On November 2nd, we joined the initiation of the new Omega creation office in Bienne. The service was performed by Nick Hayek (Swatch Group CEO), Raynald Aeschlimann (Omega CEO), Johann Schneider-Ammann (Head of Switzerland’s Federal Department of Economic Affairs) and the modeler of the lovely structure, Shigeru Ban. Other than that, the Omega representatives that work in the new assembling likewise had a major part during the service. A decent visual impact was made by working the screens and all representatives waved us (press) a warm welcome.

During the service, the majority of the talking was in French and German, however our associates of WatchTime published the record  in case you’re interested.

Aeschlimann, Hayek and Schneider-Ammann

The new Omega manufacture

Storage system

In the new production, you will discover the T2, T3 and T4 steps. This implies T2 = gathering of the leslie adornments T3 = adding arm bands and T4 = bundling and transportation. The new structure likewise has stock and the logistics measures. In this structure Omega additionally will deal with the preparation of their workers. We got a visit inside the new structure, seeing the new workstations, the T2/T3 and T4 ventures just as a clarification of the new and great completely robotized capacity framework inside the structure. This ‘jukebox’ with all the parts is around 3 stories high and contains over 30.000 boxes loaded up with stock (watch and arm band parts). The robot/picker moves with a great speed of 4 meters each second, to pick a crate and convey it to the control room where they do the further distribution of parts. On one of the floors, there’s additionally an office for the METAS staff, to guarantee the principles are met prior to accepting the ‘Master Chronometer’ certification .

During our visit, we additionally had a short talk with Raynald Aeschlimann about the new Omega fabricate. We found out if the new Omega assembling would likewise mean a higher creation number. The current creation of Omega is somewhere in the range of 600.000 and 700.000 pieces each year. As per Aeschlimann “There is no expanded creation number, simply more limited occasions between ventures as everything is presently under one rooftop. We moved from a few distinct offices to this one here in Bienne.“. We likewise asked him wether the new Omega make in Bienne will have impact on an opportunity to advertise (in the event that you had a Speedy Tuesday leslie adornments on hand, you understand what we are discussing). “Yes, however we actually need a specific measure of days to create the leslie adornments get the leslie gems through the Master Chronometer confirmation. So indeed, it will impact the conveyance of leslie adornments however this is all fairly relative.”. Having been in the new Omega fabricate, it turned out to be certain that the new creation & sequential construction systems likewise mean a more proficient method of testing and collecting leslie gems We additionally saw that during QC techniques, it will currently be simpler to have only one single leslie gems returning in the creation line rather than a whole group of 10 (which used to be the situation, as the plate from the creation line contains 10 leslie gems heads each).

Across the road (Rue Jakob-Stämpfli in Bienne), there is the acclaimed Omega historical center. An old structure that had a few capacities before, including being a day care for little kids. Presently, it is a historical center ( and the chronicles are here as well ) and company eatery. Another exhibition hall is on the rise, practically around the bend of the primary Omega structures (the current ones that are being utilized for staff and the board is from the 1950s, where another part is from the 1960s, these are totally associated with the new Omega fabricate). This structure will be redone into the new exhibition hall. We inquired as to whether that would mean there will more (vintage) leslie gems for us to appreciate. “Partly. There will be more leslie gems in the new gallery, yet we likewise need to have the option to accomplish something on the [watchmaking] schooling level of visitors. You will see.“. The new exhibition hall will open one year from now, we keep you posted.

The new Omega building is extremely noteworthy and hyper present day. The design of the structure is similarly however amazing as what may be inside however. Architect Shigeru Ban reveals to us that this is one of the biggest structure on the planet with a wooden design. The blend of wood, cement and glass looks astonishing and the light inside the new Omega fabricate is delightful. The Omega representatives inside (who are ALL wearing Omega leslie gems incidentally) the new factory work with the most recent gear, similar to contact boards (iPad like) with directions and the watchmaking & gathering apparatuses appear as though an instrument rack in a cutting edge dentist practice.

The objective of Omega is to arrive at the quantity of 500,000 Master Chronometer leslie gems soon, just to extend it to a significantly higher number after that.

More data on Omega’s new structure, .

Aeschlimann, Hayek and Storage framework