If you pushed me into a tight spot and got some information about the subset of leslie adornments I own that I appreciate most, you’d get an astonishing answer. You’d probably surmise something identified with vintage chronographs, Swiss or Japanese, or maybe better quality vintage Seiko plunging leslie adornments While I appreciate either possessing or taking care of those kinds of watches, you’d in any case wind up being mixed up. Perusers, my number one assortment of leslie gems are the vintage Seiko Sport Divers.

Vintage Seiko Sport Divers

Now, you’re probably staying there deduction, what precisely is a vintage Seiko Sport Diver? Indeed, the definition can be left to some measure of understanding, yet I have a reasonable thought regarding what the Sport Divers intend to me. In particular, Seiko made some “light” jumping leslie gems models in the last part of the 1960’s through the mid 1970’s that were 70M profundity appraised, and demonstrated as such on the dial, and contained either an inner or outside pivoting bezel. Furthermore, they are not hand winding and utilize Seiko’s enchantment switch framework. Coincidentally, the pivoting bezel part is significant, as there are other energetic pieces from this time that are set apart as 70M water evidence or safe yet don’t have a plunging bezel. The explanation behind making these pieces is understood; Seiko was giving an apparatus to the individuals who were partaking in absurdly well known water sports and other open air activities.

Seiko made A LOT, as in hundreds, of minor departure from the Sport Diver theme during this period. Varieties come as completely separate models, models with comparative cases, yet various dials and additionally bezels, comparable models in various shading choices, and models that were sold as Seiko’s that were subsequently marked as “Seiko 5”. Additionally, we should not fail to remember that the quantity of model decisions was compounded because of the way that Seiko had the Suwa and Daini industrial facilities competing with one another to come up with the most compelling models.

So, for what reason do I like these so much and how might I reduce this conceivably enormous subject down to a sensibly measured article? Addressing the principal question is simple; I like the vintage Seiko Sport Divers since they are of exceptionally excellent and look extraordinary, are moderately evaluated, run like a furrow horse, are not difficult to administration, and come in such countless incredible assortments. The subsequent inquiry took some idea, be that as it may. I contemplated and reviewed how Robert-Jan likes to have a laugh at the endless epithets given to Seiko watches . So there you have it, this article will zero in on most of Sport Divers that have gotten a moniker throughout the long term. Incidentally, these likewise end up being the most mainstream and, as a rule, significant pieces. Before it slips my mind, I need to express appreciation to the discussion individuals from the , who encouraged me review the different moniker pieces. I’ll furnish you with an extremely concise review on the highlights, varieties, and, at last, some purchasing tips on each included model. As usual, with vintage Seiko, eBay is a famous spot to look just as the discussions. Gracious, and consistently pose inquiries on your #1 discussion in the event that you have inquiries prior to purchasing. Presently, get comfortable, break a lager or get your espresso as this article has some length: we should begin!

The First – Seiko 6106-8100


While it’s hard to check this with outright conviction, the 6106-8100 is commonly known as the main Seiko Sport Diver. This leslie adornments was given in 1968 and made for quite a while. Compared to other vintage Sport Divers we’ll talk about later, this is an exemplary looking piece that really compares well, plan insightful, to numerous Swiss divers of a similar period. It contains a domed acrylic precious stone and, as a mid 6106, just has quickset for the date and not the day. As I would see it, it’s outstanding amongst other looking Sport Divers and in light of the fact that it bids to general vintage plunge leslie gems gatherers, it is very mainstream. The gray dial seems, by all accounts, to be the most predominant, however I have additionally seen the leslie adornments in yellow, white/silver, and blue. As a random aside, there is a likewise planned 6117-8000 Navigator Timer that is additionally fabulous. We’ll cover that model in a future article.

