As the western world watches and hangs tight for an outcome from the US political race, the Land of the Rising Sun appears to be always taken out from the tumult we’re seeing on our side of the guide. Although Japanese legislative issues is likewise undergoing a progress following the resignation of long-serving chief Shinzo Abe, his replacement, Yoshihide Suga, served in similar government and guarantees and fairly smoother change than we might be going to witness stateside.

Thankfully, Fratello isn’t a spot to investigate or pass comment on such grandiose issue. Here all are welcome. We are associated by our adoration for watches. Also, in an eccentric year, one thing has stayed steady: Japanese companies are killing it on the regular. Let’s investigate the top deliveries from (or motivated by) Japan in 2020.

Grand Seiko

Jiminy Cricket. What a year. 60 years have passed since the boffins at Seiko chose to set themselves a grandiose goal. Creating the “best” watch ever might well be an undertaking enveloped with subjectivity, however that didn’t stop the now-legendary group from trying. Also, presently, as the brand enters its second period of life, we have more exciting curiosities to talk about than any other time in recent memory before.

There has been a pile of competitors. I as of late evaluated the SLGH002 , which verged on stealing my choice, yet I needed to go with my gut on this one. My pick of the year is the Grand Seiko SLGA001 . Jump watch? Check. Spring Drive development? Check. New Spring Drive development? Twofold, triple, fourfold check! I didn’t see the updates to the exemplary Spring Drive framework coming, yet here we are. This new development has made the way for a parade of potential outcomes. Subsequently, 2021 vows to be similarly pretty much as exciting as 2020 has been.


So how to pick only one from this pressed year? Indeed, I’m genuinely trying to set aside a portion of my own feelings and pick the watch I feel merits the title. As you might have gathered, I love the SRPE33. Yet, anointing the King Samurai Save the Ocean Limited Edition the best Seiko of 2020 would be somewhat of a stretch. Is it cool? Indeed. It is truly very much valued? Indeed. Yet, does it have the far reaching allure or brand significance that different deliveries have? Not a chance. However much I love it myself, it is a specialty recommendation for sure…

There are a few competitors, however when it comes down to balancing recorded significance with the sort of reasonableness many anticipate from Seiko, there can be just a single champ. I’ll cheerfully let you pick your flavor from this pack discharge, yet for me, the best debutant of 2020 for Seiko was the Seiko Prospex SPB147. It was participated in the catalog by references SPB143, SPB147, and SPB149. The other three had fresh silver records, hands, and bezel numerals. The 147, notwithstanding, multiplied down on its vintage claim with gilt accents all things considered. With a €1,050 retail, it was the least expensive of the pack and, as I would see it, the best replacement to the 62MAS that propelled its creation. Genuinely marvelous stuff that shows the brand has its finger on the pulse.


On Fratello, we jabber about Casio and we as a whole gather G-Shocks as though they were going outdated. Don’t stress, they’re not. I question they at any point will. Useful, fun, and wallet-accommodating, the Casio G-Shock family has something for everybody. This, several our group got the restricted release . I effectively own two Mudmasters so I declined the choice, although I sort of regret it. I wouldn’t mind having a little (read gigantic) assortment of just Mudmasters, yet given my tiny 16.5cm wrist, the 55mm+ breadths might get old fast…

We’re entirely to survey this one straightforwardly on Fratello, however because of Bert having added one of these Japanese delights to his steady, we have some delectable pics which I can impart to you underneath. This most recent generation Mudmaster is everything you could want from a highly practical experience watch and the cost — particularly when compared to its practically substandard archetype — is crazy. In the event that you have more modest wrists, notwithstanding, my pick of the year would be the . Very cool.


Okay. Twofold cheat time. This watch isn’t Japanese. It wasn’t even delivered in 2020. Hitting Japanese retires solely in 2019, notwithstanding, was the Omega Speedmaster “Rising Sun”. Authoritatively known as the Omega Speedmaster reference 522. , it got its now-popular epithet here on Fratello because of its shading plan resembling the Japanese flag.

So why I felt supported in listing this one of every elite of Japanese watches from 2020? All things considered, the case back image clearly gives it away. This watch made to praise the 2020 Olympic Games (which will now absolutely not happen this year, if by any means), due to be held in Tokyo. The case back beautification makes this model (and its four individual Olympic specials) a peculiar time case, and makes them wish I’d put my cash down on it when I had the chance.

Of course, back in January when I was choosing my first Speedy I couldn’t conceivably have realized what might come to spend this year, which has, as I would like to think, made this 2019 model even more unique. In any case, the writing is on the wall. A curve to balance my rundown. Yet, what might hit your best position from these brands in 2020? Tell us in the comments underneath, and make certain to cast a ballot in the survey to disclose to us which of the three (genuinely) Japanese brands had the strongest year.

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