Earlier this year, Grand Seiko presented various restricted release arrangement for their 60th commemoration. Be that as it may, quietly, they likewise snuck in the SBGH277 and SBGH279 references.

I will allow the video to do the talking (truth be told, I did), however you can locate some extra photos of the Grand Seiko SBGH277 and SBGH279 beneath. These two watches are important for the Heritage assortment from Grand Seiko .

SBGH279 — Brushed Gray Dial

SBGH277 — Sunburst Silvery White Dial

Zaratsu Polished 44GS Style

The 40mm Zaratsu cleaned case has the popular Grand Seiko 44GS style. The first 44GS case is a plan of 1967, and somewhat not quite the same as the cases utilized today. That’s why we discuss 44GS style, and not simply 44GS.

Details about the watch can be found underneath in the photos, and in our particular chart.

The Perfect Daily Wear?

As you may know, I have the Grand Seiko SBGJ201 in my assortment. As far as I might be concerned, it is a close amazing day by day wear. It is the thickness (because of the GMT work) that leaves some opportunity to get better. The Grand Seiko SBGH277 and SBGH279 are more slender — 13.3mm — yet at the same time moderately thick. I don’t comprehend why Grand Seiko can’t get this under 12mm. Then again, it is criticizing, as I am never annoyed by the thickness of my own Grand Seiko. With a retail cost of €6,200 for the Grand Seiko SBGH77 and SBGH279, it is an intense choice for the individuals who are on the lookout for an ordinary wear.

Although we are not talking little change here, the incentive for cash you will get is stunning. There’s no other brand in this value range that offers a similar degree of completing with regards to the case, dial, and hands. Regardless of whether this watch is for you, involves taste, unquestionably not a conversation of value. You can locate our other Grand Seiko recordings .