Brand definition has only here and there been a higher priority than it is in 2021. Following a time of lockdown, brands are becoming more aware of the new difficulties they should confront. Connecting the split among items and clients has never been more diligently. The brands that will meet with the most accomplishment in this vein are those with a solid story, a recognizable stylish, and a noteworthy character that can rise above the need to hold an item prior to committing to its buy. Thusly, William Wood looks exceptional to climate the current tempest, and its new Triumph assortment, delivered prior today.

If you’re new to the William Wood brand, we’ve got you covered. If it’s not too much trouble, investigate our past article zeroed in on the brand’s most unmistakable piece, the Valiant programmed . The brand is venturing things up this time around, however. The arrival of the Triumph assortment welcomes programmed chronographs to the arrangement for the first time.

Not just do we have three watch head colorways to browse, every last one of the watch heads is promptly changed by your decision of tie (of which there are three too). For instance, matching the blue dial with the red or yellow fire hose elastic tie (rather than the blue which appears to be its most characteristic fit), brings about a very surprising look. In the event that you need to push the boat out further, there is even a green fire hose lash and a metal wristband to pick from.

Welcome upgrades

I was sufficiently fortunate to deal with the William Wood Valiant face to face. I thought the form quality was really darn acceptable, and agreed with the asking value well. The Triumph assortment clearly takes the brand to its most exorbitant cost point ever, however that is obviously advocated by the Sellita SW510 chronograph component inside. It’s satisfying to see that the brand put forth a significant attempt to bring a novel (and top notch) dial plan into play simultaneously as overhauling its development game.

The uni-compax design is my number one style of chronograph, for reasons unknown. I think I appreciate the evenness. It is additionally one of the solitary designs that I think looks offset with a date (at 6 o’clock), in light of the fact that this nets off with the 12 o’clock logo one would hope to discover on a standard watch dial layout.

There is something truly cool about this sandwich dial format. The two brilliant sub-dials are straightened off towards the base. Thusly, they take a few dashboard checks. Is it especially utilitarian? As a matter of fact, actually no, not extraordinarily. However, does it give the William Wood Triumph Chronograph assortment something to discuss? Indeed. it extremely does.

The specs

Beating away inside the new Triumph models is the Swiss-Made Sellita SW510 Chronograph. Passed time is recorded for as long as 30 minutes. It is demonstrated by the shading coded focal chronograph seconds hand and the moment sub-register at 3 o’clock. At 9 o’clock, you will locate the going seconds hand, connected to the death of ordinary time. The chronograph is worked utilizing the antique metal plated pushers on the right-hand side of the case.

These pushers network especially pleasantly with the general plan of the Fuel model. The Fuel is the one with the dark dial and the yellow lash as standard. It is additionally my undisputed top choice. The Fuel model has brilliant hands and a metal bezel, tying the chronograph pushes in significantly further. The SW510 has a 48-hour power save and a 4Hz working frequency.

At 41mm wide and 15,5mm (thanks to a limited extent to the air pocket sapphire with AR covering) the William Wood Triumph chronograph is a stocky however even watch. Having had the Valiant on my wrist, I can validate the interest point of view offered by these high-vault gems, which, believe it or not, are my number one components of each plan. The in a split second review a vintage stylish, referring to the hesalite gems that may have been utilized in a long time ago, however would absolutely not have faced the conditions the WW Triumph arrangement worries about reminding us of.

The case back view is a funny gesture to the brand’s connections to the fire administration and works pleasantly with the general tasteful. Here you see a (non-utilitarian) alarm. The case back is additionally embellished with each piece’s limit as these models are confined to only 250 pieces for every colorway.


The lashes of the William Wood Valiant and Triumph arrangement are clearly ideas. These upcycling firefighters’ hoses won’t be for everybody. I sort of like it, be that as it may (particularly the yellow one — I’m a sucker for yellow). Thoughtfully, however, the carry width of the Triumph chronograph is 20mm. That implies should you locate the elastic hose ties altogether too much for each event, you can undoubtedly sub them out for a secondary selling option, or flip the watch head onto the discretionary wristband. Colorway-wise, the red model is alluded to as “Heat”, the blue model conveys the “Oxygen” moniker, and the yellow-tied/dark dial, is known as the “fuel”.

Some good purchasing conditions

These watches went at a bargain today thus, in the event that you extravagant adding one to your stable, you’ve most likely got a tad of time to hop on the cart. In any case, in the event that you need a little push, William Wood is offering a couple of advantages for the initial 100 Triumph clients. Right off the bat, the initial 100 sold will be charged at a 12% rebate off the typical retail cost. That implies you will pay £1,895 rather than £2,150. You will have the decision to one or the other come up with all required funds (£1,895), or £632 each month for a quarter of a year (£1,895 altogether), or, on the off chance that you like to spread the expense significantly further, £358 each month for a half year (adding up to £2,150).

Additionally, you will get the watch three months before the overall population. Inside the bundle, you will locate a getting pair of antique metal sleeve buttons. You additionally find the opportunity to pick your case back number. Lastly, you will get a hand-marked thank you letter from the organizer. Each watch has a long term worldwide guarantee from the date of receipt. It is additionally covered by a multi day free brings strategy back. Study the brand and hold your .