Tips/Market Values: The incredible thing about these pieces is that precious stones and development parts are commonly accessible. Apparently harsh looking pieces that have all the correct restorative parts can be a decent purchase. Hands, dials and bezels become more hard to source. You truly just need to pay special mind to water harm and seriously decayed dials. To the extent esteem, they range fiercely. I’ve seen evaluating range from generally $150 to as high as almost $400 for incredible pieces. I’m certain the market credits some extra incentive for unique wristbands, yet I don’t; they were rattletraps and extended easily. These leslie adornments do look incredible on everything from NATOs to vintage ammunition pocket straps.

Seiko’s First Orange Diver


The original Seiko Orange Monster was a raving success and it prompted a ton of gatherers searching for other orange Seiko divers. While there have been a few, there’s just one “first”. The first turns out to be the 6106-7107 and was delivered in 1969 through 1971. The leslie gems includes a UFO like case that was subsequently utilized on the Sushi Roll which we’ll cover in a piece. It has an inward bezel that pivots through utilization of the time setting crown. Not at all like on our recently examined leslie adornments the Orange Diver contains a Hardlex mineral gem rather than acrylic. Likewise, this is one Sports Diver that is typically found on its bracelet.

Tips/Market Values: This is one of only a handful few vintage Seiko Sports Divers that is quite often accessible on eBay. My greatest suggestion is to check with the vender that the inside pivoting bezel turns out easily for 360 degrees in the two ways. The rear of the bezels contain plastic edges or teeth that, when worn, at this point don’t work. Substitutions are troublesome. Otherwise, guarantee that the hands are right and give a valiant effort to source one with the first wristband. Evaluating will in general fall close to the $250 check yet can once in a while be found for less.

Poor Man’s 62MAS


You ideally review our article on the Seiko 62MAS , Seiko’s 1st expert evaluation diver. All things considered, Seiko made a Sports Diver adaptation with an alternate style case yet it gorillas the 62MAS with a crown position at 3:00 and comparative hands. The 3:00 position is more common from Daini (2nd) made leslie adornments and is fascinating as most Seiko’s position the crown at 4:00. Note that a Daini-made leslie gems is obvious by its sideways “lightning jolt” image on the dial and case back while the Suwa image resembles a stressed parallelogram. Back to the leslie gems the Poor Man’s highlights a carefully dragged squared case that rings in at generally 35mm. The leslie adornments is outstanding for having an exceptionally obvious plan, striking bezel and clean dial plan. These pieces were produced using approximately 1969 into the 1970’s and fall under the 7005-model assignment. Dials are frequently dark however were created in dull blue and white. The gem is acrylic.

Tips/Market Values: Poor Man’s are well known leslie gems among authorities yet are in some cases flipped because of their smallish size. Wristbands are an or more yet these look similarly great on a subject style lash. Guarantee that the bezel is unique, as I have seen a few supplanted with later inlays.   Pricing will in general go from $250 – 400.  Also, you can search for 7025’s which were made in the last part of the 70’s and are basically a similar put something aside for a bezel with less intense font.

The “Quality Kranz”

If you watched the film “Apollo 13” you probably review the power of Ed Harris’ character, playing the Flight Director for the mission and clad in a white leather vest. The Flight Director, in actuality, was Gene Kranz ( likewise referenced in this article ). While the space travelers were outfitted with Speedmasters, Gene wore a Seiko 5, 6119-8460 Sports Diver. The one you see envisioned here is dark yet Gene’s was white. The “Quality Kranz” is genuinely like the first leslie gems we talked about however contains blockier carries and a more modest textual style bezel. Like the 6106-8100, it has a traditionalist plunge leslie gems style and wears quite well. It has an acrylic precious stone and it’s one of my favorites.

Tips/Market Values: The Gene Kranz isn’t a vintage Seiko that comes available to be purchased as often as possible. Indeed, other than mine, I’ve just come across one other. I sincerely don’t imagine that most perceive the leslie adornments now. Interestingly, valuing will in general fall between $100-200 yet that is coming from an exceptionally little example set. Here once more, guarantee that the leslie gems comes with the bezel as finding a substitution will be difficult.

