It’s a ceaseless inquiry, which Speedmaster Professional would it be a good idea for me to purchase? The one with sapphire or a model with Hesalite gem? And afterward there’s not simply a solitary right answer. Both have their own preferences. Be that as it may, here’s why each Speedmaster fan ought to in any event have one model in their assortment with a Hesalite crystal.

Technology propels. Man grew new answers for watchmaking developments. That’s very reasonable. New greases brought a superior lubrification life expectancy. New materials guaranteed better enemy of attractive properties. Various developments made longer force saves conceivable. What’s more, that’s not the finish of the list.

A Speedmaster Professional with sapphire crystal

Why pick an Omega Speedmaster Professional with Hesalite crystal?

The unique Omega Speedmaster in 1957 was furnished with acrylic — or all the more commonly, plastic — crystal*. Much the same as numerous different games watches and chronographs of that period. The primary motivation to utilize plastic rather than mineral glass was the protection from breaking. On hefty effect — more commonly supported by instrument observes as opposed to dress watches — an acrylic precious stone will break, not break. Not exclusively are apparatus observes bound to be hit, yet the climate in which they are utilized is additionally frequently more touchy to glass splinters flying around. Envision the numerous threats presented by free glass splinters flying around a cockpit climate in a plane or space rocket?

* To utilize the word precious stone for the top glass, or focal point, of a watch is somewhat befuddling. Precious stone is a very surprising material from plastic. In any case, somehow, the word precious stone — or glass — is utilized to decide the part that straightforwardly secures the dial and hands. Whatever material it’s made of.

Sapphire (left) vs Hesalite (right)

What precisely is Hesalite?

As we can see,  to depict Speedmaster “crystals”. However, what precisely is Hesalite? All things considered, Hesalite is a straightforward thermoplastic, or PMMA — Poly Methyl Meth Acrylate.

PMMA comes from various makers, which may have marginally extraordinary optical and additionally mechanical properties. In any case, frankly, fundamentally, all PMMA’s are the equivalent. The thing that matters is regularly brought about by a maker of the PMMA utilizing a tradename. So on the off chance that we see Perspex, Plexiglass, Lucite, Sumiplex, or Hesalite being utilized, we’re taking a gander at various commercial compositions of PMMA created by various makers. The Hesalite brand is claimed by in Switzerland.

Technology advances

One of the specialized improvements in watchmaking was the utilization of sapphire for the top precious stone. Sapphire is additionally a yet has little to do with a sapphire watch glass. The sapphire utilized for watch glasses is a hard, straightforward material made of solidifying unadulterated aluminum oxide at exceptionally high temperatures. The lone thing the two sorts of sapphire share for all intents and purpose is that engineered sapphire has similar hardness as regular sapphire gemstones, yet without the shading that gives the jewels their attractiveness.

Sapphire crystal

A sapphire precious stone is — because of its troublesome creation measure — considerably more costly than one produced using straightforward thermoplastic. As said, a sapphire gem is intense and is practically difficult to scratch. In fact that sounds promising and ideal for an every day worn watch. Subsequently, much of the time, it’s an alluring decision. Aside from that 1% utilizing a watch in a climate where the small possibility of dissipating a watch’s gem isn’t attractive or permitted, it is in fact the best answer for a great many people. In any case, is it the best answer for a no-nonsense Speedmaster fan?

Hesalite is certifiably not a scholarly choice.

I don’t think so. Actually, most likely yes. In any case, at that point also, wouldn’t an Apple Watch technically be a preferable arrangement over an Omega Speedmaster Professional? Most likely likewise yes. However, as I would see it, fans don’t wear nor purchase their Speedmasters for scholarly reasons. We’d be going too far to even consider talking about why individuals are pulled in by particular kinds of watches here. However, eventually, fortunately, the majority of the reasons come down to feeling and aren’t scholarly choices.


