Welcome to my bad dream, also called the Seiko 7002 jumper. I’m just not entirely serious, however understand that this article and the watch you see here is similar to the third piece of a set of three where, up until the last scene, it looked as though the hero was bound to fall flat. What’s more, exactly when the saint (that would be me) kills the evil presence, the credits roll and we discover that the devil has a younger sibling. Befuddled at this point? In watch terms, it took me three attempts at purchasing 7002’s to at last get a decent apparently unique one. And afterward, during the photograph go for this story, I dropped it onto a stone rock from in any event 2 meters high… moan. Fortunately, the watch is fine beside a pleasant scar over its crown, yet I deviate. We should discuss the Seiko 7002 jumper, its place in Seiko jumper history and by and large watch culture.

We’ve not actually covered the Seiko 7002 jumper top to bottom here on Fratello Watches. Truth be told, I halted barely shy of referencing the 7002 of every a article recording the entirety of the vintage Seiko jumpers on the grounds that I zeroed in on pieces presented up until generally 1980.   Therefore, with regards to programmed jumpers, we halted with the Seiko 6309 “Turtle”. The Turtle was produced using 1976 until 1982. In 1982, Seiko presented the 6309-7290, which persisted the development complete with day/date work, yet acquired a slimmer case that is still with us today as the notorious SKX007. In case you’re following along, this case style really appeared on a quartz jumper in the last part of the 70’s, the darling 7548. At any rate, in 1988, Seiko chose to end creation of the 6309 arrangement of developments and supplanted this watch with the Seiko 7002 and its 7000-arrangement of developments. We’ll never really know why Seiko did the switch, yet a glance at the development shows stepped versus machined parts, significantly more plastic, and more affordable wrapping up. Indeed, it appears as though Seiko was feeling the squeeze. The day work was likewise a loss of this development presentation, yet more on that later.   The 7002 was delivered from 1988 until 1996.

One of the incredible purchaser’s references on the Seiko 7002 jumper actually exists from 2009 on . It’s one of only a handful few matured watch directs that has stood the trial of time. On the off chance that you look through the extensive posting, you will take note of that there were many 7002 variations. The watch began as a 150m jumper and advanced into a more powerful 200m instrument in particular because of changes in development around its precious stone. The adaptation I at last bought is a 7002-700J variation, which was JDM just and accompanied the super cool blurred Pepsi-style bezel you see here. It additionally varies from certain forms by containing the gem rely on the dial. It was conveyed on a later OEM elastic lash, yet I chose to fit a comfortable more seasoned and clatter tie Seiko celebration. Regardless, we’ll absolutely center around this variation of the 7002.  The guide I’ve referenced is thorough and furthermore gives an incredible outline of the numerous entanglements to consider when directing a quest for one of these pieces.

Here are only a portion of the examples…  When it comes to the Seiko 7002 jumper, there are forms with dark bezels, Pepsi bezels, 150m, and 200m profundity ratings.  There are level bezel embeds, internally calculated additions, and out and out mistaken bezels.  Case backs changed throughout the long term and there are heap dials.  There are laods of phony dials too that contain unmitigatedly wrong dial codes and afterward there are those that contain the right verbiage, yet the text style is obviously not original.  Lume is specific on the 7002 as well.  First, it doesn’t completely cover the lume plots (not odd for Seiko) and it’s known to be of lesser quality when compared to the models when it. It regularly turns dark and a little grainy like you see here.  Apparently, brilliant green is a decent tell that something has been altered.  What I’ve momentarily referenced are only a couple of the expected risks to consider when searching for a 7002.  Trust me, do your perusing previously or you can really wind up with a watch that is a combination of a wide range of unique and secondary selling 7002’s.  These watches frequently lived in muggy conditions, so harmed pieces were habitually split for their salvageable parts.

