Welcome back to another portion of Wrist Game or Crying Shame. This week, we take on the venturesome Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster. Yet, first…

Last week, I attempted to engage your wearing aims while attempting to toss a little superstar underwriting your direction. Neither one of the offerings was sufficient to send the TAG Heuer Tiger Woods Professional Golf Watch to the following Ryder Cup. The exhibition was outrageously impolite and sent this to a 67% misfortune in this skins game. In the event that golf isn’t your game, maybe hiking is more your style. Provided that this is true, perhaps you’ll fancy today’s Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster.

The Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster

The Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster is a novel looking watch. This piece previously showed itself around 2012 as the SBDB005. It carried with it an extraordinarily wild bullhead style 46.8mm titanium case with Diashield, the 5R66 Spring Drive with GMT work, and hot shellfish arm band. The Landmaster was important for the Prospex arrangement and somehow or another closely resembles the Alpinist in purpose.

Regardless of the expected clash, Seiko kept at it with this 100-meter model. Inside a year, a 2013 restricted release dark coated piece called the Miura Everest SBDB007 advanced toward the market with similar specs. This 300-piece discharge commemorated the (ultimately) fruitful summiting of Everest by then 80-year old climber Yuichiro Miura. In 2016, Seiko accompanied the gently updated (discussion wizards reveal to us it was just new lume) SBDB015.

Good for scaling the faces?

The somewhat odd looking Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster was as far as anyone knows a fair accompaniment on the essences of Everest for one sole explanation. The silly 12 o’clock crown wouldn’t catch on ropes. I surmise that bodes well, however I admit that carabiners, crampons, and pitons aren’t my forte. Seiko records the thickness at 14.2mm and the wristband width comes to a meaty 24mm. In any case, as I referenced, this Landmaster is made of the light stuff and is just 142 grams with the bracelet.

There are some different specs worth knowing with regards to the Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster. First and foremost, the 5R66 development is a genuine peach. It has 72 hours of force hold and you can watch every one tally down on the force save indicator at 4:00. It’s additionally accurate to inside +/ – 15 seconds out of every month, so you can culmination as expected for mixed drinks. At last, that crazy case I referenced games cross-penetrated drags to make tie replacements a breeze.

It looks like something undeniably more expensive

There’s a rather significant thing to specify about the Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster and that’s another watch that enlivened it. The ultra uncommon and collectible Seiko Spacewalk SPS005 turned out in 2008 and it donated a lot of its plan characteristics to the Landmaster. Note the very hour markers, 24-hour scale, fundamental hands, and skeletonized GMT hand. They’re essentially indistinguishable on the Landmaster. Interestingly, the Spacewalk retailed for somewhere near $28,000 while this Landmaster retailed for 350,000 JPY (generally 10% of the value, FX brokers). Indeed, the Spacewalk was an undeniably more complex model, however this Landmaster was nothing to sniff at.

A great section point for Spring Drive

Due to its relatively low rundown cost and even lower road cost in Japan, the Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster engaged the individuals who needed to give Spring Drive a shot the relative modest. I even have a companion in Japan who went down this street and it was a direct result of him that I had the option to invest energy with this watch. I should say, it’s a watch that I genuinely appreciated and have pondered purchasing ordinarily. Tragically, these watches were unobtrusively stopped in 2019 or so on the grounds that their polarizing looks were a tad excessively stunning. In my view, this is a genuine pity since it was one of the brand’s really remarkable watches that utilized a bespoke fascinating material case.

Today’s candidate

The Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster actually needs the fame division, yet broad oversight can be your benefit. These watches have exemplary styling and should search new for a truly significant time-frame. I found a pleasant unworn model on out of Japan. The merchant, The Watch Company, alongside different dealers, utilizes similar four stock shots, yet this was the most economical model at just €2,176. Truly, that’s absolutely negligible to get into Spring Drive with a GMT work. On that last point, while others are crying in their soup attempting to discover a Rolex GMT, you can scale mountains with this boss Seiko!

You can disclose to I like the Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster. It’s time to check whether you can manage its irregular huge Bullhead styling in what I believe is as yet an extremely satisfying bundle. Let the democratic begin!

Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster

    Seiko SBDB015 Landmaster for €2,176?