It was a couple of years prior, in 2018, when Vacheron Constantin presented its Fiftysix assortment. The line was not running with a groundbreaking thought. It was rather a newly evolved translation of a vintage Vacheron Constantin watch. The reference 6073 went to the market in 1956, subsequently the model line name.

The motivation for the instance of the 6073 was the state of the Maltese cross. It additionally turns out to be the logo of Vacheron Constantin also. The Fiftysix watches rethink this and numerous different highlights of that vintage reference in a “retro-contemporary style.” For this year’s version VC delivered the Fiftysix with another sepia earthy colored conditioned dial and a coordinating calfskin cowhide strap.


The assortment is one that mixes times. From the 1950s to the last part of the 2010s and past, the Fiftysix models by Vacheron Constantin present to us the most awesome aspect the two universes. Their 2020 deliveries, much the same as the past renditions, take the motivation from the vintage 6073 reference’s case material and come in a 18K 5N pink gold with a lovely coordinating sepia earthy colored dial. The 6073 was VC’s first water-safe programmed watch and highlight carries that took after the four parts of the Maltese cross, something the new Fiftysix models still poses.

However, perhaps not as clearly as their vintage partner. 2 models came out from Vacheron Constantin, a self-winding and a complete schedule rendition, both in a 40mm case. Another prominent component is the earthy colored calfskin cowhide lash. It removes the edge from the watch’s excessively rich status and places it into the gathering of regular wearers.

The unique Vacheron Constantin 6073 — not the Maltese cross-motivated lugs


Let’s beginning with the less complex form. The first 6073 was a period in particular, programmed watch, much the same as this new Fiftysix model. In that capacity, this model is the nearest in looks to its vintage partner and has an unavoidable retro touch. Box-type precious stone covers the sepia earthy colored dial, a trademark highlight of the 50s. Talking about which, the area dial has a dazzling opaline, sunburst, and snailed completing which upgrades its clarity. Much the same as the records, the pencil-style hands have iridescent covering making the Fiftysix very clear during the day as well as around evening time. The watch case is 40mm in width with a thickness of just 9.6mm and water obstruction of 30 meters. Whenever we’re finished appreciating the face we need to turn the Fiftysix and investigate the development through the presentation case back; Cotes de Genéve surfaces and pink-gold wavering wheel.

Full calendar

The time just Fiftysix is the inconspicuous model however it’s by all account not the only 2020 delivery. Vacheron Constantin likewise emerged from a complete (or full) schedule variant. The fundamentals are the equivalent; 40mm case, 18K 5N pink gold, area dial with pencil hands, and raised records. Obviously, here we have a similar sepia earthy colored conditioned dial and the calfskin earthy colored cowhide tie. A particularly reviving touch after those lovely however to some degree unexciting intriguing cowhide ties. I salute VC for this move. Presently we should proceed onward to the schedule features.

The day and month openings corresponding to one another are beneath the 12 o’clock marker. Simply over the six is the opening for the moon-stage sign. The date is appeared with a pointer hand around the dial. The development is set such that no change is essential for a very long time. It’s protected to say, you will approve of not setting this watch while it’s in your possession. If you’d like to visit Vacheron Constantin’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, click .