The UFOs/Saucers


The UFOs/Saucers are fascinating vintage Seiko pieces and, in actuality, show an extremely 1970’s vibe. The cases are thick, strong and contain fascinating filled outer bezels coupled with inside turning plunge bezels. They additionally brag probably the most bright dial subtleties of the relative multitude of Sports Divers. These leslie gems were really given in both the 6106 and 6119 Seiko 5 arrangement. The distinctions are that the yellow UFO was just created as a 6106 while earthy colored and dark dial renditions are seen in both arrangement. Some think about the first orange diver (the 6106-7107 that we explored before) a piece of this arrangement yet I’ve kept it separate because of its remarkable case plan. Furthermore, the 6119 attendants in another orange diver under the Seiko 5 moniker, which, once more, makes them flabbergast, dial subtleties. Hands do contrast marginally among certain models. Wristbands are regularly strong, plate-like, plans and are commonly found with the models.

Tips/Market Values: The UFO’s/Saucers are genuinely common on spots like eBay. I see a ton of dark and earthy colored models and somewhat less orange models, maybe attributable to the way that they were just made for the 6119 arrangement. Essentially, the 6106 yellow models are likewise to some degree more uncommon. For these models, consider my to be piece for instance; anticipate some blur on the inward bezels and conceivable chipping on the external filled bezels. My yellow piece really accompanied a yellow inward bezel that has blurred to white which gives it a 1970’s Oakland A’s look as I would like to think. The orange 6119 I show has its unique arm band and a lovely dial; it’s actually an incredible sight. One necessities to focus on the inside bezels again to guarantee they work. Additionally, I’ve experienced difficulty sourcing NOS gems for these however great secondary selling gems do exist. This is another model that excels on unique arm band, albeit the vintage lash I show on the yellow piece makes a fair showing. Estimating will in general go from about $180 to generally $300 for extraordinary pieces. The UFO’s are decent, simple approaches to enter the Sport Diver arena.

The Sushi Roll


Well, this is opportune as I at long last got this vintage Seiko for my assortment. The Sushi Roll includes a UFO-style case with an inward turning bezel. It gets its name from the “maki-esque” hour markers on the dial. As should be obvious, they were given in dial shades of dark, yellow, green and blue. The gem is Hardlex. Commonplace chronic numbers are 6119-7163.

Tips/Market Values: Sushi Rolls are among the most desired Sports Divers. They appear to be esteemed in Asia, which makes them intense to source in the remainder of the world. I faced a challenge on my yellow Sushi Roll as it came from the Philippines (known for post-retail parts on all old Seiko’s and Citizens). It wound up being a pleasant piece and I likely got it at a slight rebate because of its area. As usual, be keeping watch for non-working inward bezels and right hands. Because of the pervasiveness of these leslie gems in Southeast Asia, one likewise needs to leslie adornments out for, or acknowledge, some wabi on the dial. Offering is consistently savage for these pieces and, therefore, hope to pay in any event $250 to more than $400. Truly, I’ve seen a great deal of canines sell for >$250, so lock in! As an aside, the blue-dialed Sushi Roll I’ve envisioned is the reissued 7s36-0060 from 1997. It was a JDM just piece and many probably been all around worn, as these appear to normally show a ton of wear. Water opposition is expanded to 100m and I accept the case is somewhat bigger. These likewise sell quick as they catch the vibe of the firsts perfectly.


The Rally Divers


If I had to pick the “top dog” of all vintage Seiko Sports Divers, then there’s no uncertainty that the Rally Divers would run the show. Expect a different article on these eventually as these are among the most collectible and talked about vintage Sports Divers on the planet and, as most esteemed things, they have an Achilles heel that we’ll make reference to later. The Rally Divers are characterized as the Sports Divers that contain checkered bezels: full stop. My next, and last, set of leslie gems that I’ll talk about will feature why the bezel comment is so significant. Regardless, a striking reality about the Rally Divers is that they are the solitary nicknamed Sports Divers to traverse both the Suwa and Daini industrial facilities. They happen in the Suwa-made 6106 and 6119 references and furthermore the Daini-made 5126 reference. Rather than broadly expounding on each sub-model, and there are many slight minor departure from the theme, I’ll allude you to what I believe is as yet the . Obviously, there are varieties inside the 6106 and 6119 arrangement that solitary change the development and add the “5” signifying the Seiko 5 models, yet there are additionally some novel dial plans among each reference as well.

