I didn’t make “Fratelloris” up, it was one of the people who bought it a week ago. Be that as it may, it summarizes it consummately, it was an incredible exertion from both sides.

Mike shared the whole story on how this watch became animated in his mind, and how it at last came to us a week ago. You can find out about it here . The oxblood or burgundy red dial discovered its way into the bronze instance of the Big Crown Pointer Date and it simply looks astonishing. What I saw during the previous week, is that the watch is extremely hard to catch in pictures. A portion of the individuals who bought it shared their pictures on Instagram and in the Oris Watch Club Facebook gathering and they made a preferable showing over me.

Wrist shot by James Stacey for Hodinkee

Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date Oxblood Dial

Especially the red is difficult to catch. In the sun, it can transform into this lovely shading that would make you think it is the ideal watch for the Japanese market. At the point when I am wearing the watch inside, in the workplace, or at home, with no immediate daylight, the dial transforms into this dim burgundy tone, practically earthy colored ish. I’m mindful that we didn’t take the simple course, as a blue dial would likely address a bigger crowd than an oxblood red.

This oxblood & bronze combination is something for gatherers and devotees, and the individuals who appreciate vintage (styled) watches. The outcome is something I am exceptionally content with as well as glad for. It looks splendid and the orders are as yet coming in through from everywhere the world. Just 300 watches were delivered, on our own particular solicitation to Oris, and a couple are left.

The big day

As you will before long find in another article (about the watches I got in 2020), it will incorporate the acquisition of this Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date. I saved number 13 myself, as that is my fortunate number. In addition to the fact that i was brought into the world on the thirteenth (of April), however in 2013 my girl Charlotte was conceived, and since the time it has been a number I attempt to get when purchasing a restricted or numbered version watch.

Since I got the watch fourteen days prior, I am infatuated with it however figured out how to oppose wearing it before the delivery date of December first. It didn’t feel suitable to wear it any sooner. As I am — undoubtedly like you — not seeing numerous individuals nowadays, so the concern of “exposing” the watch before the presentation wasn’t an issue. Yet, what fun is it to as of now open up your Christmas and birthday presents before the big day?

This combination looks terrific

The reactions from individuals who purchased the “Fratelloris” are astounding. One individuals who purchased this watch disclosed to me it is for him and his child to wear, a good thought! Another purchaser kept in touch with me that “….it looks much more tasteful than the matte green dial on my 80th commemoration. Can hardly wait to see it in various lighting!”. One of the purchasers, who’s likewise an authority, composed “Love this dial tone and decent subtleties combined with the flawless bronze case. Solid proposition!“.

To my own shock, I am wearing the watch considerably more than I suspected I would do. Maybe in light of the fact that I didn’t like the fixings independently from one another previously. Implying that I am not especially a devotee of red dials, and I don’t like bronze such a huge amount for cases. Yet, this combination that Mike truly pushed on, looks terrific.

This short article is a THANK YOU to all who have purchased the watch and obviously to everybody associated with the creation interaction. Another thank you goes out to the individuals who covered this watch on their site ( , and .


Fratello × Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date, ref. 01 754 7741 3188, Ø 40mm, thickness 12mm, Oris type 754 self-winding development, WR 50 meters, cost €1681 ex VAT (€1950 for EU + GB). Everything specs can be found .