Anyone who is important for the watch community will most likely concur that watch spotting can be a truly fulfilling action. I now and then engage myself by looking at the wrists of others on the cable car or plane sitting close to me. You as a rule have an assumption of what a “Rolex wearer” or an “Omega fellow” resembles. These are ideal events to guarantee your “hypothesis” about them. Also, when you see a unique piece, a restricted version or a cool vintage watch. Out of nowhere, the person who possesses the entire armrest close to you acquires your regard. Watch spotting has another way as well; watching films and TV. The present Full HD TVs permit you not exclusively to see the watch completely clear yet additionally to stop the program while you take that screen capture for the watch discussion. That is the thing that I did while watching Ellen on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

That wristband is an unmistakable giveaway – Screen outtake from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ellen DeGeneres

If you’ve been living under a stone for as long as 25 years and have no clue about who Ellen DeGeneres is allowed me to update you. She is perhaps the most persuasive ladies in TV close to any semblance of Oprah and Barbara Walters. Ellen is a professional comic, entertainer, author, maker, anchor person, LGBT dissident just to give some examples of her “titles”. The rundown continues endlessly. She began her profession doing stand-ups in the mid ’80s. Before the decade’s over she was a known comedian and gradually film moves discovered her as well. She featured in films like the 1993 comedy, Coneheads. Nonetheless, the greatest advancement was Ellen’s TV appearances. Her arrangement “Ellen” ran for 4 seasons and since 2003 she is the host of her own syndicated program; The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Screen outtake from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch Enthusiast

Ellen has numerous loves that incorporate creatures, good cause associations and Rolex watches. She has been seen wearing various models from the Swiss brand all through her profession. A superstar wearing a Rolex watch? Goodness, what a story, correct? Wrong. Ellen doesn’t just wear the most recent and flashiest Rolex observes the present celebs would don. She has various vintage models in her assortment as well. Which implies she either has an extraordinary preference for the brand (we trust so) or somebody hand chooses those watches with a fastidious taste. Among others, she possesses a vintage 1655 Explorer II, various vintage Daytonas (6263, 6241, 6265) a Yachtmaster with the Oysterflex elastic lash and a white gold Rolex Submariner. Simply a week ago while showing up at Jimmy Kimmel Live advancing her new Netflix extraordinary Ellen was wearing the new Rolex GMT Master II (126710BLRO) Pepsi steel from 2018.

Ellen wearing her vintage Daytona while individual comedian Jerry Seinfeld is brandishing a Breitling – Screen outtake from The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Rolex curiosities are consistently one of, if not, the most foreseen watches of the Baselworld show. Their corner is effectively the most shot presentation remain in the show. When the new oddities are out you artistic need to stand by minutes before you could get a brief look at them in the stall’s showcase windows. The current year’s gem was clearly the steel GMT-Master II “Pepsi”, a model Rolex, up until now, just delivered as a white gold adaptation on an Oyster wristband. Obviously, there are numerous vintage references in steel yet since Rolex quit delivering the reference 16710 out of 2007 there has been no Pepsi GMT. Until this year. The new GMT-Master II retails for €8.400 (in Germany). That is on the off chance that you can get one. All things considered, clearly Ellen DeGeneres did. She added one more notorious model to her epic Rolex assortment and we were unable to be more jealous.

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