And that’s why I think any Speedmaster fan ought to at any rate have one Speedy with a Hesalite precious stone. It unquestionably appears to be unique, and it gives an alternate encounter when wearing the watch. The distinction in appearance is one explanation, yet the noteworthy thought likewise makes a difference. This is the way Speedmasters are utilized expertly; this is the manner by which they were intended to be. Ideal for a particular application. The genuine deal.

But it’ll scratch.

Yes, your Hesalite gem will scratch simpler than a sapphire one. And afterward, so what? Obviously, I can envision that in the event that you just spent nearly €5,000 on something that you love, you don’t like to have it scratched. That’d hurt. However, I’m sure that the delight that a Hesalite Speedmaster will give you will beat the calamity of scratching your precious stone. That is to say, it’s simply a plastic gem. It’s intended to be damaged; it ensures your dial and hands. Scratches don’t mean a lot of mischief to your watch or your wallet on the off chance that you need to have it supplanted. Also, all things considered, they instill a watch with an invaluable character.

As the photos will clarify, I utilize a Speedmaster with Hesalite gem as a mixer. That can not exclusively be told from the Hesalite yet from the state of the entire watch too. What’s more, I prefer it as such. I didn’t purchase this one shiny new. I got it from a commercial carrier pilot who utilized it as a device until he resigned. This watch has flown everywhere on the world for quite a long time. It has thumped on more instruments, entryways, and so forth than a large number of us could expect to clack into over a long period. Without a moment’s delay, an additional scratch on the Hesalite isn’t a calamity any longer; it’s a fight scar. It implies it’s my watch, and I’ve imparted encounters to it.

How effectively will Hesalite scratch?

I know there are a couple of kinds of pencil tests, however there’s one to demonstrate the hardness of Hesalite also. Lead pencils exist in different hardness. They ordinarily range from 6B delicate to 9H extremely hard. Just the hardest kind of pencil, 9H, can scratch a Hesalite crystal.

And what is against sapphire crystal?

As referenced, other than for verifiable reasons, a sapphire will give your Speedmaster Professional an alternate look. The dial will look somewhat more clear and more keen, explicitly compared to a watch with a Hesalite precious stone that has been worn for some time. Is that terrible? No, it’s not terrible, but rather unique, and it will make your Speedmaster look a piece excessively great. There’s another point, notwithstanding, and that’s the visual distortion of the dial.

Hesalite Sapphire

Difficult to clarify, yet the photos above will clarify what I mean. Furthermore, as far as I might be concerned, that is the most noticeably awful thing about a sapphire-bested Speedy. It pretty much annihilates the first — more vintage — feeling. In fact the watch with a sapphire precious stone will likely be the most developed, however it doesn’t show the equivalent spirit.

Any burdens of the Hesalite Speedmaster?

Leaving the recorded viewpoints aside, I think it’s a pity that the Speedmaster Professional isn’t accessible with a glass back (any longer). I do get why, however. The Hesalite prepared watch was as yet intended to be an instrument watch. Between the case back and the development, you’ll locate a delicate iron enemy of attractive shield. A watch with a glass back would clearly do not have this component, making it less reasonable for proficient jobs.

But for fans and authorities, taking a gander at the fine Lemania based chronograph type is a blowout. Before, there have been two references flaunting both presentation backs and Hesalite precious stones. These were the 3592.50 and  3572.50 . These days, and for a long time to come, this combination is tragically unavailable.


If you’re a bad-to-the-bone Speedmaster Professional fan, I suppose one of your watches will have Hesalite gem. On the off chance that you’re not such an authority but rather simply love the Speedmaster as a watch for your normal every day life, a sapphire precious stone might be a possibility for you. Be that as it may, and, after its all said and done, I can’t consider it to be a superior decision as it becomes an alternate watch.

Please note that the above article mirrors a sincere belief. Don’t hesitate to deviate, and don’t hesitate to impart your insight in the comments underneath. You’ll discover me on Instagram .