Last week we composed an itemized involved article about the new Omega Speedmaster Master Chronometer in Sedna gold. This week, we’re presenting to you a video where Karina and I talk about the Speedmaster Sedna versus the Daytona Everose.

In this new video, we’re introducing the Speedmaster Professional Master Chronometer in Sedna gold, Omega’s own rose gold combination. Rather than silver, the brand utilizes utilize a particular measure of palladium in the composition. This guarantees a suffering rose gold tone. Rolex has a comparative amalgam for its rose gold watches, and calls it Everose. We compare the Speedmaster Sedna and the Daytona Everose and reveal to you why we think the Speedmaster is a superior pick.

Speedmaster Sedna versus Daytona Everose

Of course, we know it doesn’t work this way and you will presumably (and ought to) purchase whichever you like best. You’re not accepting a cooler or a PC, where you need to compare determinations. Extravagance watches like the gold Daytona and Speedmaster are frequently buys made by heart. What’s more, that’s the manner in which it ought to be. Watches ought to be enthusiastic ventures, not monetary tools.

That’s maybe the greatest contrast among Rolex and Omega as a rule, albeit the Speedmasters have been keeping their worth very well lately. Truth be told, a few models additionally turned into a casualty of the individuals who like to estimate with watches. The Snoopy Award is an ideal illustration of that. Regardless, we trust you purchase your watches since you love them, whether that’s an Omega or a Rolex.

Everose and Sedna gold

I am not a major Daytona fan and trust me, I’ve attempted to jump aboard with it. There’s nothing amiss with the completion of the case, dial, arm band, and so forth The Rolex Daytona, or essentially any Rolex, is a first class quality watch. I acquired a Daytona from more than one associate over and over and was even ready to get one a couple of times for retail (which seems like unadulterated pretend nowadays). In any case, it is just not for me. I’m not a fanatic of the dial format and the screw-down pushers irritate me, for example. Yet, is it a decent watch? Indeed. What’s more, in the event that I needed to make a Daytona buy, the gold ones turn out best for me. In any case, I gather Speedmasters and the decision for me is extremely simple: the Sedna gold Speedmaster.

I love the Speedmaster plan better compared to the Daytona, as basic as that. With the new Master Chronometer development, my #1 hand-wound chronograph just improved also. Eventually, I actually like my Speedmaster Apollo XI Moonshine gold form a touch more, because of the numerous subtleties on the dial (and case back). On the off chance that there’s one thing that I would have wanted to see on the new Speedmaster in Sedna, is a Sedna plating on the development rather than the rhodium you can see beneath. Curiously, the shade of Sedna gold is plainly unique in relation to Everose — it is much redder.

We trust you’ll make the most of our video! Try to buy in to on YouTube!