Early date watches have a lot of appeal. In the event that they come with a strange running plate rather than sub-seconds, you get a really interesting watch. Meet an early date Medana with MST 234 type.

If you’ve at any point attempted to chase down a fair early date watch — and by right on time, I mean sooner than mid-1940s Rolex Datejust — you learned two things. It is difficult to locate a very much saved model. Also, maybe startlingly, incidentally, the 1930s and the 1940s considered some to be flawless plans as the business attempted to get its head around the date complication. On the off chance that you burrow deep… My fortunate catch? A period fitting Medana. It comes with a delightful date coordination, yet in addition with genuinely uncommon running seconds disc.

Unexpected meeting

I was neither looking for Medana, nor an early date watch. It was my prepared eye that saw the surprising plate over six when I was perusing a sale site. I looked back, I tapped on the posting and I discovered 16 itemized photos of the watch, including the development. Spanish merchant Miguel didn’t have a lot additional data about the watch root, other than he recollected that he had gotten it the nearby classical market years prior. “It is a dazzling watch. In all honesty, in over the numerous years I gathered watches, I’ve never seen one like this,” said Miguel after I won the auction.

Dating Medana

This early date Medana with running seconds circle is an extraordinariness without a doubt. Since I landed it over two years prior, I haven’t chanced upon another model. Just after I unpacked this fascinating piece, I began investigating its set of experiences. I didn’t know toward the starting which period the watch fit into. The lone clue was the dial style that proposed it arose at some point in 1930s or the 1940s.

Huge Medana file discovered

When I was burrowing through the Internet I found a kept up by David Butcher. He has made a . The cycle more likely than not required weeks. Each piece of data Butcher could source has been digitalized and arranged for your survey delight. Also, coincidentally, you will discover substantially more than Medana watches there should you wish to explore…

I quickly reached David, to get some information about the Medana watch brand. “Medana was a style brand. [It] made a tremendous assortment of watches, making modest renditions of substantially more costly watches,” David clarifies more about the brand that was enrolled in 1909.

“Medana quit making chamber escapements during the 1930s so it would be incomprehensible for this watch to date to the 1940s regardless of whether you accept that this dial style was utilized during the 1940s,” so goes David’s musings where to put the marker on the course of events to date the watch.

More styles were available

On David’s page, you can discover three instances of Medana watches like my piece. is practically indistinguishable, yet with a sharp-edged case. has wonderfully fat radium numerals. Then, is fitted in a round case. Taking a gander at their condition, I surmise I need to thank all the patina Gods for the state of my watch. Both the date and the running seconds circles are fit as a fiddle. All the printing is safeguarded, with no staining or scratches present.

The Medana watch is neither large nor little. Think Cartier tank measurements here. The date window, in any case, is truly, really small. It is no taller than one millimeter. Just the dainty, brilliant red edge makes it look greater. Utilizing colors on the dial was not common around then and you need to let it be known gives the watch an edge. Particularly given the specific circumstance. This watch is about 90 years old! In the event that I have Cartier from back, it would be passing on in jealousy right now.

Bad news

The Cartier comparison is more representative than reasonable. Medana plays in a much lower alliance. An inferior quality chamber escapement won’t precisely be groveled over at the following GTG. Also, the MST 234 development and exactness are just inexactly familiar. Essentially, you’d better make sure to snatch your telephone when you’re leaving for work with this antiquated excellence on your wrist. Accepting you need to get your train, that is…

I would likewise recommend to keep it on the rack on the off chance that you like to go by bicycle. The stun obstruction is…rudimentary, best case scenario. However, with those negative focuses off the table, we can return to the beguiling details.

I can’t get enough of the date show through what looks to me like the littlest date window on the planet. I like it since I’ve never disapproved of little lettering. Indeed, even my own penmanship is little. I’ve consistently cherished my PC screen to be set at the most noteworthy goal accessible. I concede that you need to center when perusing the date, yet you will be amazed by the nature of this tiny printing. The typography on the date ring appears as though it comes from an alternate world. Which isn’t a long way from the truth… It was an alternate world ninety years prior, right? I have never seen such a date style. Another affirmation that watches don’t consistently must be costly to be fascinating.

The show goes on

The date window itself would be sufficient to cause me to venerate this Medana watch. However, the running seconds plate (with its opening likewise illustrated in red) is sufficient to spill me the edge. What a plan to substitute a focal second with a little turning circle. I ensure that taking a gander at that imaginative second’s show will make your day.

Last thoughts

The one thing I could change? I would return as expected and prevent the past owner(s) from cleaning the case half to death. Yet, all that is truly significant about this time case has remained intact.

The dial has built up a light patina. The minnute track and the remainder of the printing are liberated from visual scarring. Blued hands get the light in an alluring manner. It’s not the most exact watch in my assortment, but rather with the spending plan under €250, it’s certainly quite possibly the most interesting and genuine vintage pieces in my assortment. Upbeat hunting.