Please, may I request one Croissant focal chronograph hand for my Patek and two Sword hour hands for my Rolex watches? Goodness, ruler, I additionally need that Pistol hand for my Cartier Tank. Science fiction? Not under any condition. The appealling, imaginative, and energetic French Romaric André, the cerebrums and soul behind seconde/seconde, turns his creativity towards neglected waters.

Besides exceptionally tweaked vintage watches, seconde/seconde began selling carefully restricted runs of brazenly imaginative and deliberately produced watch hands. At whatever point you feel like it, you can introduce these handsets on your preferred vintage watch. Will it ruin the plan of your vintage watch, or actually, will it make it even the more timeless?

seconde/seconde watch hands

This isn’t only some pattern supported trick. As far as I might be concerned, Romaric brings another, exactly planned, and adapted idea into the watch business. Consider it Bamford for vintage watches. Be that as it may, not so much extravagant but rather more aesthetic. A couple of incredibly famous gatherers have just attempted it and cherished it. Very few ventures beginning their journey in the watch business get prompt acknowledgment and exposure. A couple of them, including seconde/seconde, can say that their first-historically speaking client at any point was a heavyweight gatherer. Romaric unassumingly says he “just plays with hands on vintage watches”. Indeed, he does it in an uncommon way. Similar to his first deal ever, directly to William Massena.

“I was at Baselworld a year ago with the initial five genuine watches and many pictures of soon-to-come pieces. A companion acquainted me with William, so I pitched him. Following a couple of moments, I heard him say ‘I’ll take this one’, pointing at ’50s Zenith chrono type 143-6 nicknamed Yugoslavian Air Force .” It took Romaric a couple of days to acknowledge what a vouch he just got. He is as yet in contact with William Massena, who prompts and supports him in his endeavor.

Years of thinking

Romaric has cherished vintage looks for quite a long time, however the principal motivation came three years prior when he began drawing a plain white watch hand on a vintage gold and intensely matured Chronographe Suisse. The differentiation struck him. Since that second his mind was eaten with how to bring another, yet an organized type of imaginativeness to watch hands. On the off chance that you take a gander at the site cautiously, you’ll comprehend that Romaric would not like to be only some astounding watch hands provider for irregular watch alterations. He regards the plan of vintage observes an excessive amount to just shame it. Hence, each hand is independently intended for a specific watch model. Another hand mirrors the watch character and attempts to upgrade the first plan with extra diletantish experience.

With all due respect

“I needed to discover the reason for the entirety of this. I needed to discover the connection between craftsmanship, the expected blasphemy and deferential tribute,” that is the manner by which Romaric clarifies the basic beliefs of his plan approach. He is mindful that he challenges a 50+ or 60+ years old aesthetical equilibrium. As an image of regard to the first magnificence, he never discards the industrial facility fit hands. He securely and initially stores them and executes them into the story as well as into the bundling. I loved it when Romaric said that he permits “watch hands to trade for inconclusive times of time”. Meaning, that it is consistently up on watch proprietor, which hand gets the prime time.

Romaric’s hunt of the best item quality for his thought carried him to the entryway of the solitary watch hands make left in the French Jura. It is a family-worked business since 1907, presently in the possession of the fourth era. As it navigated different industry emergencies, it saw all the high points and low points of current watchmaking. “At the point when the family previously heard my solicitations for hand crafts in such low amounts, their first response resembled Who the f**k is this insane guy?!”, Romaric depicts his first experience with the manufacturers.

When producing a watch hand, critical boundaries to get right are mass, equilibrium, and idleness. The main thing is to change the plan to be in fact protected and not to upset those rules excessively. For every type they need to recognize the length and breadth of the watch hand tube. “We are working at +/ – 3 microns here. When the cushion printing is done, you begin to test the watch hand on its type and screen the watch on a plentifulness, rate, beat blunder, and force save. It’s deliberate during a full cycle and in various positions, just to be certain the “new” watch hand zeroly affects the way the watch works.”

No rules

I was interested to know whether it is a watch-hand thought or “benefactor” observe first simultaneously. “No rules. It can happen the two different ways,” Romaric clarifies. I can just envision how tedious (and costly) it must be source the ideal vintage watches. I’m in contact with Romaric for very nearly a year now and it consequently did not shock get familiar with half a month prior that he needs to zero in considerably more on watch-hands creation in the months to come. Follow the seconde/seconde Instagram and you have a safe stream of heavenly imaginative motivation. Incidentally, commonly I am dumbfounded at the degree of workmanship course and elaboration of his posts. It is energy, devotion, and creativity at its best.

Impossible to pick simply one

His hand for the Patek or his new creation for Heuer with a throb dial carried grins to my face. Romaric likewise immediately responded to with his formation of the for the alert JLC Memovox marked Dunhill. The watch hand I would immediately go for would be the seconde/seconde for Cartier Tank. Regardless of whether it’s selling pre-prepared curated watches with new hands or simply the watch hands alone, I see brilliant days ahead for seconde/seconde. I think it is simply an issue of time until Romaric additionally “hand-bombs” some new deliveries, for example, the most recent Rolex GMT or even the Omega Speedmaster.

