Welcome back to Wrist Game or Crying Shame, the week by week arrangement that permits you to conclude whether you’d prefer to wear a watch or socially distance it from your limb! This week, we head down a few stakes on the stepping stool with a glance at the Seiko SKX007J. On the whole…

In a week ago’s scene of Wrist Game, we were on top of the world with the Panerai Luminor Base Logo . I mourned the utilization of marking in our advanced world however proceeded to say that this PAM did it in a cool and tasteful manner. Generally 67% of you agreed with my stance and that implies that this fake Italian Stallion jogged off with a success. As an aside, a “67%” meant a D+ back in school and that really sucks, however we should not think in those terms. We should entirely direct our concentration toward the present subject, the most celebrated modest watch in the business known as the Seiko SKX007J.

The Seiko SKX007J Has Been Around Since 1996

The Seiko SKX007J has been around for jackass’ years. That really means the delivery year of 1996. 1996 additionally denoted the year that my darling Orioles went wire to wire possibly to lose to the Yankees when some child came to over to give Derek Jeter a free grand slam. Man, how I scorn the Yankees. Be that as it may, proceeding onward, the SKX007 brought the recognizable Seiko recipe of a modest 200-meter jumper with a solid, not-excessively exact programmed development (the 7S26). It additionally utilized a case that had been pushed through with different models since its origin in the last part of the ’70s in a quartz 7548.

The Icon is Actually Derivative

The current Covid and its lockdown impacts leave an individual with a great deal of time for smart thoughtfulness. Subsequently, it’s the ideal opportunity for an aside that identifies with the mostly cherished Seiko SKX007J. We get crotchety with the huge Japanese brand for reusing its case styles again and again and I’d utilize the new 55th Anniversary triplet as Exhibit A. Then again, in 1996, the SKX007 fundamentally carried an update to a plan that had been around for a very long time at that stage. I realize that web-based media wasn’t a thing in those days, however it demonstrates that Seiko truly hasn’t at any point changed its business as usual regarding progressive plan advancement. I’m not exactly sure on the off chance that we’ve perpetually been sheep or on the off chance that we’ve as of late transformed into jackals, however maybe it merits a think.

Seiko type 7S26

The Seiko SKX007J is a Watch for Everyone

The Seiko SKX007J is known as numerous things.  Gateway drug, helpless man’s watch, acceptable mixer, or decent get-away watch are only a portion of the things we’ve heard. What is likewise thought about the Seiko SKX007J is that it is no more. This is a reality now regardless of the colossal NOS situation that swarms online shill’s shops. This out of creation status has permitted said shops to become deft. They’re going after the individuals who decided to forego leaving behind a two or three hundred bucks in the course of recent years. By preying, I intend to disclose to you that they’re currently joyfully attempting to charge €350 or more to eat up one of these “uncommon” birds while you can. At this crossroads, on the off chance that you pay that you’re likely liable of storing clinical supplies. Furthermore, in a period like this present, that is not praise.

Seiko SKX007

The J Variants are Now Available…

Now there’s one thing I neglected to make reference to with respect to the main part of NOS Seiko SKX007J models on the scene. You’ll note that I’ve made the unmistakable purpose of getting down on the “J” toward the finish of this model. The “J” in the name means “Japan” and these are currently promptly accessible. This implies the model was made on the island rather than elsewhere in Asia. The contention for these Js is similar as in the days when VW made Golf GTIs in both Germany and Mexico. Individuals swore here and there that the Mexico-assembled variants were not as great. In the Seiko world, super nerds broadcast the equivalent about the birthplace of their SKXs.

…and They’re Plentiful

Your creator ends up possessing a SKX007 from some place in Asia and a SKX011 — a similar model however with an orange dial — from Japan. I will say that the Japanese form flaunts more keen case edges, more articulated matte completing, and a somewhat extraordinary dial noticing the gem check. These are cool little contrasts, yet the memorable €100+ distinction among J and non-J models consistently implied that the juice did not merit the press. Today, I battle to discover a NOS non-J form, so your choice has been rearranged. Purchase new or don’t — it’s that simple.

Bracelet or Strap — Don’t Fight for Either

When you’re looking for a Seiko SKX007J or one of the variations, you can in any case here and there discover the watches on either a horrible Jubilee arm band or dark elastic lash that could twofold as hamburger jerky. I wouldn’t pay more for either in spite of the fact that I do discover the arm band to some degree endearing.

A Decent Deal from the USA on a Seiko SKX007J

What I’ve found for your scrutiny today could actually qualify as a semi-decent arrangement that will not keep going forever. You’ll need to pass judgment on this for yourself, yet it comes out of the US of An and the notable site called . It incidentally turns out to be the place where I purchased my SKX011 before last Christmas. And keeping in mind that the arrangements aren’t exactly as Holly Jolly, the Seiko SKX007 records for $299 and it is a J variant. While you’re grinding away, sneak a look at different variations. They’re significantly less expensive! Furthermore, incidentally, the pics here are civility of Joma (stock shots) and the rest are from our collections.

Now It’s Time to Vote

For some explanation, this site offers the Seiko SKX007J with an Arabic date wheel. That’s odd however adds to the appeal. Goodness, and in the event that you pursue messages from Joma, you can take another $10 off your buy. You could put that (Alexander) Hamilton to chip away at a NATO or towards some trendy person custom tie if that is your inclination. Or then again, perhaps you’d prefer to save the $289 and use it on something more current and further developed like the Seiko 5 Sports. The decision, daring companions, is up to you!

Seiko SKX007J

    Seiko SKX007J for $289?