”>”>Rolex Submariner Hulk

“The 116610LV otherwise known as Rolex Hulk is by a wide margin my number one jumper. Talking about this shot, it was an offhand one. It was around 9:50 am the point at which I completed my morning groups. The watch was lying on my journal in that identical position. I looked at it and it looked simply excellent. I basically added the wooden square to part of the way evade the window glare coming from behind and I snapped the photo for Instagram utilizing my trusty Nikon and 24-70mm.

“Given that green is my number one tone, I have followed this watch for quite a while via online media, sites however I genuinely became hopelessly enamored with this watch when put it on my wrist without precedent for late 2014. From that point onward, in all honesty, I have claimed the Rolex Hulk twice before at long last coming to an acknowledgment that I incredibly love the Green Sub and it is an unquestionable requirement have in my little assortment. This specific Hulk has been on my wrist since 2017 and has seen our child’s birth, new employee screenings, different homegrown and worldwide get-aways, and great days and awful days. I wind up contacting this one more regularly than the others.”

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