It’s time for Two For Tuesday and this week we investigate two of Omega’s best. The Speedmaster Professional will toss down with the Seamaster 300M.

In our debut scene of Two For Tuesday, the Rolex GMT 16710 duked it out with the Submariner 14060M . It was the heavyweight fight we as a whole expected, yet in the end it was the GMT that won by under 50 votes! We thank you for all your investment and for some exuberant comments. Let’s check whether today’s challenge between the Speedmaster Professional and Seamaster 300M motivates a similar energetic debate.

We all know individuals who can undoubtedly manage the cost of a Rolex , however they basically won’t get one. For them, a Rolex is excessively ostentatious, helps them to remember unpalatable sorts, or pulls in a degree of consideration they’d rather keep away from. Once in a while, they just don’t wish to follow the crowd. Then again, they need a top notch watch that they’re pleased with purchasing. The appropriate response — in a real sense 9.9 occasions out of 10 — for them is quite often Omega . I don’t know how they’ve constructed such a standing, however Omega some way or another exemplifies the “put your head down and go to work” type ethos such countless individuals enjoy.

And so it’s not astounding that two of the brand’s more flexible instrument observes much of the time arise as buying alternatives. We’re discussing the momentum Speedmaster Professional and the latest Seamaster 300M. For today’s purposes, we’re discussing 42mm impeccable models on wristband or tie and that implies precisely one Speedmaster dial decision and four Seamaster alternatives. Let the games begin.

A Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’

The Omega Speedmaster Professional

So numerous individuals weakling and cry about Omega’s supposed reliance on its space abuses. Get over it since learn to expect the unexpected. The damn showcasing works. I can’t disclose to you how frequently individuals have come up to me to get some information about “the watch that went to the moon” and in the event that they should get one. Presently, in the event that I know the individual well, I’m ready to answer without any problem. In the event that I don’t, I ask some more profound questions.

An Icon Unchanged

The current Speedmaster Professional has basically been around in its present structure since 1996. And keeping in mind that the current reference 311. began as an alternate arrangement of numbers, the progressions have been negligible in the course of the most recent 25 years. The watch today is startlingly near the watches that made it to the lunar surface in 1969. All in all, this is an amazing watch that Omega has left alone.

Even the current Omega (née Lemania) 1861 hand-winding chronograph development can follow its underlying foundations back to the segment wheel 321 type. What’s more is that Omega actually gives the Speedmaster Professional a hesalite (otherwise known as acryclic) precious stone alongside a strong screw in the event that back. That case back discloses to us that this watch is flight qualified by NASA and individuals wear it like an identification of honor.

Old-school traits

But with regards to recommending the Speedmaster, I come back to those inquiries I regularly pose. To start with, do you like to hand-wind a development? You’d be astonished at the curious looks I frequently get. The vast majority believe that hand-twisting went out with their grandparents’ age. And afterward I inquire as to whether a plastic precious stone is something they’d like. I illuminate them that eliminating scratches is simple, however this can in any case be a mood killer. Lastly, what might be said about swimming? Indeed, we realize that the Davidoff Brothers love to swim in their Speedies (perhaps their Speedos as well!), however these chronographs are truly made for land. Indeed, 50 meters of water opposition is “ok” for the pool, however I’ve never loved the possibility of it.

The Speedmaster Professional is an antiquated watch raised to a degree of innovation barely shy of being — indeed, present day. The lume is extraordinary, the wristband is strong (regardless of whether I’ve never warmed to the style), and they’re trustworthy. Despite the fact that the Speedy isn’t chronometer-confirmed, type 1861 is a strong sprinter. Also, at 42mm with short hauls, it by one way or another fits a more modest wrist. Above all, however, you’re taking a gander at quite possibly the most unmistakable watches in history.

And — the Speedmaster Professional is quite a looker. Maybe we’ve seen it so much — particularly on this site — that we underestimate it. However, it’s much cleaner looking than a tedious Daytona and it’s an adequate watch to wear in practically any setting. Furthermore, at €4,600 it’s an out and out deal (you can get it on lash for €100 less however for what reason would you?). Its set of experiences alone bears the cost of it that uncommon air access. So indeed, the Speedmaster is an extraordinary decision in the event that you can live with its chronologically erroneous nature. Be that as it may, what of its marine stablemate?

The Omega Seamaster 300M

The Omega Seamaster 300 is close to also known as its Speedmaster relative. All things considered, both were delivered back in 1957 alongside the Railmaster. However, it was in 1993 that Omega gave us the model known as the 300M. The 300M has been with us from that point forward and has just filled in notoriety during that period. We can thank the anecdotal character James Bond for that as it’s been a backbone on the spy’s wrist.

Ceramic wave dial in the new for 2018 models

One thing that made the Seamaster 300M so famous at the outset was its dial surface with a furrowed wave impact. It’s interesting that this brand name highlight disappeared for a period prior to coming back in 2018 on the most current models. By and by, I was never infatuated with the expression on the more seasoned watches. Be that as it may, on the most current versions, all dials are made of ceramic and the edges look incredible.

Master chronometer 8800 caliber

Like the Speedmaster, the Seamaster 300M tips the scales at 42mm in width. What’s more, at 13.7mm in thickness, it’s not overly thin however it’s truly wearable. With that, you’re getting 300 meters of water obstruction and the essential helium valve at 10 o’clock. That last expansion is somewhat pointless, however it’s become a sign of the arrangement. Omega likewise gives us the Master Chronometer Co-Axial type 8800 automatic.

Spec-wise, the Seamaster 300M is a monster executioner, particularly when thinking about its €4,800 sticker price (the wonderful elastic expenses €300 less and settles on for an intense choice). Gracious, and you need some shading decisions? Understand this: blue on blue bezel, dark on dark bezel, white on dark bezel, and silver on blue bezel. On the off chance that you can’t discover one to coordinate your preferences, you’re likely not hungry!

Now, there’s little to complain about with the Seamaster 300M. I’m not colossal a devotee of the cumbersome fasten plan or the fastidious wristband configuration as a rule. However, it’s all around made and at any rate predictable with the first 300M subject. Furthermore, I’d totally love to see this watch without its helium valve, however that’s profoundly far-fetched. Maybe the lone concerning thing about the 300M is that Omega keeps on adding new variations to the line and I’d be worried about missing something. In any case, that’s an exceptionally light complaint.

The Seamaster 300M is very popular

I’ve by and by helped two partners source their Seamaster 300M models — both picked the blue dial if you’re pondering. Also, here’s something intriguing. One at first saw the model due to — ding — a Daniel Craig advertisement! The 300M probably won’t have a similar notable height like the Speedmaster however it’s quite a watch. In the event that I were on the lookout for another jumper, this would be a hard one to ignore.

Let the democratic commence

So, I’m truly inquisitive about whether you, our perusers, will pick the Speedmaster Professional or Seamaster 300M. The simple estimate is for the Speedmaster. It’s greatly famous on this site and has one hell of a set of experiences. On the other hand, on the off chance that you need a genuine every day watch that can do everything, the Seamaster 300M on arm band is an ideal decision. The sizes are basically the equivalent and the costs are close enough to touch one another. Let the democratic begin!

Omega Speedmaster Professional versus Seamaster 300M

    Omega Speedmaster Professional versus Seamaster 300M