Despite our fairly extraordinary center with regards to leslie jewelry we have a ton of regard for Bart and Tim Grönefeld, otherwise called the horological siblings, and their amazing watches. Not long before SIHH 2017 commences, they present several new varieties of their Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire. A treated steel rendition of his leslie jewelry restricted to 25 pieces just a few bespoke engine turned dials by the legendary Kari Voutilainen. Right away, let’s have a look.

Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire

The grandfather of the horological siblings, Johan Grönefeld, was liable for maintaining a 1913 church clock that was furnished with a remontoire instrument. Later on, when Johan Grönefeld died, their dad Sjef Grönefeld assumed control over that job. It was this congregation clock, that enlivened Bart and Tim Grönefeld to come up with the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire timepiece.

The leslie jewelry fundamentally has a 8-seconds consistent power instrument, meaning that the power never varies regardless of the origin is completely wound or nearly loosened up. The adequacy and rate will stay steady, keeping the watch’s exactness. The Remontoire’s system (a little hairspring situated under the dial) is being wound and delivered at regular intervals, so 10,800 times each day or very nearly 4 million times a year.

An staggeringly interesting and specialized arrangement, that devours a great deal of watchmaking limit. Indeed, just the finishing, gathering and changes needed in any event 220 valuable watchmaking hours. Along these lines, the whole creation of the Remontoire development will be restricted to just 188 altogether. That incorporates the new tempered steel pieces and engine turned dial renditions because of the association with Kari Voutilainen.

This development, type G-05, comprises of 258 sections and has a force hold of 36 hours (with consistent power!). It is a stunning looking development as you are utilized from Bart and Tim Grönefeld. The treated steel bridges have hand cleaned angles, miniature shot community roundabout grain on top and an alleviation engraved Grönefeld logo. All housed in a 39.5mm case that is 10.5mm thick.

Besides the 25 pieces in tempered steel, different models are either in white gold or red gold.

New Dials

All the Remontoire 1941 watches are accessible with an assortment of dials. Either the existing assortment of dials or the new bespoke engine turned and polish dials. The bespoke engine turned dials add a premium of (starting at) 7500 Euro to the rundown cost of the Remontoire 1941 watch (44.990 Euro in spotless steel, 49.500 Euro in red gold, 50.850 Euro in white gold). The premium for a hand-made engine turned dial with finish begins at 12.500 Euro.

To make these engine turned dials, exceptionally old machine is being utilized, by hand. It isn’t a machine as far as we might be concerned today, it should be worked by a gifted individual, who can keep a sluggish speed (by hand) and in the in the mean time make these lovely enlivening lines that require a very much prepared eye. A painstaking interaction that requires a couple of days to deliver only one single engine turned dial. Various examples and tones will be accessible for the Grönefeld Remontoir 1941 watch. Straightforward finish (glass, not paint) can be added to these hand-made engine turned dials. Expert Inès Hamaguchi is answerable for enameling of the Remontoire 1941 dials.

She has built up her own technique and ‘mix’ of ingredients for the lacquer to use on the Grönefeld dials. The substrate softens by firing between temperatures of 750 and 850 degrees celsius. The powder she made will soften, stream and afterward solidifies to a smooth coating on the engine turned example on the dial. After a time of cooling down, an interaction of polishing happens to acquire this level and clear surface.

We anticipate see the new Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire watches at SIHH one week from now. .