Undone likes to introduce itself as one of the world’s significant custom-watch marks. As indicated by the brand, the group attempts to help you locate a customized watch that genuinely communicates your singularity and taste.

That’s fine and dandy. Be that as it may, I don’t see myself as a preferable architect over individuals who made it their calling. Subsequently, I’m not such an aficionado of hand crafted watches by non-experts. What I do like, in any case, is that Undone utilized its capacity to alter looks for the creation of some brilliant coordinated efforts. Along these lines, as far as I might be concerned, Undone turned into the King of Collaborations!

Undone — King of Collabs

Established in only 2014, Undone very quickly began to work together with notable and regarded brands, craftsmen, architects, and comic figures. Let’s shed some light on the coordinated efforts we found lately. I’ll start in 2016.


In Japanese, Tokidoki means sometimes. Yet, it’s a Japanese-enlivened way of life brand — made in 2005 by Italian craftsman Simone Legno — also. produces attire, footwear, embellishments, and different items utilizing workmanship, animation characters, and the logo planned by Simone Legno. In 2016, Undone delivered this coordinated effort watch with three diverse dial plans for elite deal in Japan.



Two years after the fact, in 2018, we saw a cooperation of just 150 pieces. Peanuts, a long-running comic strip, is drawn and created by Charles M. Schulz. First distributed on October 2, 1950, it ran until February 13, 2000. It highlighted a cast of kids drove by Charlie Brown, Schulz’s adjust personality in the strip.

In this first Peanuts joint effort, Undone offered an assortment of dials, brandishing various Peanuts characters like Charlie Brown, Lucy, Rinus, and Woodstock (presented previously). Afterward, in 2019, a subsequent coordinated effort was devoted only to Snoopy.


In 2019, there was an Undone chronograph as well. For this release, the Ultraman sign sprung up on the dial. Around that time, Ultraman’s prevalence was accepting a genuine lift on account of Omega and the #SpeedyTuesday community. The year earlier had, obviously, seen the arrival of the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 2 Ultraman . The Undone Ultraman chronograph was restricted to multiple times 100 pieces, 100 with an uncovered steel case, and 100 with a dark case.

Star Wars

Next up was — lamentably — another Japan-select joint effort, this time with the Hollywood juggernaut that is . The Star Wars adventure started in 1977. In the 43 years henceforth, George Lucas’s age spreading over Space show has become a social marvel. Moreover, the Star Wars Universe has ventured into different films and other media, including TV arrangement, computer games, books, comic books, amusement park attractions, and practically whatever else you can think of… Did I notice watchmaking?


Simple Union, the 無(MŪ) Limited Edition

The joint effort with Simple Union is one of an alternate sort. No blockbuster name, is a profoundly regarded Japanese maker of high quality calfskin items and texture interwoven. Among the items it produces are custom shoes and watch ties. It is, obviously, the last which interfaces the brand to Undone.

The 無(MŪ) watch sports a Simple Union “Katazome” wrist tie sourced from a solitary piece of 15-year old (Meiji Period) conventional Japanese texture. Because of the selectiveness of the ties, the coordinated effort was restricted to just 40 watches.

Toy Story

I’m speculating we’re all beautiful acquainted with Toy Story. Be that as it may, for those of you who’ve figured out how to try not to know about the endeavors of Woody and Buzz, in 1995, it was the first completely computer-vivified comedy film. It was created by Pixar Animation Studios and delivered by Walt Disney Pictures.

These watches were provided to the Japanese market as it were. The watches were to be composed by request; a case material, dial tone, and favored picture must be picked by the purchaser. My Japanese is somewhat corroded, however it appears to be that these watches can in any case be requested (in Japan) .

Snoopy Lunar Mission

The Undone Snoopy Lunar Mission joint effort was one that caused a stir in the watch gathering community. Omega’s 2003 joint effort with Snoopy has become an exceptionally respected, practically famous second for the brand. Because of its prosperity, a second collab among Beagle and Bienne continuing in 2015 .

Those Omega Speedmasters are profoundly respected by watch authorities. Any coordinated effort by another brand (particularly along these lines) may be viewed as inappropriate behavior (piggy-sponsorship on the Silver Snoopys’ triumphs). In any case, the three models in the Undone Snoopy Lunar Mission arrangement are pleasant watches. Nonetheless, they may have taken such a large number of subtleties from the prior referenced Omega Speedmasters.


At the finish of 2019, Undone collaborated with Stephen Bliss. You’ll all know . From 2001 until 2016, he was the senior craftsman at Rockstar Games. There, he assisted with building up the exceptionally conspicuous illustrative style of Grand Theft Auto. He planned the two restricted version models for Undone. The Benjamin (seen here above), and The Godfather, restricted to 500 pieces each.


The last Undone cooperation of 2019 was one to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the introduction of . His first appearance was on the pages of Detective Comics #27 on March 30, 1939. After that Batman’s job and look as a wrongdoing battling social symbol keeps on advancing in our aggregate awareness. The Undone × Batman 80th Anniversary Collection gives proper respect to maybe two of the most complete periods in Batman’s advancement — The Caped Crusader and The Dark Knight (as seen here above). It was likewise the principal Undone watch to utilize Grade II titanium.

Joker & Harley Quinn

The Batman joint effort from 2019 was the first in a three-year worldwide authorizing concurrence with Warner Bros. In this way, it isn’t amazing to see another unexpectedly early. Here’s another essence of the DC universe. Last Love and Mad Love, include the comedian sovereign and princess from the first comic books and exemplify love and disdain. The two watches are restricted to 100 pieces. Surprisingly — at the hour of composing, at any rate — both are still available.


Simple Union 2.0

2020 saw another joint effort with this Japanese maker of hand made cowhide items and texture interwoven. Again we see a coordinated effort dependent on the philosophy on temporariness and blemish (Wabi-Sabi) with a lash from famous antique Katazome texture create house .

For the first run through, Undone decided to utilize Bronze as a case material. As we as a whole know, bronze will effectively age. This always advancing patina is a declaration of the magnificence of flaw. Fixed made 300 bits of this plan. They sold quickly. In the event that you need one, you’ll need to discover it on the pre-adored market.

Bugs Bunny

I’ll end this review with the lovable comic figure of . This is the furthest down the line expansion to Undone’s Warner Bros assortment. What an approach to commend 80 years of Bugs Bunny. Made by amazing artist Tex Avery, we’ll discover Bugs taking all things together his devilish, carrot-crunching brilliance in the dial of this chronograph.

. Also, with the long term Warner Bros arrangement, we expect more superheroes entering the Undone stage. Effectively reported to us so far are Batman 2.0, Aquaman, and Wonderwoman. Try to visit the