Today, we look at an uncommon vintage Citizen Auto Dater 40M Diver. We’ll talk concerning why this watch additionally turns out to be somewhat of a puzzle. Its attractive features, nonetheless, require no sleuthing.

One could say that we have our “boat on plane” here on Fratello with regards to taking a gander at vintage Japanese watches (i.e., we’re cruising). You parents appear to like seeing these exceptional pieces from days of old, so we’ll hold the choke down for the predictable. The Citizen Auto Dater 40M Diver we’re talking about today so ends up positioning as perhaps the most dearest pieces in my vintage Japanese watch assortment. It’s a jumper and I succumb to those effectively, however it’s one of those watches that I purchased without truly knowing its set of experiences. As you’ll see, incidentally, I still don’t think a lot about its beginnings at all…

The Citizen Auto Dater 40M jumper ref ADOS 3001-D

The Citizen Auto Dater 40M jumper conveys the reference ADOS 3001-D. It’s a 40mm steel jumper with a bi-directional plunge bezel. To help sell its jumping looks, it has a screw-down case back. It comes with a mineral precious stone that scarcely transcends the bezel and a push-in crown. In light of its styling, it appears to date from the mid-’60s, however nobody really knows. The age is the primary secret on the grounds that the watch comes up short on a chronic number on its external case back. That’s a peculiarity since Citizen added this data to the majority of its watches both before and after this piece.

Despite the highlights I referenced over, the Citizen Auto Dater 40M jumper, as its name recommends, is simply helpful down to 40 meters. We’ve invested energy with a lot of pieces from Orient, Seiko, and even Citizen in earlier articles that additionally took on the appearance of plunge watches. Simply consider the Uni, the Silver Waves, and the King Divers. None of these pieces were useful for in excess of 50 meters, however they all made them thing in common: inside plunge bezels. Today’s Citizen genuinely looks the piece of a genuine jumper and it even feels very generous inferable from its weight and that crystal.

Dial details

The dial on this Citizen Auto Dater 40M jumper is the thing that assuredly drove the securing. It’s staggeringly difficult to photo, yet the dial is really a dim sunburst. That’s pretty hot in itself, however what I truly appreciate is the offset accomplished with every one of those lume plots. Same with those sensitive lumed hands. I’d say that their slimness underpins the more sporting nature of the watch. All things considered, simply take a gander at them. This was the point at which the Japanese watch brands were sorting out their personalities. Both Citizen and Seiko had utilized conventional skin jumper cases for their first jumpers. This piece, be that as it may, utilizes bespoke hands and the entire plan feels moderately unique.

There are other visual amenities on this Citizen Auto Dater 40M jumper, for example, the applied hawk theme just under 12 o’clock. It rehashes itself looking into it back alongside some fairly glad phrasing, for example, “waterproof” and “diver”. Like a ton of pieces during this period, this case back is another imaginative diamond with its etchings, alleviation shapes, and blended textual styles. In the event that we turn around to the dial, I’d be delinquent to overlook a pleasant touch with the “40M” in blue.

A beautiful movement

If you’re thinking about a vintage Citizen, help yourself out and get a piece with a Jet development. I investigated a dress piece with one of these two or three years back and the development photograph was a genuine group pleaser because of its turbine-formed rotor. Cheerfully, this Citizen Auto Dater 40M likewise contains a Jet development and I imagine that adds some genuine validity. With the Jet, there’s hand twisting, yet the date work is shockingly not a speedy set.

The mystery

One thing I’ve neglected to specify about the Citizen Auto Dater 40M is a little detail on the dial. On the off chance that you look simply over 6 o’clock, you’ll notice the letters, “DMC”. Since claiming this piece, I’ve regularly gone out to the web and Instagram simply trusting that somebody will actually want to clarify what this implies. The issue is that these watches are inconceivably uncommon (or my absence of Japanese language abilities has held me back from finding a committed “DMC” Citizen page) apparently without clarification. An excursion over to one of my number one destinations, , uncovers another model with the DMC name, however every other proprietor I’ve experienced is additionally looking for answers. With respect to, my weep for help prompted one other cordial Japanese authority presenting an indistinguishable model on mine in exquisite condition. In our visits, he had come across precisely one other model. The secret continues…

Incidentally, reference ADOS 3001-D offers a more normal, yet at the same time uncommon, kin in the ADOS 3001-DM. You can view it and note the similitudes on the dial, yet the distinctions in the hands. Despite which variation you can uncover, set yourself up for a phenomenal wrist experience. As referenced, the 40mm width positions as uncommon for its day. Combine that with a 46mm haul to-drag and insufficient 11mm thickness and you’re in business. The deliberate case embraces the wrist and the watch basically feels all around constructed and, might I venture to say, current. I’ve matched it with one of my number one 19mm lashes from the resigned tie creator, MJLeather . Get a jungle or whatever you like and it will work with this old beast.

A intense find

Tracking down any variation of the Citizen Auto Dater 40M takes steadiness. These watches come from when a brand like Citizen was investigating new zones and this watch wasn’t around for long. In the event that you’re genuinely intrigued, you’ll need to look on Japanese locales for such pieces. At that point, ribbon up your boxing gloves on the grounds that you’ll likely need to go 12 rounds with other bidders.

Vintage Japanese jumpers are hot and individuals are at long last awakening to brands beside Seiko. Accordingly, regardless of the way that these are only sometimes known outside of Japan, get ready on spending somewhere in the range of $1,500 for a respectable model. At the point when I say fair, your gauge may contrast from mine. I love the even patina on this model, however I understand that’s not for everyone.

The Citizen Auto Dater 40M might be shrouded in secret, however it is a phenomenal looking light jumper. Despite the fact that its profundity rating is a smidgen lacking, I figure it can undoubtedly confront most other Japanese or Swiss peers in the looks and development offices. Presently, on the off chance that I could just sort out the significance of “DMC”…