I thought of the thought for this article right around two years ago. Whenever I spotted something bizarre that has a place with this class, I saved it. A week ago I finally shortlisted the TOP 10 craziest seconds hands I’ve seen (up until now). Tell us which models you would add to this rundown in the comments segment below.

It’s presumably nothing unexpected to discover that a couple of odd-ball brands have made it onto this rundown. Oddly, nonetheless, you more settled (and regularly more traditionalist brands, for example, Longines Citizen additionally show up. Close by some “classic” focal seconds hands, I’ve several curves for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Sicura Satellite

“It’s humongous,” my significant other says investigating my shoulder. While she abhors is, I love it. We kick off our rundown with a piece that could undoubtedly close the mouths of all the pleased Instagram posts flaunting watches with enormous bolt hands. All things considered, take a gander at this and reveal to me it’s not the greatest bolt hand you have at any point seen. This is quite a watch with huge loads of demeanor. Search for one: they come in more case shapes and dial tones. Either with a white or an orange seconds hand. Terrible wonderful to the max.

Timex Heinz Ketchup seconds hand

Remember that minuscule fella we included a year ago in the #TBT segment? In the event that you understand that in the mid 1960s, one out of three watches sold in the USA was a Timex, such a joint effort will not shock you. Albeit this piece, similar to the Sicura before it, does not have a fascinating inside, the printing quality is high and the visual is extremely engaging and unique. With a 33mm in width, 19 of 20 authorities would dismiss the Timex Heinz Ketchup as a modest style accomplice to light up a child’s school day, however I like it anyway.

Longines Nonius Flyback

Let’s change to some genuine gadgetry now. While €50 would be sufficient for a Timex Heinz, you need to toss in an extra €3,000 for a Longines with a genuine posh development and an unordinary chronograph hand that can quantify down to 1/10 of a second. We don’t have a lot of room to portray all the tech behind this piece, yet perusing it is very simple.

The bended scale on the chronograph hand is spread out so whichever digit from zero to nine that adjusts impeccably against one of the hashes on the external track would demonstrate the specific 1/10 of a second inside that marker. You can discover the Nonius hand in red or orange. The wild lopsidedness of the bended expansion intrigues me each time I take a gander at it.

Benrus Dial-O-Rama

It’s been perched on my list of things to get for a long while now. Be that as it may, I am searching for a particular plan with a punctured upper portion of the dial, while the base part stays a spotless white. I saw it just twice as of late, however both were somewhat harmed. This is the sort of watch you need to land in an immaculate condition. A hopping hour in the top window, brief plate directly under it.

Now comes the excellence — the focal turning seconds hand plate as a sparkling star on a dark foundation. We’ll skirt the reality you’re not ready to peruse the exact second and spotlight on the general plan that could without much of a stretch pass as the shield plan of the following Marvel hero.

Medana Running Seconds

A watch for gatherers with the best taste. It comes with a generally temperamental chamber escapement, however the combination of the smaller than expected computerized date and seconds appeared on the running circle is deadly. It’s elusive it today, particularly immaculate. In any event you can peruse an audit of this magnificence on Fratello . It traces all the way back to the 1930s, which may clarify its extraordinariness. On the off chance that you spot one lying around at a sale, snatch it. The running seconds circle is mesmerizing.

Ordiam Sub 200

The sub-dial hands are liable for the enduring pound I have on this watch. The hand in the moment sub-dial has a bolt shape and the hand in seconds sub-dial has a rectangular tip. Both are little however excessively fat. I like how innovative, striking, and trying they are. Notice that at 15, 30, and 45, the number is readable through the window.

Citizen Jet Rookie

Citizen is my main competitor on the off chance that you need to become mixed up in various executions of a particular model. That is the reason I will avoid the subtleties of the reference and simply center around what we see. I saw the Jet Rookie ordinarily, yet just once it sprung up before me with a stream image imprinted on the straightforward pivoting circle as a seconds hand. It is a pleasant touch that imitates a flying jet.

Sheffield or LeJour window seconds hand

…and few additional brands including the Landeron 189 type. For what reason do I love it to such an extent? Since it was the first run through I saw a date and chronograph incorporated with the two complications regarded. The window made in the focal chrono hand impeccably outlines a date situated under 12 o’clock. A utilitarian methodology that accomplishes intriguing and strange style eventually. A couple of models are even fitted with a crystal with a magnifying glass over it. Unadulterated class. You got it, it’s on my rundown too.

JLC Futurematic bolt seconds hand

I missed it multiple times over the most recent three years. In particular, the opportunity to purchase this piece in steel got past me. Two windows are estimated, put, and styled such that just science fiction films from the last part of the 1950s might have done. Rather than the seconds hand, there is a turning plate with a straightforward long bolt printed across it. No different tracks or markings, however you know precisely how to understand it. I as of late saw it in gold on my watchmaker’s work area and I need to reveal to you it was comparable to the steel one. Time to take one…

Prim Sport

Do you marvel to whom that amusing face has a place? Indeed, that is me. My fluffy phizog is revolving around the dial of a watch talented to me by my watchmaker (additionally called Tomas). He discovered perhaps the most sought after neighborhood jumpers from the 1960s for me, the Prim Sport. He dismantled the development, left it to be plated, and made a straightforward case back so I could see my name engraved on the bridge.  On the dial, he utilized the specific framework as the Timex Heinz Ketchup or Citizen Jet Rookie use. Tomas said it was a serious test to cut and warmth the plate so it fit consummately. I surmise there isn’t anyone, aside from my better half, that would want a jumpers watch with my face on it. Which is acceptable, as there is nevertheless one model in the world.