Paneristi celebrate! The Italian brand has delivered its most recent watch, the Luminor Marina 44mm Guillaume Néry Edition PAM1122. The PAM1122 praises the 70th commemoration of the introduction of Luminor, a protected tritium-based substance with brilliant properties. It is likewise an accolade for freediver and Brand Ambassador Guillaume Néry.

Forming a significant piece of plunge watch history, Panerai has done some energizing things with the Luminor Marina. The PAM1122 was created by the “Panerai Laboratorio di Idee”, utilizing DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) innovation, which shapes the titanium case utilizing a 3D printing measure. The completed item takes on a cool granulated texture.

Several of my colleagues got the opportunity to deal with this material back in Geneva during the Watch Days occasion. While Panerai didn’t formally partake, RJ, Rob, Mike, and Bert chose to stop by the shop to visit with the staff, look at the oddities, and “elbow bump” with Jean-Marc Pontroué. Accordingly, I requested Rob for his involved takeaways from the technology.

From one Fratelli to another

Rob: It’s truly odd stuff. It’s all confounding to hold and to feel. Truly, it doesn’t truly appear as though it ought to be conceivable. Panerai showed us the various phases of the cycle and when the clear comes of the 3D printer, it doesn’t appear as though it might be formed into an extravagance item. In any case, it should machine fabulously well in light of the fact that the completion of the Panerai Luminor Marina Guillaume Néry Edition PAM1122 is simply flawless.

Dave: Do you imagine that this sort of innovation has a genuine future in the industry?

Rob: Well, look, it does and it doesn’t. Will it at any point be standard in the extravagance watch industry? No, I don’t think so. I think our industry has just settled that it doesn’t care for things being basically better or more effective to deliver, yet rather certifiable handcrafts and advancements. This falls into the last class, yet silicon did as well. Ten years prior, I was persuaded silicon was the fate of watchmaking. Obviously, it has its applications, yet it is still (and will apparently stay) a periphery complement to the conventional ways. This sort of case printing is the equivalent, I reckon.

New materials

Dave: Would you wear a case made along these lines? Do you discover it in any capacity alluring?

Rob: You know what, I really like it. I’ve consistently been an enthusiast of new materials, and I think the case is the spot for them. Having held this stuff I should say, I like it much more than carbon fiber, which it has a greater amount of a quality of than it does ordinary titanium, I think. The completion on the Panerai Luminor Marina Guillaume Néry Edition PAM1122 is very cool, and it is unquestionably comfortable on the wrist. While certain watches need a touch of weight to them to feel right, this sort of case truly works with the higher-tech Panerai models. Truly, I’m a fan. I’m astonished about that, however there you go. It’s cool. Furthermore, in the event that I were a genuine Paneristi and I previously had a couple of Luminor models, this would be a sufficient motivation to get another.

Fade to black

This isn’t the first run through the brand has utilized DMLS titanium, yet it is maybe the most attractive, as I would like to think. The whole watch is a smooth and secretive combination of dark, on dark, on dark. Under the entirety of this dark, it’s a modern and alluring watch. The DMLS titanium case is DLC covered. Then, the bezel, crown, and scaffold switch have a dark rubber treated covering. The ravishing dial is a genuine champion here — the suggestive dégradé impact should copy the monochromatic shades created as daylight channels through the profundities of the ocean. Beautiful stuff.

Finally, the dark lash is produced using reused PET material. It highlights differentiating white sewing and a coordinating, dark trapezoidal pin clasp. I go hot and cold on numerous Panerai’s deliveries, yet this one marks the privilege boxes for me.

…this one ticks the privilege boxes…

The Panerai Luminor Marina Guillaume Néry Edition PAM1122 is a restricted version model accessible in 70 pieces and comes with an unfathomable 70-year guarantee. It is accessible only in Panerai stores. It is evaluated at £17,100. Become familiar with Panerai .