Fresh off ban, we have the new Seiko Prospex Diver SPB107 – Topper Limited Edition.  For those of you who don’t know Topper Jewelers, they’re an unmistakable approved vendor of numerous brands and are situated in Burlingame, California.  I realize the name very well on the grounds that various years back, Topper purchased a load of no-date Longines Legend No-Date Divers and I was excessively senseless not to purchase one.  But rather beside having the clout – and interest in fan watches-, they’re not normal for most AD’s since they’ve worked straightforwardly with a few brands in the course of recent years to make restricted version watches.  One such watch that came (and went immediately) was the generally welcomed no-date .  Well, as referenced, there’s something energizing and new for their seventh community watch.

Seiko Prospex Diver SPB107

Topper Limited Edition

The new Seiko Prospex Seiko Prospex Diver SPB107 – Topper Limited Edition is the main variation we’ve seen on the SPB077/79 jumper platform.  To revive your memory, these 200m jumpers were presented at Baselworld 2018 as customary deliveries made to commemorate the 50th commemoration of the hey beat 6159 programmed proficient divers.  From the get-go, these were disputable because of the utilization of the more current handset rather than the conventional hands found on the old 6159.  But time has treated these watches well and they’ve become genuine favorites.  They wear fabulously well (44mm measurement x 13.1mm thick) as they’re not all that enormous or thick and they contain the generally very good quality 6R15 movements.  Oh, and since the 077/79’s come in at under $1000, they’re a genuine deal as well.

Inspired By The SRPC49

The Seiko Prospex Diver SPB107 – Topper Limited Edition takes a similar watch yet gets styling that is suggestive of a year ago’s SRPC49 – the supposed dark “Ninja Turtle”.

The SRPC49 is probably the most sweltering delivery in late memory, so it bodes well that Topper worked with Seiko Watch of America to make the freshest piece with a hard dark covered case.

Black on Black

Other subtleties proliferate on theSeiko Prospex Diver SPB107 – Topper Limited Edition, for example, a breadth second hand with a brilliant orange tip, a shading coordinated date wheel (dark foundation to coordinate the dark dial) and a silicone tie with a dark covered pin buckle.

Only 500 Pieces

Some may feel that this Seiko Prospex Diver SPB107 – Topper Limited Edition is somewhat of a simple play.  at the end of the day, a basic play of taking any of the Prospex jumpers and covering it in dark, however I imagine that the straightforwardness is the thing that makes it work – in any event from what I can tell from pictures.  The smart subtleties as referenced before help make this a genuine looker.  It’s a spotless looking jumper and I’d cheerfully wear one. Tragically, I don’t know whether we will at any point find the opportunity, however, as just 500 will be made.  At $1,000, the SPB017 comes in at $150 more than the SPB079 (additionally on elastic), which is anything but an awful premium for a watch that will probably sell out inside various hours.  For sure, it’s somewhat less flexible than the plain spotless models, yet something reveals to me that 500 Seiko nuts will not feel the equivalent way.  Nicely done on this one, group Topper!

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