Hey there, it’s time for Wrist Game or Crying Shame where we offer up a watch for your offering. Obviously, it’s for the sake of entertainment, so don’t neglect to have a few! This week, we’ll take a gander at a newly overhauled Seiko 6159-7001 Professional Diver. Yet, first…

Last week, I showed you the Omega Speedmaster Teutonic . This early ’80s peculiarity is one Speedy that infrequently makes it to Tuesday for most authorities, however you’ve obviously offered it a renewed perspective. I say that in light of the fact that the “Jas” beat out the “Neins” in a 56% Wrist Game “gewinnen”. Much appreciated God, as the maxim goes here in the Fatherland! Let’s check whether we can keep the series of wins alive as we proceed onward from Switzerland to the Land of the Rising Sun. Indeed, we’re making a beeline for Japan to investigate one of my #1 watches in the Seiko 6159-7001 Professional Diver.

The Seiko 6159-7001 Professional Diver

These days, it appears to be that Seiko can’t oppose a sweet thick portion of showcasing to oblige its new deliveries. Regardless of whether it’s Seiko, Grand Seiko, or even Seiko 5, the gigantic company lays it on with an intensity like not many others. In the event that you’re searching for a watch roused by the twilight, daylight, woods, underwater woodlands, moonlight battling with the daylight while battling an underwater timberland — indeed, Seiko likely offers the restricted version watch for you. Backing away from the entirety of that, they make some genuinely stunning watches. However, don’t you pine for bygone times when Seiko was exclusively rambling on about its set of experiences? Today’s Seiko 6159-7001 Professional Diver is the ideal illustration of that.

A little history, however just a little

If you’re a Seiko fan or a stalwart supporter of Fratello, at that point the Seiko 6159-7001 requirements little presentation. We talked about it in a 2-section vintage jumper shootout I several years back, a composed Seiko Diver history , and (bold module our new . On the latter, this is the one where you’d come away reasoning “that Jason Statham sure looks a great deal like Mike.” Exactly… To spare the nitty-gritty details, the first-since forever Seiko Professional jumper appeared back in 1968 as the 6159-7000. It investigated the “one and done” 1967 6215-7000 . And keeping in mind that the two common a similar essential monobloc case plan, 300-meter rating, and looks, the 6159 was a totally different beast.

I’d surmise that the 1967 6215-7000 came out just for a year on the grounds that Seiko hadn’t yet culminated its 36,000vph development. Be that as it may, by 1968 it was prepared for ideal time and the 6159 carried this fast fire development with hand winding, a quickset date change, and hacking. It likewise acquired better fixing around the gem, new lume, and an alternate bezel. Thus the legend was brought into the world that would last, um, for a very long time. In 1969, a marginally reexamined Seiko 6159-7001 Professional was delivered. The progressions are unpretentious, yet there are, indeed, various seals. The precious stones are extraordinary and one can see a ring looking into the issue back versus the 1968’s flat profile. These are seemingly insignificant details, however vintage watch gatherers are fanatics for this sort of stuff.

The lore

Seiko legend reveals to us that a deepwater specialist complained about gems flying off of his Seiko 6159-7001 Professional models. Seiko was clearly so moved by this that they quit creating the 6159 following two brief years. The rest, as it’s been said, is history since it took them six long a very long time to come back out with a Professional in the determinedly extraordinary type of the Grandfather Tuna . We’re certainly substantial on the adages today (hello, we’re talking Seiko!) on the grounds that the current love for the first 6159 shows that time has a method of recuperating wounds. Be that as it may, failing to remember the original’s shortcomings, there’s a lot of valid justification for this admiration.

Why it matters…

When I consider watch plans that matter, it’s difficult to understate the significance of the Seiko 6159-7001 Professional and its two close relatives. This was and is the watch that truly made ready for so numerous dearest jumpers that the brand gave after and still makes today. That Marinemaster 300 that dominated discussions during the 2000s and 2010s? It’s a carbon copy for the 6159 and Seiko promotes this. You could even say the equivalent for the SKX arrangement that has advanced toward the wrists of everybody from watch darlings to the miserly. Disregard the 62MAS, fail to remember the Willard, the Turtle, etc. Indeed, there are shades of those watches in other Seiko models, however the 6159 truly set the tone. In that capacity, we even have current 6159 re-editions.

But it’s not just the meaning of the Seiko 6159-7001 Professional inside Seiko that makes me like it to such an extent. Water-obstruction gives aside (and indeed, I know it’s a serious deal), this watch obliterated its competition in the late 1960s. The development was and still is, epic to observe. The quickset date, a thick and sturdy mineral gem, and seemingly insignificant details like the crown arrangement all contrast intensely from models like the Submariner or Seamaster. Is the Seiko better? Possibly not however they were plainly going for the moon while others were content with little moves. Aside: in a conversation I had with one rescue jumper from this period, he stated that eventually there was just a single throughout each and every day plunge watch deserving at least some respect similar to solidness and waterproofing. The name started with “R” and finished in “olex”.

The Seiko 6159 for collectors

Things have changed, however the 43.6mm Seiko 6159-7001 Professional has for quite some time been an off-the-radar decision for gatherers. Fault territorial (generally Japan) accessibility and an absence of press versus the Swiss brands. All things considered, the 6159 is a significant watch with costs somewhere in the range of €7,000 to greater than five figures. As qualities have risen, we’ve likewise seen more come out of the woodwork. They’re still not as common as Submariners or Seamasters, but rather they’re at least out there. To the extent things to watch out for, it’s generally parts related. The 6159 Hi-Beat imparts little to more unremarkable Seiko developments. In this way, the old giver watch strategy doesn’t function admirably here. Besides, precious stones are hard to track down and the crowns can strip. On the development, the heart sits in a fixed barrel, and finding a substitution is very testing. This is a watch to go in with your eyes totally open if it’s not running admirably or necessities a service.

Today’s candidate

Thankfully, today’s Seiko 6159-7001 Professional flaunts a new assistance by the notable LA WatchWorks. I don’t have any involvement in them, yet they’ve been near and appear to feel comfortable around troublesome watches. The piece we show here comes by means of and the photos are politeness of the merchant Chronoholic in L.A. As far as I might be concerned, this seems as though a spotless watch with a decent case, dial, and hands. The hands and dial appear to be overly spotless. I’d need to loupe them, yet the dealer remains by their creativity. The crown sinks as far as possible, the gem was ground and cleaned, and the bezel looks pleasant. At last, it comes on an Uncle Seiko Tire Tread tie (the Chocolate Bar “waffle” is more right per ). The cost is €7,776 and that appears to be sensible for a clean and as of late overhauled piece.

In the end, you’ll need to choose if this Seiko 6159-7001 Professional merits your consideration. Once more, I consider this to be a legend for some reasons, however I’m inquisitive to perceive what you think and say.

Seiko 6159-7001

    Seiko 6159-7001 Professional Diver for €7.776?