The Royal Oak Offshore has been unfathomably mainstream since its presentation in 1993. Eventually — seems like a very long time back — nearly everybody disregarded the ordinary Royal Oak, including the 15202, and went completely frantic on all the Offshore variety. The Safari themed Offshore was all over, for instance. Today, I’ll investigate the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronographs.

For quite a while, I ignored the Royal Oak Offshore. Too noisy, too ostentatious, too much everything, essentially. That changed when we visited one of the greatest Royal Oak Offshore authorities in The Netherlands in 2018 and did this long provide details regarding the first Royal Oak Offshore , otherwise called ‘The Beast’. In the event that you haven’t read it, you should.

Playing around with those Royal Oak Offshore watches, I understood this watch is an exemplary too. Also, that they in reality actually look good, even those absolute initial 1993 models. At the point when Audemars Piguet called us that they had some new Royal Oak Offshore models in, we didn’t need to think long. Let’s examine them.

Royal Oak Offshore 44mm

We had the chance to go active with the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm in three varieties. The bi-shading ROO Chronograph with reference 26405NR.OO.A002CA.01, the green ROO Chronograph with reference 26405CE.OO.A056CA.01, and the ROO Chronograph in blue, with reference 26405CE.OO.A030CA.01. My eye was attracted to the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm with a dash of gold, obviously. Beside feel, these three Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronographs have a similar specialized specifications.


It fundamentally reduces to an inclination for tones, and utilization of materials. At the point when gold isn’t for you, Audemars Piguet offers a plenty of varieties of the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm. A few models in the list even incorporate a beautiful elastic disguise strap. Concerning materials, other than gold, there are varieties in steel and artistic. We have three dark earthenware renditions for our involved survey. One in green, one in blue, and one with 18ct pink gold. All have a similar 44mm width case, which estimates 14.4mm in height.


As you can find in the image over, the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm is very unique in relation to the monobloc case the Royal Oak used to be. It comprises of different layers. A clay bezel, elastic seal, artistic mid-case, titanium push-piece watches, and a titanium case back. What’s more, two sapphire gems, obviously. The Royal Oak Offshore 44mm 26405NR has a pink gold case back, with sapphire. All renditions have an elastic strap with the material theme. A firm looking yet rather comfortable strap.

Caliber 3126/3840

I used to have a Royal Oak Chronograph around 10 years prior, it was controlled by type 2385. It is as yet utilized for a portion of the chronograph models, and it depends on a F. Piguet development. This Royal Oak Offshore has a piggyback development, which means it has a base type (3126) with a chronograph module (3840) on top. It comprises of 365 sections altogether and has a force save of 50 hours. The ticking velocity of type 3126/3840 is 21600vph (~ 3 Hz).

There are two notes I’d like to make. I sound like Captain Obvious here, yet AP should quit utilizing chronograph modules in this value class. I don’t know what is against utilizing their chronograph type 4401 development (likewise utilized in the Code 11:59), as it has more force hold and a higher recurrence. Furthermore, a fly-back capacity, yet that can be taken our (or left in).

Aesthetically talking, there are likewise favorable circumstances of type 4401. It doesn’t have the date plate in the “basement”, so no requirement for a cyclops on the date. Likewise, the 4401 development has a width of 32mm versus 29.92mm of the piggyback development. A bigger development measurement is seriously satisfying when looking at the straightforward case back of the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm.

Mega Tapisserie

Where the first Royal Oak 5402 has an inconspicuous Clous-de-Paris on the dial, the Royal Oak Offshore consistently had a fairly bigger theme. However, on later Royal Oak Offshore watches, it got legitimate enormous. Audemars Piguet alludes to it as “mega tapisserie”. In any case, it suits the watch. The dial of these Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronograph really shows a great deal of detail. Applied Arabic numerals, “mega tapisserie”, sub dials with roundabout grain, applied edges around the subdials, and pleasantly faceted hands. Indeed, even the cyclops on the date aperture finds a way into all of this.

Audemars Piguet alludes to the dials as “smokey”. So above, you will see the smokey blue, the others being smokey green and smokey dim. It gives much more profundity to the dial, on top of the “mega tapisserie” theme. I’m a huge fanatic of the shading blue, however the green and bicolor are my #1 AP Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronographs.

Royal Oak Offshore 44mm on the wrist

I have 19cm wrists, which I wouldn’t call either little or extremely enormous, yet 42mm is by all accounts my sweet spot. All things considered, I can pull off 44mm as should be obvious. More significant however, is whether you feel comfortable wearing a huge watch. Indeed, even with more modest wrists than mine, I figure 44mm can function admirably. Eventually, it’s about close to home inclination. Regardless, I wound up inclining towards the green watch a ton. I love the tone on the earthenware bezel, crown, and pushers combined with the dark clay case.

My comment on the piggyback development is only that, a comment, and wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me when I’d be on the lookout for this watch. In my past expert life (in IT) I would consider a devoted chronograph development a “nice to have”, and not a “must-have”. This watch is substantially more about feel and materials than it is about the development. Furthermore, all things considered, the development does look decent and notwithstanding the module not being created in-house (yet by Dubois Depraz), the base type is an AP make movement.

Royal Oak Offshore 44mm Prices

The costs of these Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronographs can be found on the . On there, the cost are in Swiss Francs however (at any rate for us). The costs in Euro (counting 21% VAT) are:

  • 26405NR.OO.A002CA.01 (Pink gold/earthenware) – €46,600
  • 26405CE.OO.A056CA.01 (green earthenware) – €37,900
  • 26405CE.OO.A030CA.01 (blue earthenware) – €37,900

AP watches come with a five-year worldwide guarantee and everything particulars can be found below.