a bigger 35mm+ case size and a second’s sub-dial at 6. I don’t know why, however I’m just attracted to these watches like this great reference 2639(- 14) with brilliant stardust dial and Dauphine hands.

Today’s subject isn’t my initial 2639. Over time I’ve been gathering watches, I went over a decent couple of models. In any case, I need to say; this is the most wonderful model I have at any point had. There is simply something uncommon about watches with dark dials. Despite the fact that I’m not a major fanatic of gold records and steel cases, it simply functions admirably with this 2639.

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The first thing we ought to do when seeing vintage watches is deciding their ages. In today’s world, this is moderately simple. This reference, the 2639, is a trendy vintage watch because of its size, development, and an enormous assortment of dial variants. While it went to the market in 1949, most 2639 models are from the mid 50s. Type 265 was the primary development Omega sold this watch with. At that point came the type 266, a similar one as I have. Since the watch has a screw-down case back, it was water-impervious to 30m. Not a ton however gives you a touch more insurance in the downpour or while washing hands. This is all I’d do with the watch on. Each illustration of a genuine 2639 that I at any point saw had a steel case. By genuine, I mean no Franken watch. Unfortunately, you see a considerable lot of them.


It is practically difficult to take a gander at eBay and not come across at any rate a modest bunch of 2639s. The watch is all over the place. My watch’s full reference is 2639-14, which shows you the huge number of cycles this model had. Different dial tones, files, and numerals. In any case, it bodes well to look for the full reference before you purchase a 2639. On the off chance that you can discover at any rate one other watch that seems as though yours, odds are you progressed admirably. This is the excellence of the 2639. Regardless of whether you need a splendid dial or dark, records, or numerals, you’ll discover one you like. I like the combination of dark dial and gold raised records. As far as I might be concerned, it offers style to the piece, essentially since both the logo and the lists are applied.


I hate to consider this watch a large. As far as I might be concerned, it isn’t. I discussed the Omega reference 2505 of every one of my prior articles. That one, with its 38mm case, is truly an enormous Omega for now is the ideal time. Some additionally call the Seamaster 2657 a kind sized. That isn’t a lot bigger than the 2639. Be that as it may, because of its thick bezel, the 2657 outwardly looks less than the 2639. The reality of the situation is, the subject of today’s article is around 35.8-36mm wide. Accordingly, it is two or three hundredths of a millimeter more modest than the 2657. 43.1mm long from carry tip to haul tip and, gratitude to its manual breeze type, just 10.5mm thick. All things considered, the 2639 is an extraordinary ordinary watch. Not excessively huge, but rather unmistakable enough. It fits under your sleeves and on the correct tie it looks 1,000,000 bucks.


Knowing when the reference went to the market doesn’t imply that we know when our watch was made. For this, you need to utilize a chronic number outline. All things considered, you can’t be 100% positive of the year except if you demand a With the assistance of said diagrams, notwithstanding, you can decide a harsh creation time span. My 2639 has a chronic number of 13,704, XXX, which puts the watch to 1952.


The type inside the Omega 2639 is the 266. The company created this development in huge numbers and utilized it in a considerable lot of their references. The 266 comes from an exceptionally distinguished family. Its progenitor was the unbelievable type 30. Some of you may part that I assessed an incredible book about this type in the relatively recent past. The 266 is a superior variant of the first 30mm with a lot of upgrades. Much the same as type 30, the 266 is likewise 30mm wide (subsequently its forerunner’s name), it’s a manual breeze with a sub-dial for the seconds at 6. The type has a vph of 18,000 and a force save of 45 hours. The 265s that went into the previous 2639 references were 15-gem, antimagnetic developments. The 266 is likewise antimagnetic yet with a gem check expanded to 17. The 266 is viewed as a workhorse development that is not difficult to service.


Last however not least, we need to discuss the dial a touch more. As I said over, a cool aspect concerning the 2639 is the huge assortment of dials. Omega delivered numerous renditions throughout the long term. Some had straightforward dials with painted lists/numerals. Others were two-tone. Some were two-tone with applied records, etc. The 2639-14 has a dark dial, with applied gold records, numerals (3-9-12), and the Omega logo. Toward the finish of the all-encompassing triangle-shape record, you have radium spots. A similar radium can be found on the gold Dauphine hands. My watch dial built up a stardust-like gold patina. Albeit this looks intriguing, it is a deformity. Or then again, maturing, in any event. The dial plate is normally metal, which has a yellow tone. At the point when the paint begins to chip off, the brad under becomes noticeable, making this energizing effect.


The Omega reference 2639 is a great watch to have. The size is sufficiently contemporary to wear day by day, even on a bigger wrist. The dial is perfect and direct, with unpretentious little subtleties. Accepting you don’t mind the manual breeze development, this watch is a deal. You ought to have the option to get one anyplace between €400-900. Keep in mind, with vintage; inventiveness is above all else. So don’t let the over-cleaned cases and costly lashes fool you. Search for a legit model, regardless of whether the case is scratched up a piece. Pick the tie you need, since it is not difficult to change (on account of penetrated hauls). Moreover, the gem is acrylic, so cleaning or supplanting them is no issue. However long the dial is in acceptable condition, you are acceptable to go.