When we get to the 5126-arrangement, we begin talking “chalice” leslie adornments for certain authorities, as these are incredibly hard to source. There’s for sure, I pined for the dark dialed 6106 you see here. In a frantic attempt, I purchased the piece you see with the dark dial and rosy hand without the ruddy hand: my watchmaker really specially designed a hand to the specific size of the first. Indeed, I needed to have one and now, as should be obvious, I have two. Addictive! Coincidentally, precious stones for all Rally Divers are Hardlex.

Tips/Market Values: Where to begin with these… Bidding on these vintage Seiko models is in every case profoundly challenged. Arrangements generally happen when something isn’t right, the depiction is dreadful, or the piece is found some place like the Philippines. The greatest issue with these, I revealed to you I’d get to it, identifies with the bezels. They blur brutally and furthermore scratch without any problem. In this way, be keeping watch for post-retail bezels, as they do exist, at any rate in the light blue tone for the 6106’s and 6119’s. Additionally, make certain to check the hands to guarantee they are right for the leslie adornments I have seen numerous mistaken substitutions. Likewise, except if you like the bezel or will live with post-retail, don’t anticipate discovering utilized or NOS. I’d leslie gems out for dial decay around the edges of the silver and blue-dialed pieces. On the dark dialed pieces, you frequently discover chipping on the blue and white painted sections.   I by and large see the 6106 and 6119 meeting divers cost in the $300-500 territory yet deals are out there occasionally. At the point when we talk about the 5126’s, they’re essentially uncommon. By and large, I discover anything attractive from the Daini production line to be uncommon, yet these are truly similar to hen’s teeth. In the event that you need new parts, best of luck! For a decent piece, hope to pay more than $500 (could be more than $600) and likely more than $300 for something semi-spoiled or marginally incorrect.

The Rally Divers that aren’t actually Rally Divers

Well, on the grounds that the Rally Divers are so well known, you frequently see dealer’s calling some vintage Seiko Sport Divers “rally divers” that aren’t actually thusly. This, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that these pieces don’t have merit. Indeed, the two I’ll feature are among my #1 Seiko’s. For one thing, we have the 6119-6050, which includes an enormous, blocky case. These came in blue, dark or silver dial forms and highlight a lovely, painted inward bezel. The gem is Hardlex. Second, we have the Daini-made, acrylic gem 7006-8030. This piece accompanied a yellow, orange, dark or silver dial and highlights a 3:00 crown.

Tips/Market Values: The 6119 referenced here is a mainstream leslie adornments These are popular because of their huge cases and beautiful inward bezels. On these, be cautious about wrong or reseller’s exchange external bezels and leslie adornments for seriously chipped internal pivoting bezels. Unfortunately the last issue is common. Clearly, check the hands and the usefulness of the inward bezel. 6119’s of this kind will in general sell for $250-350. As to 7006, this is a sweet little piece (the breadth is somewhat more modest) that can in any case be had for a nice arrangement. Its looks are similar to the vintage Certina divers. On these, be careful with decay and secondary selling or wrong bezels. Valuing will in general fall somewhere in the range of $150-250 making these a pleasant buy.

Whew, that is a ton of vintage Seiko Sport Divers! I trust you appreciated a concise prologue to a portion of the more famous pieces. Obviously, the photos I show are just yet a couple of the shading varieties of the models I portray. Savage the web to discover extra models. I’ll make a point to come back again and examine a portion of the other Sports Divers that haven’t been given an epithet, as there are a lot of other awesome leslie adornments from the arrangement. Meanwhile, upbeat chasing and don’t spare a moment to share photos of your #1 vintage Seiko Sport Divers below!

*This article showed up here first on April second 2015. This variant has been amended/updated.