I’ve had the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th commemoration Moonshine Gold restricted version watch, in my assortment for somewhat more than one year. It’s time to share a few takeaways now the residue has settled.

Last year in March, just before Baselworld (when that was as yet a thing), I was welcome to Biel. I was guaranteed something exceptional. On the twelfth of March, which turned out to be a Tuesday, I was going to observe the dispatch of an exceptionally unique gold Speedmaster. Reference 310. commemorates the 50th commemoration of the Apollo 11 mission. The aftereffect of this mission? Man’s initial steps on the moon. On their wrists at the time was the Omega Speedmaster Professional. You know the story, I am sure.

Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold

The new Moonshine gold Speedmaster 310. was a recognition for the watch worn on the Moon, yet in addition to the gold watch that was given to the Apollo space explorers in November 1969. The space explorers got their watches with a unique etching, and Omega disclosed a similar watch for the with the “First Watch Worn on the Moon” etching all things considered. It was a numbered version of 1,014 pieces. The Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold watch was additionally restricted to 1,014 pieces.

I was at the Omega HQ in Biel, taking a gander at the model watch before me. The watch praises the Speedmaster and the job it had (and still has) during space missions. It is the watch dependent on the 1969 gold Speedmaster, a watch that I previously had the joy to find face to face when I just began gathering watches (my watchmaker claimed one of those at that point). My mind began to change into a realtime Excel sheet, crunching the numbers. How might I come up with the fundamental assets for this watch?

The watch

Before I was finished figuring, my request was in. I checked with the other colleagues. Mike and Berti additionally made up their psyches rapidly. Without seeing the watch, yet dependent on my eagerness (and up to the present time, I don’t think it has baffled them). Seeing the watch before me, giving it a shot additionally persuaded me that this is the watch I truly need to have.

I needed this watch more than any watch on the planet, and that incorporates any very good quality piece, period. Number 13, that’s the number I generally attempt to go for. Now and then I am more effective in that pursuit than in others. It is my fortunate number and in this way consistently worth a shot. This time, blessedly, I was adequately speedy. A couple of months after the presentation, I got the number 13 of 1,014 pieces.

It is the first occasion when I counseled my significant other whether it was OK to get a watch this way. The watch comes with a €32,800 sticker price and in spite of the fact that I don’t know whether her protest would have affected my choice and activity (I previously requested it at any rate), I felt it was the proper activity. She knew how I felt about it, and she didn’t require an explanation.

Stafford wearing his no 13. Photograph by NASA

The number 13

The number 13 is much more exceptional to me with regards to this specific watch. The first 18K gold Speedmaster BA145.022-69 with number 13 engraved for the situation back was introduced to space traveler Thomas P. Stafford. He is my #1 Apollo space explorer. I have had the delight to meet (and have cafe with) him on two events. The first run through was in Sochi, during the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 where he was an exceptional visitor along with his companion and cosmonaut Alexey Leonov.

The second time, was one year later during the Speedmaster event in Houston. I sat close to Mr. Stafford and he recollected that me since I was wearing the gold watch (a 1980 Speedmaster Professional BA345.0802) that he has also, which he showed me in Sochi. Stafford was affable, and he noticeably delighted in the two events facilitated by Omega. I additionally saw he is (or if nothing else at that point) was still exceptionally sharp and had an unmistakable memory of things.

The other purpose behind number 13 is my birthday, the thirteenth of April (1977). The number 13 took on a significantly more prominent importance when my girl was brought into the world in 2013. The assortment of 13s had started by at that point, yet since it has intensified.

Precious moments

When I got my Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th commemoration, I contemplated the (valuable) minutes for which I’d be wearing this watch. Maybe on Christmas, unquestionably on my birthday, during the Speedy Tuesday events that we were doing in 2019.

However, I was truly dicey I would wear this watch on my wrist too regularly. Gold scratches without any problem. Also, despite the fact that I am consistently sort of cautious with my watches, it does periodically happen that my watches get scratched.

With gold, the aftereffects of day by day use would become clear eventually. The gold arm band may likewise show some stretch over the long run, because of the delicateness of gold — certainly a watch for exceptional events. However, when I began wearing the Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moonshine Gold, I just couldn’t take it off. The watch is essentially dazzling. The burgundy red clay bezel gives a wonderful difference to the pale gold shade of the Moonshine combination, and the dark Onyx markers are simply astonishing on the strong gold dial.

As I’ve said in the inside and out comparison article between the first 1969 gold Speedmaster and this new model, to me the upgraded one resembles the Godfather II film — better than the first. Whatever floats their boat, and I get the meaning of the first. In any case, this advanced form is appropriate for every day wear and has all the cutting edge watch innovation ready, for example, the Master Chronometer development, an earthenware bezel, and has a more strong feel to it.

On my wrist

I wore this watch pretty much consistently since the day I got it. I make special cases when I need to do a watch audit, and I will wear that watch for some time, however the entirety of my different watches feel very forlorn nowadays. During my vacation a year ago, I wore a Ploprof for three weeks straight, which was amazing also, yet the main thing I did when I got back was to go to the bank protected to get the Moonshine.

Even now, after a year, the gold Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moonshine Gold is quite often on my wrist. The gold has this pale tone, which makes it not very prominent, yet it has this delightful gold sparkle, obviously. I don’t care about others’ opinion, yet I haven’t got a solitary (negative) comment on wearing a full gold watch. I saw others seeing, particularly when they are into watches, yet else, it is still generally a position of safety watch.

It isn’t uncommon for me to wear the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moonshine Gold watch with a shirt, sweater, polo, or shirt. They all look fine with it. Also, I quit thinking often about getting scratches. All things considered, the solitary scratches it has supported up until now, are on the fasten. It is a watch for every day use, and I don’t mind if that will show eventually. The watch gets a touch of character this way.


What I saw during the time of possession and wearing it so much, is the precision of the development. Typically, I wasn’t truly disturbed by it, as I wore various watches constantly. So you don’t truly notice when a watch is off, or even somewhat off. At the point when you begin to wear a similar watch constantly, it becomes somewhat more obvious and along these lines significant. On my planning gadget, I saw a little +2 seconds per day all things considered, which is just awesome. The new type 3861 isn’t just a delight to take a gander at, yet it likewise precise and well inside the exacting details of a Master Chronometer.

The winding is smooth as spread and the pushers are not difficult to work. The winding has become a little simpler after some time, and the catches are working as they did on day 1. On the off chance that there’s one highlight make, it is the awful perceivability under low light conditions. I don’t actually like lume on all fours, particularly when it is a watch I don’t wear each day. Yet, for an every day watch, a touch of lume is extremely welcome I’ve took note. Then again, it is a little issue as my iPhone will illuminate a whole room once I contact the screen. The fasten is pleasantly done, despite the fact that its width is just 14mm (without the pushers). The wristband and fasten never bombed on me.

A lifetime companion

Now, to wrap things up, the fascinating thing about this Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold watch is that it made my desire of individuals who own only one great watch completely vanish. I could generally be envious of individuals that just had one great watch, that they would wear the entirety of their lives. I have a couple of companions who just purchased a watch they truly preferred, and wear them each and every day. For your significant serenity as well as for the way that this truly is your watch.

A lifetime companion, similar to the watch my granddad wore for a very long time. Or then again my dad’s Omega Geneve he wore for a very long time. Yet, with this Moonshine gold Speedmaster Professional, I am really persuaded that this is the watch that my girl will recollect me wearing constantly. It makes it more exceptional, as far as I might be concerned, yet ideally likewise for her when the time has come to pass it down. Nothing beats getting a watch with a story. Visit the authority site .