So, how could I discover this exceptionally model? Truth be told, I just needed a right one and keeping in mind that that probably won’t seem like a difficult task, it very well may be with the 7002. The 7002 could be considered as the grandpappy of modder watches. Retain or have the previously mentioned direct opened in one window and afterward head over to eBay and have a gander. I’d bet that 99% of the watches are either vigorously modded or have post-retail parts intended to look unique. For an economical neo-vintage watch that was created in genuine numbers, finding a unique 7002 is undeniably more troublesome than it ought to be. My initial 7002 wasn’t altered, however it was so seriously beat up that my watchmaker discarded it – really. (To be reasonable, it was modest to such an extent that I ought to have known.) He additionally commented that 7002 developments were expendable in his eyes and that Seiko truly lost the plot. After around 5 years, I swam once again into the pool. My second 7002 looked extraordinary from a remote place (the pics were bad) and was about $100. It runs delightfully, however it’s a mishmash of a wide range of 7002’s. Along these lines, at last, the third time was the charm.

Aside from wanting to possess at any rate one agent illustration of each significant jumper from the Japanese brand, there was another explanation that I needed to get a Seiko 7002 jumper. That reason was and still is Gerard. Some of you may know Gerard from his long periods of claiming a watch shop (he’s had some genuine pearls over the long haul), yet you should know something different about him. He’s somewhat of a whimsical and if RADwood at any point advances toward the Netherlands, he’d probably be a member. Regardless of whether it’s 90’s Saabs, a mid-aughts Ducati Multistrada, or a Breitling Pluton, Gerard is presumably a proprietor or intrigued. He loves longshots and therefore, I surmise he loves the Seiko 7002 and he’s built up a propensity for discovering them for a tune. Additionally, he’s really laid back about if they’re unique. Whatever the case, I’m reprimanding it on him for my excursion to locate a nice one.

Perhaps because of its expense cutting nature, the Seiko 7002 jumper lingers behind other resigned plunge watches from the brand in cost, however I discover this to be somewhat of a disgrace. The exclusion of the day wheel really gives the 7002 one of the cleaner searches inside the whole order. There’s next to no to divert the eye and I basically think that its more adjusted than the later SKX007 or prior 6309-7290. Credit the thin 12:00 marker just as essential rectangular lists at every hour for adding to the great clean looks too. This model has kept its lume fit as a fiddle – Seiko was looking for trouble with its Lumibrite right now, as most turn grayish – particularly if dampness enters the fight. Bring a peer down at the base of the dial or on the wave decorated case back and you’ll see the “Daini” production line lightning jolt. This 7002 was made in 1994 and that must be toward the finish of Seiko embellishing their watches with the production line images we appreciate such a great amount on vintage models.

At 41mm in distance across, 45mm long and 13mm thick, the Seiko 7002 jumper is especially comfortable. It feels strong, yet combined with the lightweight arm band; it’s phenomenal on the wrist – agile and like your number one sets of loafers (or maybe white St. Laurent terry material slides in case you’re our watchmaker Paul). Like most Seiko’s – particularly those that are vintage – it gets eyes and many believe it’s something undeniably more extraordinary. I’ve likewise discovered this as of late adjusted 7002 to keep extraordinary time – even after the fall! Like most Seiko’s, the 7002 can’t be handwound, yet it includes a fast set date when hauling the screw-down crown out to the principal stop. Similarly, the uni-directional bezel clicks with consoling solidity.

Like I referenced, finding a genuinely left alone Seiko 7002 jumper can be a genuine errand. All things considered, when a respectable one is discovered, enjoy the way that they regularly still expense not exactly another (old stock?) SKX007. At $150-250 for a very much arranged model, I think about this as a genuine deal and with the proceeded with ascend in fame of more established Seiko’s, costs will clearly keep on rising. In case you’re after a running model that may have essentially had its wabi’d hands or messed up bezel embed supplanted, 7002’s can frequently be found at swap meets or on spots like Craigslist for just $50. Simply request Garage Sale Gerard as he’s discovered a number from cool crude pieces that, while not entirely right, give a high “grins per mile” feeling. I’ve seen him pair a wide range of provincial lashes with these similarly endured watches and they punch well over their weight class looks wise.

The Seiko 7002 jumper is a commendable expansion to your vintage jumper assortment. It’s going downhill enough that most have built up a pleasantly matured look. Additionally, without a day show, it’s one of Seiko’s cleaner plans. Lastly, as we’ve referenced over and again, there’s a quick fix to be had here if the excitement of the chase for an appropriate one is your pack. Trust me, however, get your work done prior to purchasing, and maybe you will not need to go through three pieces prior to finding the correct example. Until sometime later…

Seiko 7002 Diver: Pepsi or not?