I’m on vacation. I shouldn’t compose this. In any case, social removing measures on trains mean my movement accomplice is sitting a column before me and more worried about the sack of cherries we reserved for the excursion than my company. Furthermore, more forthright, this is the delivery I’ve been developing to throughout the year. Today, the Laventure Transatlantique GMT hits the racks. Move rapidly. With only 100 pieces accessible, I don’t think this one will stick around for long…

I am the pleased proprietor of the initial two Laventure watches. I have the Marine (with a green dial) , and the Sous-Marine (with a bronze case and a dark dial). Had a blue or earthy colored dial been remembered for the Transatlantique’s introduction I would possess one of them as well. For what it’s worth, I am as yet swaying between the decision of another (more obscure and more strong) green or an intriguing cream dial.

But the dial shading comes down to individual inclination. With just 50 of each accessible, I am certain organizer Clément Gaud will have no issue discovering sufficient individual inclinations to line up with his decisions to sell-out this reach in record time. Since past the dial tones, there are some entirely substantial moves up to this model that make it the best Laventure yet.

The incorporated bracelet

Let’s beginning with the self-evident. The arm band is an amazing thing. In a period where new coordinated wristbands are wanted yet so seldom conveyed, Gaud does exactly that. The middle connections (in each occurrence yet the primary) keenly impersonate the outline of the brand’s outdated logo. The brushed surfaces fit expertly with the cleaned and the chamfering on the external edges of the connections follows the line of the case precisely. On the underside of the wristband, we see a catch that has been nicely planned. It incorporates (and executes) the logo into the plan in a way I don’t know I have at any point seen done better.

Yes, I am a Laventure fan-kid. No, I am not on the finance (I wish). Would I love to work with Clément one day in an authority limit? Of course I would. Contacts like this clasp are by and large why. You may not cherish it however much I do, yet I think it is difficult to prevent the fulfillment from getting seeing that rehashed diagram perplexed through the plan spring up on the lock such that looks altogether natural.

Other winning touches

I should be fast. The bite truck is drawing closer. I would beyond a reasonable doubt love to go involved with this piece however except if I move rapidly enough and get one for myself I should stand by until a (potential) follow-up arises. The primary thing I might want to compare on this model to my current pieces in the event that I had it close by would be the precious stone. Initially, on both the Marine and Sous-Marine, the gems were sapphire. Here, they are Plexiglass.

Gaud has picked this to add warmth and authentic vintage advance t the plan. Some will scoff at this expansion on a movement watch, however it absolutely bodes well here than it would have done on the without a doubt jumper that went before it. Maybe the primary model — the Marine — might have taken it away however I love it here. I love it much more due to the astonishing vintage-roused bezel that encompasses it.

A bezel from heaven

This polished, bi-shading ring has genuine profundity. The lume execution of numerals that appears to drift inside it is great. With regards to smart component dividing among models, Gaud has taken this one out of the recreation center. The dull and sage greens network impeccably with the dials and the delightful handset (with a pleasantly painted GMT hand), just as coordinating with FKM rubbers lashes in the equivalent color.

It would be blasphemy to drop the wristband for the elastic UNLESS you own one of the past models. At that point the keen activity (as I would like to think) is get the Transatlantique with the dull green elastic tie (somewhat more adaptable than the attractive sage as I would see it) and stick the wristband on the Marine (best) or Sous-Marine steel (subsequent option) and move with the elastic when taking to the skies.

The case back

The Marine’s case back was open. Through it, one could see a scarcely embellished 2824. It looked cool. It fit the vibe. I preferred it. What was far, obviously better, however, was the shut and superbly moved case back of the Sous-Marine showing a sea scene above and underneath the waves. With the case back of the Transatlantique, Gaud has outperformed himself. The plan is fresh, immortal, and, indeed, wonderfully executed. In the event that I wear purchasing watches on case backs alone, this one would be top of my list.


The retail cost for the Laventure Transatlantique is CHF 3,350. That is a significant climb on past costs, however when you think about the expansion of the arm band, the evermore complex case back etching, the new handset, dials, and bezels, the value bodes well. It would be insane of me also how this cost places the Laventure Transatlantique in a truly competitive section. It should battle off Tudors and Omegas and Longines/Hamilton label groups from all sides.

Will I attempt and argue for the Laventure from a venture point of view? No. Who knows how any youthful brand, anyway attractive its items are, will admission further as it were. In any case, the history so far is acceptable. These little size runs are selling out (the green dials go particularly snappy). Individuals that truly know watchmaking are intrigued when they get these pieces close by. And keeping in mind that on paper, Laventure ticks a ton of the crates to be qualified a microbrand, I figure this delivery may drive it into the “little autonomous” category.

Shaking that fire up name will help if individuals are to adapt to this more exorbitant cost section. Be that as it may, there can be not a viable alternative for getting one on the wrist. I have purchased two. I’ve never hoped to sell mine and can validate the enthusiastic returns. Regardless of whether this is the watch that persuades you to join the Laventure party or not, the brand has demonstrated that it is going the correct way and stays one to watch for the long stretch. Find out more .