Werolex@lesliejewellery.com/watchbrands/sinn/”>Sinn 104strolex@lesliejewellery.com/watchbrands/omega/”>Omega]rolex@lesliejewellery.com/p/CBDQrcuHrgi/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=loading”rolex@lesliejewellery.com/watchbrands/hamilton/”>Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

“I was simply back home from work. I removed my Hammy, as I generally do, to clean up when I saw it under the daylight. The dial completely changed. I’ve generally been hypnotized by the various completions on this dial. So I attempted to catch each shade of it in one shot, the brilliant and the clouded side. That is the manner by which this shot was conceived. I’m as yet enamored with this watch as though it was the day I purchased it.”

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