There is certifiably not a solitary watch on the planet Romaric wouldn’t set out to change a hand on. “Since I simply supplant the watch hands, I don’t feel like I’m being ruinous and in this manner I would dare change any watch in the event that I have a feeling that it bodes well.” He previously had a few clients requesting that he do strange handset plans on watches they love. “I won’t ever plan a hand that doesn’t bode well for me.”

Great coaches along the way

Twelve years prior, Romaric helped to establish a company that delighted in the honor of having Richard Mille as a Board-part for quite a long while. Romaric appreciated the vision that RM had for his image. Mille’s experience, and his comprehension of the entire very good quality watch industry in each angle, was an incredible assistance to the youthful business person. “What struck me more than anything was Richard’s solid won’t to copy what has been finished by others. Both regarding item and the business,” Romaric reveals a touch of the story behind his image with RM I discovered on the web. He gained from the best in the business. What’s more, he educated well.


I’ve quit tallying the quantity of individuals I told about the seconde/seconde site. The symbolism, narrating account, jargon, and resonance is an exceptional illustration of how it ought to be finished. A couple of snaps are sufficient to build up brand quality and fascination. At the point when I was unpacking the Omega Seamaster Cousteau, I was however captivated as I seemed to be right around a year prior when I originally found out about seconde/seconde. I in a real sense needed to pack the watch back up after I unpacked it, just to have a similar encounter once more. I’ve never done that with any past watch.

You needn’t bother with extravagant materials or cowhide boxes. Romaric dropped off all the bundling banalities, for example, brand books and guidance manuals. Utilizing a piece of cardboard, two pieces of paper and a couple of bolts he made a moderate, yet noteworthy and “rich” introduction kit.

Omega Seamaster Cousteau

Omega Seamaster 2759-7SC 2761 from 1956 resembles it’s shiny new. The matured dial gives it colossal allure. A marginally smoky impact makes the dial seem as though a totally level concrete divider. In the event that you look nearer, you will spot two fundamentally more splendid three-sided consumes at the ten minutes to six position. I pull out the crown to make the hands turn gradually. At the point when the hands arrive at the position, the consumed spots impeccably duplicate the hands shape and take cover behind them. There is no uncertainty this Seamaster was saved immaculate for years.

The tooling costs, the complicated set-up cycles for exact cutting, tube fitting and cushion printing are normally limited to enormous volume clumps. “With me, there is no volume, simply overly restricted clusters from 1 to 20 pieces. I struggled disclosing to them that I was on the selective and refined side of the industry.”

Bi-metallic harmony

The 34mm case in width is very gigantic and shockingly spotless. While you normally see many minuscule scratches, this piece is perfect and new. What you see is a Seamaster at its most oversimplified excellence. I nearly feel regretful for thinking about whether I like bi-metallic plans. The pale gold hands, hour lists, and applied Omega logo in a perfect world match the steel case, gun crown, and cold-dark matured dial. What’s more, here we come. Burgundy fine calfskin tie and a supplanted second hand in the shape and shade of Cousteau cap.

Is it a hand?

That is really another point. Hands by seconde/seconde as Romaric plans them are frequently not hands in the exemplary feeling of the word. It is another educated article that crowns the watch and gives it an altogether new profundity. Or then again stature for this situation, as it sits on top of the hands sandwich. Each and every time I checked the time, I was certain that the watch halted. With the second hand, heartbroken — “second cap” being so short, you should center for a couple of moments to see it turning. It doesn’t obliterate the first Seamaster polish for me. It’s a similar Seamaster as in the past, just better.

It’s savvy, innovative, and challenging. Simultaneously, it is delicate and feels humble. It makes me think, it motivates and interests me. I considered the hand-fabricate subtleties under the loupe ordinarily and was astounded at how exact, voluminous, and luxuriously shaded the cap is. I wouldn’t make it a hair greater, nor more modest. The size is just about right not to get lost or upset. Dark frameworks offset with the dark Omega composing above, and the dark Seamaster underneath. All lines are similarly thick and focal his for all intents and purposes imperceptible with the expectation of complimentary look. I just went through two minutes contemplating what might I have done any other way. Likely nothing.

Last thoughts

If you gather observes adequately long, you realize that heartbreaking hand trades slaughter the watch immediately. At the point when you come across a revolting Frankenstein watch you can feel in a second that something is off. What seconde/seconde does is light years from modest watch adjustments. I accept what Romaric accomplished is the capacity to save the finesse of a unique plan while giving it another elaborate and logical level. I’m purchased in and it’s simply an issue of time until I land one of his manifestations. Each and every plan that he presents keeps me increasingly locked in. Sit tight for a couple of fruitful joint efforts with current brands and if the brand picks right, twenty years from now we may have another Urwerk-sort of story.


Omega Seamaster with a Cousteau beanie  /10 laptops restricted release/€3,400

Rolex Sword Hand/30 laptops restricted release/€330