It’s This Week in Watches where we present to you all the report from the watch world.  It’s October 19, 2019 so how about we get it on.

Glashütte Seventies Chronographs – Limited Editions

Glashütte sent us information on new chronographs today that are accessible as restricted releases of 100 pieces in one or the other green or grey.  Apparently, these tones mark the scene around the Glashütte territory and offer motivation to the zone’s watchmakers.  The 40mm watches come in hardened steel and either on wristband or cowhide tie with collapsing clasp. Development shrewd, we have the programmed 37-02 type programmed and that implies that there’s a damnation of parcel happening.  notwithstanding a standard chronograph with 30-moment and 12-horu register, the date is appeared just as a force reserve.  The development likewise has flyback functionality.

All that being said, the dials are what cover the bills here.  Glashütte brushes the dials, excites them, and applies a few layers of lacquer.  Black enamel is then applied and the dials are terminated in a kiln.  Pricing will be in the 12,000 Euro reach and more data can be found on the .

RzR Tecorón – Carbon Fiber Watch

Next up is a watch that will make a beeline for Kickstarter on the 5th of November, the Rzr Tecorón.  For a retail cost of 1200 Euros (and a hair more than 800 Euros in case you’re an early funder), the RzR is completely made of carbon fiber.  The wristband, the fasten, the case… these are all carbon fiber and that implies that 80% of the watch by volume is made of the lightweight stuff.  The case shape is somewhat cool and very nearly a piece Ebel-like.  At 42.9mm in measurement, 49mm carry to drag, and just 10.6mm thick, the watch will contain the Miyota 90s5 automatic.  everything with arm band weighs simply 44g.  If you’re intrigued, head to the to discover more about the watch and the upcoming campaign.

RJ Watches ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon

So, a week ago we showed the RJ Watches Joker watch and this week it’s Spider-Man.  I should say, all around done on vanquishing both gigantic comic book universes!  This Spider-Man-related piece is novel since it’s the first in-house tourbillon development by the brand.  Called the RJ-7000, it has a force save of 150 hours, which is pretty ridiculous.  The hours and minutes are shown on the outskirts of the dial, which is pretty unique.  The hands on the watch are formed like the legs of Spider-Man’s logo.  Two variants will be accessible and each will be accessible as a version of 10.  The first is in red and is made of composite while the second is made in dark carbon.

None highlight a crown for winding and setting, yet contain a loop on the back that lifts up.

The wood case is additionally quite great and highlights 8 “legs” much the same as a spider’s.  At $97,700 these aren’t modest, however that’s the cost of being a superhero!  Head to for more information.

Tockr x USS Texas

We’ve investigated Tockr already and they’re back today with a glance at another piece that is intended to profit the rebuilding of the USS Texas, otherwise known as the “Powerful T”.  The USS Texas is the final “battleship” vessel.  It was underlying 1912, commissioned in 1914 and battled in both World Wars.  The boat is right now secured off of Houston, Texas and as one can envision with an old iron design of this age, it needs genuine work.

Tockr, situated in Austin, Texas, has chosen to help the reason by giving two distinct watches (one for men and one for ladies) with a part rig that has been privately machined out of steel from the Texas.  Fitted with a quartz development, the USS Texas extraordinary version will be evaluated at $799 for the initial 100 pieces and $999 thereafter.  Head to for more information.

Team – that’s just for This Week in Watches…enjoy the weekend!