This week on Wrist Game or Crying Shame, we get the Corum Bubble Shark Diver. This is one odd watch. However, first…

Last week, I got some genuine style with the Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk 7100. Alright, it was a piece blingy with its cleaned wristband and bi-shading vibes. Maybe it was because of these qualities that the watch completed in a close to draw at 50/50 (the fine print shows a 8 vote general political decision Crying Shame misfortune, however I figure the constituent school would show this as a Wrist Game victor). I believe that kind of result is right on the money since it underpins what I generally say – that half of the population has no design sense. I’ll leave it to you to translate that secretive comment. Today, we carry something considerably more polarizing with the Corum Bubble Shark Diver.

The Corum Bubble Shark Diver

Corum is one of those brands that’s intense to portray. At the point when I was a surly tween investigating watches in the shopping center or, sparingly, on a Caribbean voyage, they were available and mainstream. Watches like the Coin were quite uproarious and pretentious, however they were unquestionably extraordinary. At that point, I can review the Golden Bridge, which is as yet a truly neat model in my eyes. In any case, around the year 2000 (sign Conan O’Brien’s epic “In the Year 2000” dramas), we were honored with a peculiarity called the Corum Bubble. Think about a relatively ordinary, however 44/45mm cased watch and toss on an enormous sapphire air pocket precious stone. This wild bulge brought the thickness up to an amazing 18.8mm.

Supposedly, the Corum Bubble was enlivened by outrageous profundity plunge watches (think Rolex Bathyscaphe Trieste and you’re progressing nicely). Notwithstanding, I think practically the entirety of the early models were sans any sort of jump bezel. The watches were and still are justifiably showy. To make matters flashier (or more regrettable in certain personalities), they regularly had insane dials! Skeletons, Jokers, work of art, and so forth were extremely normal. I even worked with somebody who had a skull and crossbones version.  He wore some on top of the world watches, however this was an astounding one!

Some irregular musings and details

Most of you are most likely laughing at this moment, yet these Corum Bubble watches were extremely hot in the mid 2000’s. I’m not certain on the off chance that they were Panerai hot, but rather they were genuinely famous. Corum exploited the situation and turned out many restricted release pieces to hungry fans. In 2004, they added this semi appropriate plunge variant called the Corum Bubble Shark Diver (and I accept 2004 pieces). Presently, this 45mm x 18 and change mm thickness steel watch did really bring some jumping cleaves. It has a plunge bezel and it’s great to 200 meters.  I’m accepting the crown is a screw-down affair.

Seriously, quit sniggering. The Corum Bubble Shark Diver was intended to appear as though you are gazing into the front of a World War 2 period military aircraft with such teeth. It even has a tri-edge seconds hand to complete the look! Gracious, and if sharks aren’t your thing, Corum made a comparable tiger-decorated model to celebrate the, you got it, popular Flying Tigers. Is this watch genuinely kitschy? Hellfire yes it is, yet it’s sort of rock ‘n’ roll.

Who is this watch for?

Aside from the arbitrary purchaser like my ex-associate, I think a great deal of Corum Bubble watches discovered homes on rockers, showy people (I’d surmise L.A. was a major market) and possibly a few hoodlums! Perhaps this Shark Diver advances to that latter gathering much more since, supposing that its forceful sleeve lash and ammunition box bundling. Beside those people, I surmise I consider this to be different Bubbles as style statements. Also, eventually, if they’re not my sack, they’re sort of fun as long as you don’t take them so seriously.

Today’s candidate

Today’s Corum Bubble Shark Diver was found on and the photos have a place with the current proprietor who probably sits in Odessa, Ukraine. I don’t understand what this watch cost when it was new, yet I’d wager a pail of Hrivna that it was more than the €2,151 offer of today. The merchant made a decent showing of capturing this ornate piece (you don’t realize how uncommon that really is when I’m chasing for my Wrist Game subjects) and it comes with everything. The crate, the administrative work — including a little certificate from long lost previous CEO and planner of the Bubble Severin Wunderman — and another lash are all important for the arrangement. The watch is said to show a couple of minor scratches and I surmise that’s not such a surprise.

But let’s see what you think about the Corum Bubble. Do whatever it takes not to be so quarrelsome — I know, it’s 2020 and simple to be a console champion sourpuss on our new comments framework — and have some good times with this one.

Corum Bubble Shark Diver

    Corum Bubble Shark Diver for €2,151?