Today on #TBT we’ll take a gander at the Seiko Sportsmatic 427980. While it’s not a milestone piece at all, it addresses a fascinating change with regards to the brand’s history.

The Seiko Sportsmatic 427980 isn’t an especially celebrated or collectible watch. It does not have a moniker or a relationship with a person or thing acclaimed. All things considered, I’d characterize it as an exceptionally appealing vintage watch with some light donning expectation. Furthermore, it simply ends up taking up a little corner in Seiko history.

The Sportsmatic 427980 – A Transitional Watch

The Sportsmatic 427980 that sits before you was created in 1964. That’s an intriguing year with regards to Seiko records essentially in light of the fact that it denoted an adjustment in the model naming framework. Basically, Seiko changed from numbers, frequently went before by a “J” to a 8 digit design cut up by a hyphen. The old configuration was simply a number and gave no data on the movement.

Other things additionally changed as of now like the logo. Models like the 6217 “62MAS” introduced the utilization of the square content that’s still in play today. More seasoned models utilized cursive content, an assortment of text styles, and even images to connote the Seiko name. Maybe the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics roused Japanese companies to modernize. In any case, the Sportsmatic 427980 comes off as somewhat of a holdout because of its old logo and content. To more readily show the distinction, see the 1967 Sportsmatic 6619 above close to today’s subject.

A Watch with Modern Proportions

While I’ve characterized the Seiko Sportsmatic 427980 as antiquated compared to the progressions at the brand, it’s really anything other than. This pure piece comes in at a delightful 37mm in width and has a haul to drag of 44mm. That’s not tremendous by today’s principles, but rather it’s certainly wearable. Not at all like mid 1960’s watches, this one complements its 30 meter water “proof” guarantee with lively, to some degree thick, lugs.

And then there’s the wristband. We frequently rebuke current Seiko arm bands, yet I previously discovered most 1970s contributions to be sharp, depilatory, and cheapish. that’s not the situation on the 427980. It’s a top notch Oyster plan with removable connections and a clever snap fasten. Seiko opposed marking the exterior of the catches in nowadays, yet there’s a cool little logo on the underside of one of its parts.

A Crisp, Clean Dial with Beautiful Details

What truly attracted me to the Seiko Sportsmatic 427980 was its dial. That seems like a typical motivation to purchase a watch, however us Seiko nerds frequently accept only for specialized reasons. This watch has a shiny white dial that, beside some text style and a day/date marker, is damn close to purge. It’s out and out inadequate, particularly to its left side half. Seiko made a ton of dress watches during this period with comparable looks and applied gem like files. I genuinely view those as excessively resplendent for my taste, however this one made me excited a few reasons.

I love the applied “Seiko 5” shield, the waterproof assertion, and the non-coordinating day and date wheels. The entire thing simply comes off as cool and all around planned in my view. At the point when one stages away, it’s ideal to imagine that somebody probably invested such a lot of energy considering the composition of what could’ve been one more mysterious dress watch.

A Glorious Case Back

If you’re a detail dog, you’ll appreciate the other characteristic that made them go after my wallet. The Sportsmatic 427980 has a superb case back that embodies a ton of what Seiko was doing at that point. This one actually has its defensive blue sticker — the watch isn’t NOS, however shows more “drawer” wear than all else — yet see that case back! The Dolphin is simply wonderful similar to the substituting matte to cleaned completing around it (the Dolphin was likewise on the 62MAS). These engravings weren’t profoundly engraved and discovering one like this is troublesome. In the event that just for the state of the snapback, I needed to have it. I like the profoundly engraved scenes frequently found on watches today, yet I do yearn for the basic magnificence found on a watch like this.

A Unique Movement

I’ve not eliminated the situation back of the Seiko Sportsmatic 427980, however we can in any case discuss the development. Here we have the Seikosha 7606a programmed is on timekeeping obligation. It’s a 23 gem development that can’t be hand wound — recall, this is a Seiko 5. Maybe the most curious thing about it is that it utilizes two crowns. The typical time-setting crown is at 4 o’clock and it’s horrendously little to utilize — once more, Seiko needed you to set it and fail to remember it. At 3 o’clock, we have a peculiarity that endured from 1964 – 1967 during the creation of the 7606a.

When the crown is discouraged, the date changes quickly. It’s an unusual band-aid arrangement from Seiko. Developments like the 6217 during the 62MAS utilized a common crown wind to propel the date. Seiko appeared to support the press button arrangement, however, as they would later bring it into a solitary crown that dealt with time setting and date (and later, even the day) setting. Once more, this doesn’t make the 427980 too exceptional, however I like to gather the advancement of things and this is a decent example.

Finding a Sportsmatic 427980 and Final Thoughts

I sourced this Sportsmatic 427980 from Japan and I think it cost some place in the domain of $150. They’re not excessively common, but rather I have seen a couple of appear available to be purchased in this value range. There are some comparable models utilizing this development and I’ve additionally seen gold plated forms. Whatever you pick, if the watch is working and just requires a light help, it’s difficult to lose at these costs. As said, this isn’t a milestone Seiko plan or model, yet it addresses extraordinary incentive alongside a perfect little cut of development in the brand’s history.