When Rolex does an update, you realize that the new form will be the equivalent however better. In 2009, Rolex did the last huge update of the Submariner. First the bi-shading model, at that point the Date model (2010), trailed by the exemplary Submariner (2012). Yet, is it additionally more pleasant? That’s obviously subjective depending on each person’s preferences, however introductory assessments appear to shift since the news broke.

When Rolex presented its past adaptations, the Submariner kept up the size of 40mm. Be that as it may, Rolex gave its jumping symbol beefier hauls, and — all the more critically — an artistic plunging bezel.  It was a welcome update, as I would like to think, however I am one-sided since I didn’t like the last aluminum bezel Submariner Date (16610). I didn’t like it by any means. The 116610, 116613, and 114060 are my number one Submariner references since the late 1980s.

Today, Rolex acquaints with you its new Submariner. It comes in the exemplary form (no date), and three date models in white gold, bicolor, and treated steel. The Submariner Date form isn’t for me. I don’t hate the cyclops, yet the tones are simply not my sack. By one way or another, it weakens from the famous look of the Submariner.

Rolex Submariner 124060

In all trustworthiness, the cutting edge 40mm measured Rolex Submariner that I have wears a tiny bit greater than its predetermined size. Practically about equivalent to my 42mm Speedmaster, for instance. Rolex has been refreshing a significant number of its works of art in the past to bigger sizes, yet the games models (with the exception of the Explorer II and Sea-Dweller) held their 40mm width. A few wearers complained about the muscular hauls on the games models, and Rolex appears to — inverse to your opinion — tune in to the input got from the market.

Slimmer lugs

That said, whatever Rolex produces — and conveys — transforms into gold, thus, eventually, you may think the brand doesn’t care. In any case, not as per Rolex. The Crown needs to create the best watch it can. That consistently has been the brand’s methodology. Also, in all honesty, when you put a Rolex on your wrist you know why. They wear comfortably and go with anything. For this year’s discharge, Rolex thinned down the carries. The profile of the case additionally changed a piece, as did the crown monitors. Everything seems, by all accounts, to be a piece sleeker.

Back to the 14060 or a more exquisite 114060?

Asking around the Fratello group, I get various reactions. Mike Stockton cheers the slimmer hauls and feels it is a smidgen more rich. Bert Buijsrogge let me realize he inclines toward the beefier drags (“I just became acclimated to them, and now I like them”). He adds that it seems like Rolex is moving back to the 14060 and 16610 references with regards to the drags. I have no unmistakable assessment on the carries yet. I like my 114060 and the hauls do put forth the defense somewhat more strong on my 19cm wrists, which is fine. Lamentably, I can’t check the new Submariner out today. We were welcome to the presentation in Brussels, yet because of Covid19, the result would be a compulsory isolate of 10 days.

I read that Wei Koh from Revolution finds that it wears less than the 40mm maxi case Submariner 114060, while Hodinkee’s Stephen Pulvirent composes that it wears observably greater. I don’t question the information on these journalists, yet it shows how various discernments can be.

A New Movement

Besides the optical contrasts, there’s likewise another development. For the Submariner, it is the type 3230 (beforehand the 3130). It has more force hold, 70 hours rather than 48 hours. Compared to the past development, this one likewise has a Chronergy escapement, giving higher productivity. The ensured exactness of – 2/+2 seconds out of each day on normal has not changed. These developments are not to complain about — they are unshakable. Maybe, as far as I might be concerned, this is the place where the genuine news is concerning the Rolex Submariner 124060.

Worth the upgrade?

I am not considering selling my Rolex Submariner 114060 for the new 124060. I don’t see the additional estimation of the additional force hold, or the insignificant plan updates to experience the problem of selling my old watch (I as of now see the 114060 being offered for strange sums on Chrono24 today) and purchasing another one.

The fundamental issue will be in purchasing the enhanced one, obviously. Rolex won’t create more Submariners since they have more models to browse. As far as I might be concerned, the distinctions are peripheral at any rate. On the off chance that you don’t have a Submariner (yet) and need one, the 124060 would obviously be my pick. Or then again a used 114060, however I am certain those will go up in cost too. At a more self-controlled level than the couple of crazy offers that showed up today.


I am a piece disappointed with the new Rolex watches, believe it or not. The container of Caran d’Ache shading pencils discovered their way to the plan office, clearly. However, I keep thinking about whether the negligible plan refreshes are done as a result of the interest from the market, or in light of the fact that Rolex just felt it expected to come with something new. The update from the 14060 and 16610 to the 114060 and 116610LN was gigantic! Large news and enormous updates.

I never truly loved the 16610 for instance, yet I do like its archetypes and do like its replacement. I think I expected somewhat more from Rolex, even in this abnormal year. The plan refreshes are little, and I keep thinking about whether those things couldn’t be put something aside for a greater, more significant, update. Presently, it seems like a facelift instead of an energizing new model or plan. Somewhat like BMW does with its vehicles a couple of years after the presentation of another model. New grille, new back lights, et voila.

The official sticker price of the Rolex Submariner reference 124060 is €7,700 (counting VAT). In the event that you’re arranged to be standing by, that is. More data by means of Rolex .