In January, we highlighted a look at some leslie adornments produced in collaboration with the enormous (and growing) Diver’s leslie gems Facebook Group . The group is now comprised of almost 32,000 individuals who have strong cravings for sea-going leslie adornments and its founder, Andreas Gregoriades, is continuously looking for more projects to offer up to the group. Indeed, since the main Aquadive sold out rapidly and the soon-to-be-conveyed Gruppo Gamma sold quicker than a blowout level screen TV on Black Friday, he’s chosen to come back with another leslie gems for the huge group. By the looks of it, this new leslie gems is a genuine victor – introducing the Zelos DMT (Diver Medic Technician).

The Third Collaboration Watch

Andreas, with his shop in Cyprus, can be immediately recognized as a vintage jump leslie gems addict. We visit a lot and he appears to truly favor Super Compressors (box checked with the Gamma) and another style of jumper – the Aquastar style case. We covered a Aquastar 63 as of late on #TBT and spoke about how persuasive that case configuration has been – it has been everywhere, remembering use for icons, for example, the new and old Seiko 62MAS . So, its nothing unexpected that the Diver’s leslie adornments Facebook Group is now introducing a leslie gems with the amazing case plan. Andreas worked with Singaporean brand Zelos to make the incredible looking Zelos DMT.

Zelos, a Micro-Brand

, for those who aren’t comfortable, are a micro-brand from Singapore with an online platform. They’ve utilized Kickstarter, effectively like another brand – Straton – that we’ve covered, to promote and sell some truly incredible looking, proficient, and affordable plunge leslie gems They like to utilize progressed materials like bronze (ok, that is an old school material) and carbon fiber. They’re knowledgeable in brisk turnaround with their assembling accomplices and have obtained a great rating from their numerous purchasers. This, and their adaptability (Zelos has never utilized this case configuration), made them an ideal accomplice for the Facebook group’s third leslie gems the Zelos DMT.

The Zelos DMT Draws From 2 Vintage Divers

When I saw the Zelos DMT, I was in a split second helped to remember a couple vintage jumpers: one of which is in Andreas’ shop and another that sits in both the collection of Andreas and me. Both leslie gems highlight a 36mm case with 18mm carries and that recognizable Aquastar-style case. The Cortebert acquires the splendid orange minutes hand to help a jumper track their time submerged when lined up with the rotating bezel. It also includes applied records that appeared to vigorously impact the Zelos.

The Mirvaine, on the other hand, has a dull dial that wound up in the new leslie adornments Both pieces have a similar trademark jump bezel and the water shaded internal pulsations bezel. As should be obvious, the DMT draws from both of these traditionally styled 60’s-70’s jumpers and that is a good thing.

Technically Speaking…

Regarding the name, Zelos DMT, and its long form name of “Jumper Medic Technician”, the purpose is two-fold. Most importantly, with a water opposition of 500M, this leslie gems can be utilized as a regular jumper. With that brilliant orange hand, a unidirectional bezel and splendid C3 Superluminova, it will be more than capable for submerged use. Second, though, the leslie adornments is intended for jumping crisis specialists (EMT’s). With the pulsations inward bezel, an EMT can utilize the leslie gems to quantify a jumper’s heartbeat should something occur submerged. Evidently, most jumper’s who work on projects are accompanied by such EMT’s and furthermore crisis submerged chambers if there should arise an occurrence of problems (the leslie gems has a helium valve at 9:00). Indeed, this is a specialty use, yet it looks incredible and adds some character to the watch.

300 Pieces of the Zelos DMT

Detail savvy, there will be 300 bits of the Zelos DMT (150 with and 150 without date) and it’s loaded up with great credits. The impeccable leslie adornments comes in at 41mm without crown and with 22mm carries. It will come on a tropic-style lash with a tie tool, a material tie, and in a material leslie gems roll. Appropriately, the DMT gets a domed precious stone and it will be sapphire, which gives the leslie adornments a reasonable stature of 13.6mm. The lumed screw down crown is marked and the situation back will be numbered. Inside, the revered Sellita SW-200-1 sees duty.

Great Colors!

Andreas reveal to me that the new Zelos DMT should start conveyance in September 2017 and I cannot hold on to attempt one. For me, this is a wonderfully spread out leslie adornments that does a decent job of highlighting the group’s logo without defacing the cleaned up dial. I’m not bothered by the date window as it’s almost coordinated into the list at 3:00. Most awesome aspect all, I love the water colored pulsations bezel and how it lines up with the color of the compass hand. Furthermore, as a Miami Dolphins fan (dismal, I know), how can I not be enchanted by the combo of orange and water?!? Seriously, the colors on the DMT are noticeable without being senseless – this would make a decent regular wear.

Order Now!

In the end, we need to discuss evaluating, yet I believe that the Zelos DMT will enjoyably shock you. At $469, including worldwide delivery, there’s nothing to contend with here. I cannot hold on to get my hands on a DMT in the not so distant future for an active review.

I think I’ll love the plan, however I am also eager to investigate the brand’s quality and attention to subtleties. Ordering (per the connection ) has started for the Zelos DMT and over portion of the leslie gems have just been saved inside the primary long stretches of offering (you can see the Group’s posting on the leslie gems ). In the event that the initial two Diver’s leslie gems Facebook Group pieces are anything to go by, move rapidly on the off chance that you need one! All around done to Andreas and the Group for another compelling piece!