The new 41mm Submariner Date replaces all past 40mm models. I was extremely eager to get my hands on the new Rolex Submariner in gold, just accessible for the Date form. Is this new Submariner Date in 41mm more pleasant than the past 40mm assortment? Let’s have a more intensive glance at the popular jumper in valuable metal.

Interestingly, just the Rolex Submariner Date is accessible in 18kt gold. This has been the case always, all no date models up to now just have been accessible in steel. Not just that, the no-date Sub is just accessible with a dark dial. The Sub Date, be that as it may, is there in various dial, bezel, and material combinations. Today, I will examine the Submariner Date reference 126618LB. This watch has a blue dial and blue bezel, an exemplary combination of the gold Submariner Date.

Rolex Submariner Date 41mm

Rolex presented two references in yellow gold, this blue on blue form (126618LB), and one with a dark dial and bezel (126618LN). The Rolex Submariner Date 126618LB replaces the 40mm 116816LB. Like any remaining new Rolex Submariner 41mm watches, this yellow gold reference 126618LB likewise has more slender drags, a more extensive wristband, and is fitted with another type 3235.  Even before the past rendition, there have been many yellow gold Rolex Submariner Date references.

And as you can find in the image above, with the Submariner Date 1680/8, the new Sub Date is a result of advancement. Notwithstanding, you could say that with the new Submariner 41mm models, it returned one stage to the first model with regards to configuration esteems. Albeit the width of the Submariner expanded, the hauls have become a piece pointier once more, similar to the references 16618, 16808, and 1680/8 (above).

Originally, the Submariner was just accessible in hardened steel. That changed in 1969, with the presentation of the main Rolex Submariner in gold. This was the Submariner 1680/8. The gold Submariner Date 1680/8 that appeared in this article has areola hour markers and a somewhat stained blue dial. It was hard to get in the photos, however it nearly diverts purple from specific points. Nonetheless, a portion of the Submariner Date blue dials additionally transform into this earthy colored ish shading, .

The new ones do look better

But, this article isn’t to give you Submariner history lessons , yet to discuss the new Submariner Date in 18kt gold with its blue Cerachrom bezel. The principal thing to see is, obviously, the more slender carries. It took me half a month to become accustomed to those, and to the more extensive arm band (and fasten), however I am currently at the stage where I think I incline toward the new 41mm Submariner over the previous model.

Although the 40mm earthenware Submariner was a huge advance forward from the 16610/16613/16618 age, the new Submariner 41mm watches right away make them look somewhat obsolete. From the outset, I didn’t concur with my associate Michael Stockton — who never liked the artistic Submariner 40mm models — yet since I have seen the new Submariner 41mm models, I should concede he was correct. The new ones do look better.

The just thing I don’t especially like is the width of the catch. Not just the end bits of the Oyster arm band have become more extensive (21mm versus 20mm), yet the whole arm band is somewhat more extensive. That likewise brings about a more extensive Oysterclasp on this Submariner 41mm assortment. Be that as it may, this unquestionably wouldn’t be a dealbreaker to me. Not for this delightful blue-bezeled Submariner in 18kt yellow gold, nor for any of the other Submariner alternatives to pick from.

Why I like about the Submariner Date reference 126618LB

Unfortunately, I don’t have a set of experiences with the Rolex Submariner watch other than the ones I purchased. My folks weren’t truly into watches. I lived on the edges of my country. It is a territory known for marsh and low watch-thickness. Therefore, I had no idea about Rolex watches, thinking back to the 1980s and huge piece of the 1990s.

The first time I saw a Rolex in the substance was certainly after 1995 — a totally different youth from Mike’s Floridian immaturity, where bi-shading Submariner watches and gold Day-Dates were paraded by fundamentally everybody. So he advises me, in any event. I can envision that if that is what your childhood resembled, you may have an additional trigger to get one of these watches. Yet, I don’t.

Nevertheless, I bought something reasonable of Rolex watches and still have a couple of them in my unassuming assortment. All steel, aside from the white gold fluted bezel on my Datejust and the platinum dial and bezel on my Yacht-Master. Yet, this Submariner Date in gold is something completely unique in relation to the ones I have.

The new Rolex Sub in 18kt gold

That said, in the event that I had the assets, I would be exceptionally glad to add a gold Rolex to the assortment. I likewise need to concede that I have been slobbering over a full gold Rolex GMT-Master II Rootbeer ( r eference 126715CHNR ) sooner or later. With the presentation of this new Rolex Submariner Date 126618LB however, it takes in the main situation of any gold Rolex watch I couldn’t imagine anything better than to claim. With the new 41mm case plan, the carries on the past 40mm games models look out of nowhere a piece disproportioned. I can just envision Rolex will refresh different games models also with slender dragged 41mm cases.

Anyway, I like the new Rolex Sub in 18kt gold. It looks great and I don’t mind possessing a watch that is viewed as an apparatus watch in valuable metal. As per a portion of the perfectionists among us, a device watch can never be in gold. Yet, I tend to disagree. The days are a distant memory that these watches were utilized for what they were intended for. It is has become an extravagance thing. I accept that a couple of individuals out there really utilize a Submariner for jumping purposes. I likewise feel that a gold adaptation of a games watch is just a sumptuous accolade for the first (steel) watch, for this situation, a Submariner. The individuals who don’t like the yellow tone, or need others maybe to think it is steel, can decide on the white gold Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB.

The Chronergy Escapement

What makes the new Submariner Date intriguing too is the utilization of the new Manufacture Rolex development, 3235. Rolex type 3235 has a force hold of 70 hours. That’s altogether more than the 48 hours of the recently utilized type (3135).

This new age 3235 development has the more effective Chronergy Escapement. This licensed Chronergy Escapement guarantees more prominent reliability and higher energy effectiveness. Additionally significant in today’s world is the reality it is impervious to attractive fields. The type 3235 is new to the Submariner Date, yet it has just been utilized by other Rolex models that got an overhaul before on.

This development was at that point acquainted in 2015 and fitted with the Datejust 41, Datejust 36, Yacht-Master 40, Yacht-Master 42, Sea-Dweller 43, and the Deepsea. As usual, it is Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified, and on top of the COSC norms, it has been tried subsequent to packaging also and controlled to perform between – 2 and +2 seconds out of every day on average.

Price And Non-Availability

The Rolex Submariner Date in yellow gold has a retail cost of €35.200 (counting deals charge). Be that as it may, as consistently lately, these watches are not really accessible, and approved vendors can just offer you a spot on the shortlist for one. It shouldn’t be pretty much as terrible as the steel models, where holding up occasions of years are being supposed, however it is profoundly improbable your nearby approved Rolex seller has one in stock when you end up strolling in on a Saturday morning.

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*A huge THANK YOU to Van Schaften Horloges to give us some time with their Rolex Submariner collection.