Welcome back to This Week in Watches for May 30, 2020, the moderate version. This week we bring an interesting assortment of timepieces that are somewhat easier on the wallet.

Junghans Meister S Chronoscope

Ok, the first section of today happens to be the least moderate, yet it’s not eye-watering expensive. The fresh out of the plastic new Junghans Meister S comes to us with a sporty looking case and a dial design that’s reminiscent of some Porsche Design watches. That’s not something terrible and I think it looks clean without being sterile like numerous Teutonic watches. An ETA 7750 (called the J880.1 here) powers these 45mm watches and features a day and date display. Concerning, a perfect PVD stainless piece kicks thing off and is restricted to 888 pieces for €2,490. It comes on an elastic sponsored cowhide strap.

Additionally, ordinary creation steel models with coordinating bracelets are accessible with an anthracite or dark/green dial for €2,290. Visit for more information.

Sternglas ZIRKEL Edition Bauhaus

Speaking of Teutonic, the Sternglas ZIRKEL Edition Bauhaus is probably as crisp as they come. The small Hamburg-based brand has been acquiring in prominence with its appealing and moderate watches. This 40mm restricted version (250 pieces) is the same. Clearly, fans chose this design in a competition amongst five contestants. The watch is DLC covered, has a domed sapphire crystal, and uses a Miyota 9015 programmed. The watch is estimated at €529 (it’s really €449 at the present time). Visit the authority site for more information.

Système Formel Mathématiques

Next up is the sort of moderate watch that makes me consider one person and one person in particular: Tomas. He loves crackpot watches and this is no exemption! The Système Formel Mathématiques is one astounding looking watch that has formulas and Greek symbols everywhere on its dial. Intriguingly, the author wished to combine timekeeping and the them of math and I must say that I really like it.

Moreover, the 38mm stainless watches come with the hand-winding ETA 2801-2 and a pleasant looking level connection arm band. Strangely, the brand chose twofold domed mineral glass, yet that’s a small nit to pick. You can choose either a white or dull dark dial. Personally, I truly like the hands. Watches start at €1,200. Slick stuff. Head to and the brand’s for more info.


Meanwhile, our next reasonable watch is a £1,300 GMT brought to us by the Historic Endurance Rallying Organization (HERO). They’ve come along with Swiss private name Alatron to make this 44mm stainless watch. A Soprod works away inside and powers a watch that reminds me a ton of an Anonimo. Further, the brand tells us that they’ll give £100 from every sale to noble cause. On the off chance that you’re a historic meeting fan, you likely know about HERO and this contribution may interest you. Head to the page for more information.

Viqueria Levante

Last and in reality least — expensive that is — is the exceptionally reasonable Viqueria Levante chronograph. Viqueria makes reasonable watches that are assembled in Italy. They broadcast that past releases have sold out rapidly. So, let’s see about the Levante. We have a Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz ticking inside a 42mm stainless case. Honestly, the case apes the Speedmaster as does the bezel. Yet, as we’ll see, the evaluating makes all that genuinely easy to disregard. Unsurprisingly, there are loads of dial choices including Swedish shooting star. Of special note is the Braveheart model above (seriously!). Viqueria dispatched this watch on Kickstarter and it subsidized rapidly. Presently, you can arrange through their site straightforwardly for $298 (shooting star dials cost $487).

Folks, that’s it during the current Week in Watches – the reasonable version. Have an incredible rest of your weekend!