Bvlgari is having some fantastic luck with its Octo Finissimo! The Octo Finissimo assortment gets a blue dial form too, in glossy silk cleaned pure steel.

I as of late shared my experience of wearing the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo in silk cleaned steel ( here ). As I commented, I trust it is one of the coolest extravagance sports watches accessible right now. As far as I might be concerned, the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo in steel is the one to purchase and I even lean toward it over some other advertised Gérald Genta plans out there. What’s more, that comes from where it counts inside my spirit, as I am a major fanatic of the Royal Oak and Nautilus.

But which one to purchase? The decision just got much harder. Enter the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo in silk cleaned steel with a blue dial. I’m a sucker for blue. My vehicles are blue. A ton of my garments is blue. Furthermore, I should concede, I don’t take a lot persuading with regards to blue dials either…

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Blue Dial

Normally, I end my articles with the cost, however let me state it here: €11,800. That’s a great deal of cash, however I can’t consider whatever would legitimize a lower cost. The in-house created and delivered type BVL138 with platinum miniature rotor is a shocker. The completing looking into the issue and arm band is stunning, and the size — 40mm — is right on the money. Bvlgari isn’t kidding around and prooves that a watch like this doesn’t must be in the 20 or 30k range.

Blue Lacquered Dial

What I wrote in my grasp on audit on the dark dial rendition, additionally applies to this blue dial reference 103431. The thickness of the case (6.4mm) is great. In actuality, it looks super-slender. I don’t need a watch to go more slender, else, I may begin getting apprehensive about its primary integrity.

The new dial has truly confused me. In the wake of inspecting the dark dial, I was really sure nothing would thump that model off my list of things to get. Yet, the manner in which Bvlgari has approached making this blue lacquered dial has truly turned my head. A dark dial may be more flexible, yet a blue dial makes it more energetic. The blue lacquered dial has a sunburst finish, as you can find in the photos. That’s a pleasant blaze of tastefulness that shouldn’t be thought little of when matched with the silk brushed case.

No doubts

Now, the difficult I have is settling on an appropriate decision. In the no so distant past, my companion and Cartier master George Cramer reached me with the inquiry which Octo Finissimo I preferred best. He purchased his Octo Finissimo in titanium with Arabic numerals recently, and it has become one of his most loved watches.

Titanium isn’t for me, so it comes down to the glossy silk cleaned steel and the gold adaptation (sandblasted). With the expansion of the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Blue dial reference 103431, I think it has quite recently become somewhat simpler. The intriguing thing is, with the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo, that I am not even in uncertainty to get one eventually. It is simply a question of when and which.

100 Meters

Being an extravagance sports watch, Bvlgari ensured their Octo Finissimo Blue dial is additionally water-safe up to 100 meters. The screw-down crown guarantees it very well may be taken into the water with no issues. The crown is fascinating concerning its shape and (cleaned) finish, yet in addition since it has been set with ceramic.

No Date

One of the things I like best in watches like these watches is the way that Bvlgari opposed the impulse to switch a date show into the plan. I don’t need a date on a watch. At the point when I awaken, I see today’s date on my iPhone and am adequately brilliant to recall it for the remainder of the day.

A consistent token of today’s date isn’t just superfluous for me, however it likewise would upset a generally entirely planned dial. I’m certain there are as numerous on the opposite side of the date fence, yet I am upbeat they chose to leave it off. I can’t stand by to attempt the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Blue dial on the wrist. On the off chance that it’s as great on the wrist as it would appear that it will be from the photos we gotten from Bvlgari, I am apprehensive the hustling for assets may need to start. More data through Bvlgari . Or then again check our other Bvlgari (involved) articles .